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  1. Here's where you can vote: https://idolvote.abc.com/ Voting runs until 9 AM ET on Tuesday. I gave 10 votes to Grace.
  2. I don't think there's much left that can save this season. It has been frustrating beyond belief. Just what will it take for Fr. Ray to go? Maybe much lower judges' scores. We need those 1's and 2's to come out more than ever now.
  3. Here's the final scoring analysis of the season. As always, search for "TL;DR" for the summary. When converting the judges' scores to ordinal points: Ally & Sasha: 4 Kel & Witney: 3 Hannah & Alan: 2 Lauren & Gleb: 1 If that is then converted to percentages (like it is now), the spread becomes 30%. TL;DR: Spread under current scoring system: 1.28% Spread after converting to ordinal points then percentages: 30%
  4. Everyone who voted for Hannah, give yourselves a pat on the back. She couldn't have done it without you.
  5. All right!!!! Hannah is the winner! Our first female winner in a long time!
  6. Scoreboard Ally & Sasha: 60 Kel & Witney: 59 Hannah & Alan: 58 Lauren & Gleb: 57 The spread was 3 points, with a percent difference of 1.28%.
  7. Kel & Witney 10+9+10 Total: 29 Grand Total: 59
  8. Len is crazy to judge like that on the final competition performance!
  9. Hannah & Alan 10+10+10 Total: 30 Grand Total: 58
  10. For the last time this season, here's a recap of my votes: 10 for Ally 10 for Lauren 10 for Hannah
  11. Lauren & Gleb 10+10+10 Total: 30 Grand Total: 57
  12. I just hope any female contestant wins. The best choice would be Hannah.
  13. I hope Lauren can get a 30 here. She needs it.
  14. Ally & Sasha 10+10+10 Total: 30 Grand Total: 60
  15. Scoreboard So Far Ally & Sasha: 30 Kel & Witney: 30 Hannah & Alan: 28 Lauren & Gleb: 27 The spread is 3 points, with a percent difference of 2.61%.
  16. If there is a next season, I want new judges.
  17. Since there's no judges' save tonight, I'm posting my votes early. Here's how I've voted so far: 10 for Ally 10 for Lauren 10 for Hannah Even with those votes for Ally, this is to maximize the odds of getting a female winner.
  18. Voting Reminder: To vote online, go to https://dwtsvote.abc.go.com/. You can also vote using text. Just text your favorite contestant's first name to 21523. The limit is 10 votes per couple on each method.
  19. There's no judges' save this week, but at least it's the finale.
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