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  1. Ya I saw that, but Buddha live mentioned something about Casey going on tour, but at this moment her family can’t speak about her future, however she does have a manager (so that’s good news).
  2. Yes, I live in Erie so the Pittsburg area would be perfect.
  3. Giving this a bump. A few hundred tickets are still left for Casey’s concert. Music gear should arrive by Thursday so they can start rehearsal.
  4. Also the Idol production team will be there as well.
  5. So the entire American Idol band will be on stage with Casey next Saturday.
  6. Don’t have the link yet, will post it when I get it.
  7. I now know details that I can not share but it will be worth the wait, trust me.
  8. Casey’s concert will be streamed live.
  9. Due to her privacy I’d rather not say.
  10. Casey’s sister Jenna said she can not say if Casey’s been signed. So ya!
  11. Same, I Iive on Lake Erie. Jenna was upset when I told her lol.
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