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  1. I remember that too. Even on day one, #lowstandards were there. Maybe after all this, the judges will be less harsh on female contestants. That's also one of the reasons I didn't like the Season 1-27 elimination system (lowest combined total). Thank goodness they changed it to judges' choice last season so that shocking eliminations can be stopped. I totally agree!
  2. There's no way it's been 15 years. Where did the time go?
  3. One thing I'm hoping for is for this to be All-Stars 2. It's been 8 years since the first All-Stars season, and 15 years since this show premiered. I'm also hoping they keep the judges' decision for every elimination, and maybe the scoring system could be fixed.
  4. I seem to agree with this. Plus, I can't believe it's been 10 years since Season 9.
  5. I hope that by the time S19 rolls around, the COVID-19 pandemic will be over.
  6. Congratulations, Just Sam!!! At least we got another female winner in a sausagefest season.
  7. 1. Just Sam 2. Dillon 3. Jonny 4. Arthur 5. Francisco
  8. My overall rankings tonight: 1. Just Sam 2. Dillon 3. Jonny 4. Arthur 5. Francisco
  9. My rankings after round 2: 1. Just Sam 2. Dillon 3. Jonny 4. Arthur 5. Francisco
  10. Voting is almost over for the entire season. I gave 10 votes to Just Sam.
  11. My rankings after round 1: 1. Just Sam 2. Jonny 3. Dillon 4. Arthur 5. Francisco
  12. If there is anything good this season, maybe we can salvage it by getting another female winner in Just Sam. This season has otherwise turned out to be another sausagefest.
  13. I think it's pretty gross that there is only one female in the finale this season, out of a Top 5 (20%).
  14. To vote, go to: https://idolvote.abc.com/ To check out the voting numbers: https://idolvote.abc.com/#faq I'm giving 10 votes to Just Sam.
  15. I'd say tonight's elimination was a robbery, that's for sure. IIRC, I don't think an all-girl bloodbath elimination has ever happened on the Voice before; correct me if I'm wrong. Plus, I think that Samantha was robbed.
  16. It's quite crazy how 5 girls ended up in the IS. I mean, there was a girl slaughter tonight. Something has got to be done, but I dunno what it'll be!
  17. I liked Grace and MaKayla too. I wish that there would have been time for all of the Top 11 contestants to perform before elimination. This format reminds me of Season 14, and it isn't any better. At least it's better to finish a compromised season rather than cancel the season early.
  18. Now that the show's over, I'll recap my votes: 10 each for Just Sam, Julia, and Jonny
  19. I certainly agree. How about if they did an all-girl, all-star season. It seems like we could use one of those.
  20. To vote, go to: https://idolvote.abc.com/ To see all the voting numbers: https://idolvote.abc.com/#faq Here's who I'm voting for (10 votes each): Just Sam, Julia, and Jonny
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