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DWTS29 Week 5 - 80s Night Discussion Thread!


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Johnny & Britt:  29
Kaitlyn & Artem:  27
Monica & Val:  26
Nev & Jenna:  26
Justina & Sasha:  24
Jeannie & Brandon:  24
AJ & Cheryl:  24
Skai & Alan:  24
Nelly & Daniella:  24
Vernon & Peta:  21
Jesse & Sharna:  19
Chrishell & Gleb:  19

The spread was 10 points, with a percent difference of 3.48%.

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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

Me after the second week: I think Carole’s being my favourite.

Me after the third week: nvm stan Anne

Me last week: Okay I’m rooting for Jesse 🥰


mr rogers clown GIF


Just now, *Chris said:

Poor Carrie Ann!



It was clear CA would save Vernon with the 8s she gave him in the past. :haha:

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