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Strongest team heading to KOs?


Strongest/Weakest Team (Post Battles)  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Strongest Team

    • Kelly
    • Gwen
    • John
    • Blake
  2. 2. Weakest Team

    • Kelly
    • Gwen
    • John
    • Blake

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For reference


Team Blake: 

Jim Ranger

Worth The Wait

Ian Flanigan 

Ben Allen


James Pyle (Steal)

Taryn Papa (4WKO)


Team John:

John Holiday

Cami Clune

Tamara Jade

Bailey Rae


Lauren Frihauf (Steal)

Julia Cooper (4WKO)


Team Gwen: 

Payge Turner

Carter Rubin

Chloe Hogan

Ryan Berg

Van Andrew

Joseph Soul (Steal)

Larriah Jackson (Save)


Team Kelly:


Tanner Gomes

Kelsie Watts

Marisa Corvo

Madeline Consoer

Sid Kingsley (Steal)

Ryan Gallagher (Save)

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  1. Kelly - Picking up Sid boosted her, and several other artists did very well in their battles (Madeline, Desz, and Marisa especially - no comments on the two montaged winners).
  2. John - Losing Sid cost him a bit and a couple of his song choices were not well-suited to either artist, but at least he didn't really have any battles that blatantly catered to one artist over the other.
  3. Gwen - Payge vs. Lauren, Carter vs. Larriah, and Liam vs. Ryan were all solid battles, and Larriah was an excellent choice for the save - I'm just a little unsure of her choice to steal Joseph. I preferred her battles (that we saw) to John's for the most part, but I do think John's team is overall stronger than hers.
  4. Blake - Taryn shouldn't be in the 4-way KO, he had some questionable song choices (Kane Brown's song, mostly), and two of his battles were rather lop-sided and I could tell before they ended who'd win. That said, I do think of the four battles we saw in full he picked the correct winner for three of them, whereas for other coaches by which I mean John I disagreed with the winner call more often.
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Team John => John Holiday > Cami Clune >>> Julia Cooper > Lauren Frihauf >>> Bailey Rae >>> Tamara Jade >>>>>>>>>>> Casme


Team Kelly => Ryan Gallagher = Sid Kingsley >>> Tanner Gomes = Madeline Consoer > Marisa Corvo > Desz > Kelsie Watts


Team Blake =>  Jim Ranger >>>> Worth The Wait = Taryn Papa > James Pyle > Ben Allen > Ian Flanigan = Jus Jon


 Team Gwen => Carter Rubin >>>>>> Payge Turner >> Joseph Soul = Larriah Jackson >>>> Chloe Hogan >>>.Ryan Berg = Van Andrew


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The strongest is Team Kelly with 4 contenders [Desz, Sid, Ryan, Tanner]

Team Blake also has 4 contenders but Team Kelly's contenders slightly edges them [WTW, Taryn, Jim, Ian]

Team John has 3 contenders [John, Tamara, Cami]

Team Gwen is the weakest team with 2 contenders [Carter, Payge]


Note that by "contenders", I meant those who are both good and could possibly get the votes based on audience demo.

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