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Casey Bishop Fan Thread


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🤞 she wins. I feel she is the most deserving.  🤞 the votes reflect that❗  Sure mind-boggling to come out of your bedroom so talented.  The only other similar who comes to mind is Danielle Bradbery.  From her hairbrush to winning.  It CAN be done & 🤞 Casey does it, too.

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10 minutes ago, jamescasaki said:

lets just voting and supporting her next week  lets hope she has amazing songs next week 

Yeah, her song choices weren’t amazing this week, so I hope she gets better ones next week.

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1 minute ago, aaronjudge said:

Well she gets a single from  american Idol and gets to pick a song of her Idol. So i would think a rock song from one of her rock idols

Let’s hope the single is good. 

I could actually see her doing Billie next week, I don’t know why lol

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