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  1. I mean, I don't disagree, but you're expecting competent judging from these four bozos. That's a bit too high for me.
  2. Donny's average score, adjusted to a 40-point scale, would see him second highest by average this season, 0.5 points below Jojo and Jenna. At least he didn't flounder around in the bottom for two weeks while more talented women got eliminated.
  3. This ain't fair when Cody is still here for some reason.
  4. Call me Jake Peralta because I'm gonna need to do some hard-core undercover detective work using an elaborately constructed alias.
  5. how the hell kenya gone when cody and iman are both still here? i hate this audience.
  6. Kenya has to be the one going home at this point, right?
  7. This isn't a surprise, apparently Nina Dobrev is friends with the Houghs, I believe.
  8. the amount i do not care about this performance is staggering
  9. skits like this are why we always have to rush for time at the end
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