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  1. RICHARD'S STATSTRAVAGANZA The Return DRAFT ONE AVERAGE WEEK ONE SCORES Wally: 19.5 Chris: 19 Alex: 18.5 Diana: 18.3 Amanda: 15.5 Elliott: 13.7 DRAFT TWO AVERAGE WEEK ONE SCORES Richard: 19.7 Ana: 17.7 Dee: 17.3 Lily: 16.7 Rei: 15.3 DRAFT ONE GOOD PICKS Celeb (Team, Pick) Anne Heche (Anne, 14) Justina Machado (Chris, 12) Nelly (Chris, 13) DRAFT TWO GOOD PICKS Anne Heche (Dee, 15) Monica Aldama (Lily, 13) Justina Machado (Richard, 10) Skai Jackson (Ana, 7) Nev Schulman (Richard, 11) DRAFT ONE BAD PICKS Carole Baskin (Elliott, 10) Chrishell Stause (Amanda, 9) DRAFT TWO BAD PICKS Carole (Rei, 12) Chrishell Stause (Lily, 8 ) Nelly (Dee, 5)
  2. A comedic cold open? Please lord, take me now.
  3. Also, in re a good "Eye of the Tiger" paso:
  4. Emma cheering for fours? Oh, my poor sweet girl. Someone save her.
  5. Time to watch the best "In Da Club" DWTS salsa.
  6. I would pay good money for this to happen.
  7. Carrie Ann for Jesse because he's attractive. We all know how she works.
  8. I mean, she's already a pro at killing things and people.
  9. Carrie Ann? Underscoring a female contestant? It's more likely than you think. Also, before she dances, anyone wanna give me the two minute rundown on how or why I should know who Jeannie Mai is?
  10. Didn't Keo win Season 27? What's that typo on there for?
  11. That could have been a seven-worthy dance if it was later in the night, imo.
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