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The Challenge: Double Agents

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Now that I've binged the show and know everyone, gotta do a pre-season ranking.



1. Devin Walker - When the cast was first leaked I had no idea who this man was. Now I'm a stan! The perpetual thorn in Johnny Bananas' side who did what Jordan couldn't do and called his ass out and took him out! Without Bananas here as his adversary I wonder if his childish antics will cause me to turn on him. However, he will always have my stan card for the way he defended Cheyenne in Rivals 3.

2. Jay Starrett - Interestingly, Jay was someone I was not a fan of during Survivor, but he won me over throughout the years on social media. His impressive rookie season and taking down of CT certainly made me a fan though. Now that he's no longer a rookie, I do fear he might be someone who's only rootable as an underdog. Hopefully that's not the case though.

3. Leroy Garrett - After WOTW (my first season) I didn't get the Leroy fandom at all. He won me over in WOTW2 though and I found myself rooting for him to finally get that victory. Now seeing his whole journey, I do see where he has become complacent on the show and a lot less rootable. I saw a lot more fire in him in WOTW 2 though than I had seen in him in a long time. Now with a season off and no Bananas for coattails to ride, I have high hopes this season for Leroy.

4. Lio Rush - I know nothing about this guy, but I'm extremely intrigued. He should be a natural born performer as a wrestler. I'm optimistic about him!

5. Nam Vo - He's hot af. That's it.

6. Darrell Taylor - Nostalgia doesn't work on me all that well as a newer fan of the show lol. Though it's cool to see someone from the good ol days come back, I still fully own that I was not a fan of Darrell in his prime. I did like him on his most recent two seasons though so that's why I'm higher on him than I would be if this was his first time back since Fresh Meat 2 (or really The Ruins cause Fresh Meat 2 doesn't count lol).

7. Wes Bergmann - Surprised to see him back for his fourth season in a row, he doesn't usually do a lot in a row like this. I think he's really thirsty for that third win and he's gonna play hard this season! This newish era of Wes is far from my favorite of his. I liked him on WOTW (outside of the Da'Vonne stuff) but he left early in WOTW 2 and I did not care for him at all on Total Madness. Like with most of the cast, I'm looking forward to seeing him without Bananas (especially now that they're allies or whatever). This could either be the season where Wes wins me back or I'm just completely over him.

8. Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat - Not the most exciting personality, but he is likable and an absolute beast. Definitely my favorite to win in the cast.

9. Nelson Thomas - I still gotta finish Total Madness, but I liked what I saw of him and how I read about him sacrificing himself for Cory. It's been interesting watching him mature.

10. Joseph Allen - Would be last or second to last, but the fact that we're casting from America's Got Talent is forever hilarious :dead:. Give me Susan Boyle next season!

11. Cory Wharton - Idk if it's because I watched all his seasons too close together, but I really have no clue how I feel about Cory. I have generally positive feelings, but he's pissed me off too a number of times. Idk I'm going into this season as open-minded on Cory as I did going into Total Madness having seen no seasons of him.

12. Josh Martinez - I still don't think we'll ever see the day where I'm a "Josh stan". He's just such a phony and I have too much PTSD from BB19 still. However his taste in allies...it's hard to argue with. If he's gonna put work in to protect people like Nany it's gonna be difficult for me to actively root for his demise.

13. Kyle Christie - Now that I've had the full Kyle experience, I'm lower on him than I used to be. More like mixed. Love him on Vendettas and WOTW, liked him on WOTW2, but not a fan of TM and especially FR at all. No Cara and Paulie storyline this time around which is always a plus though. This isn't an anti-Kyle post, more of an "I'm worried" post.

14. Chris "CT" Tamburello - I just don't know what he can bring to the show anymore tbh. I know he literally just won two seasons ago lol, but he was able to ride coattails and ride his social game. Total Madness was a really bad look on him. And his fun dad jokes can only keep me entertained so far. I'll still take fun dad CT over the monster he used to be, but idk if we need him anymore.

15. Mechie Harris - Idk someone had to be last. I have at the very least mildly positive feelings on everyone. Nothing against him as I know literally nothing about him!



1. Natalie Anderson - I have been stanning this woman since 2012. 8 years later and she's still on my screen giving me LIFE! Natalie Anderson hasn't had a bad season of reality television. She's easily becoming one of my favorite reality stars ever and I'm so excited for her to make a name for herself here. She was truly meant to be on this show!

2. Ashley Mitchell - LEGENDDDDDD :wub: :wub:. And since she was an early boot in Total Madness, that means she has to make the finals this season following her trajectory :wub:. I have fallen in love with Ashley very quickly on this show.

3. Lolo Jones - My ironic fave DWTS first boot becoming a Challenge competitor?! I still cannot believe it! Anyone who's seen CBB2 knows what a HOT MESS Lolo is. She is 1000% gonna be bringing the drama!

4. Tula "Big T" Fazakerley - FRESH COTTON PADS?! Random first boot Big T is now on her third straight season :wub:. I really hope she can finally prove herself this time around, I'm just rooting really hard for her. I still think there's a secret beast hidden inside of her. Never forget, she performed damn well in her elimination against Georgia! Just please don't get medevaced this time around lol.

5. Aneesa Ferreira - Please give this legend her well-deserved win so she can live her life in peace! Please! I know Aneesa's gonna be fun in the confessionals! I hope she's physically up for it!

6. Nany Gonzalez - Outside of Exes 2, I have always stanned Nany. Especially since her return in WOTW, she has been an amazing beacon of righteousness (particularly great fighting the Cara Cult in WOTW2, and shading Jenna and Zach's abusive relationship). Politically this season seems to be lined up for her! I just hope she can manage to win an elimination lol.

7. Kam Williams - I didn't get the Kam fandom during WOTW 1 or 2, but I totally get it now having seen Vendettas and FR. She is That Bitch! Freed from the Cara Cult, I think I'll be able to stan again and I'm looking forward to it.

8. Olivia "Liv" Jawando - Big T becoming such a staple of the show they have to bring in rivalries for her :wub:. As one of the 10 people in the world who actually watched Shipwrecked, Big T and Liv are the only two worth giving a damn about so I'm glad Liv is getting her time to shine. She is 100% getting in at least four fights during her three episodes max on the show.

9. Theresa Jones - It took me a while to warm up to Theresa, but I finally started liking her in Free Agents. Then she "retired" one season later lol. Crazy to see her back after all the time. I'm really excited to see what she's like now! I do hope she can deliver (though I like so many women almost every elimination is gonna be painful).

10. Tori Deal - I talked about it in my other thread, but I'm not longer a Tori stan. WOTW2 is definitely her peak, but I can't say I loved her during her other seasons. This is gonna be her first season without Jordan since they've gotten together though so she should do really well without having to put out his fires lol. I'm excited about that!

11. Amber Martinez - Idk her, but she was on the queer season of AYTO so I have to stan.

12. Amber Borzotra - Y'know what I'm not against it! This is definitely one of the most random things ever though :dead:. It's been six years since Big Brother 16 and she was just a random pre-juror. But here we are lol. Yeah she was boring as hell, but y'know what, she deserves a second chance after what C*leb put her through on BB16. I bet he's SEETHING that she gets to do The Challenge and he doesn't :wub: (just like how he was seething over the rumors of her almost being on BB All-Stars).

13. Gabby Allen - I barely watched her season of CBB because that Roxanne stuff was way too much for me lol. I do remember a "fight" she had with Natalie Nunn (which was just Natalie dogwalking her). She was really boring though from what I can remember.

14. Nicole Zanatta - Sorry for throwing the lesbians at the bottom, but are these really the lesbians we're stuck with?

15. Kaycee Clark - I'm fine with this just because we dodged the bullet of her on BB22 and we got Queen Keesha instead. Still don't like her at all though!

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40 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Ooh wow I didn't realise this was all coming round so soon. Excited!

Do you have any Gabby tea from Love Island? I barely remember her on CBB lol.

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9 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Do you have any Gabby tea from Love Island? I barely remember her on CBB lol.


She wasn't a big character in Love Island either unfortunately. She was very likable! And was in a fan favorite couple so she came across very well. But I don't really remember her being apart of much drama or anything. I feel like all of the drama kinda came post-Love Island.. but it never really translated to CBB. I also checked out of that season with all the Roxanne stuff so don't remember her there really either. :haha:


Seems like a nice girl and I'll be rooting for her, and I know she's pretty athletic so can see her doing ok! But not sure if she'll stand out in a group of big personalities... hope to be proven wrong!

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Yayyy sooo excited for the new The Challenge season! 😄 


I pretty much like the majority of the returning players. Lots of great classic players, nice seeing people like Darrell and Theresa returning back after such a long break. Although I totally agree with Alex on C.T. I do really like him but I don’t know what else he has to give or bring anything new. I also feel we don’t really need him anymore. :haha: But yeah there’s no one i’m dreading to see again - oh wait….. theres Nicole Z. UGH.


Of the newbies, I’m sooo excited for Natalie and Amber B! :wub: And oooo I forgot Amber M was on AYTO last season and she was one of my faves on there. :dead: Looking forward to her too.


And omgg I totally forgot that Gabby was on the last season of CBB.  :dead: She didn’t really stand out to me there - but thanks Lily for that info on her.

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I'm so glad I did The Challenge before one of the twinnies could ruin it :giggle:Also I feel like they are just casting people from anywhere and everywhere now :dead:

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