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  1. https://heavy.com/entertainment/the-bachelor/julianne-hough-the-bachelorette/?fbclid=IwAR2KrmxsYus9KYTSPvIO9GL-nIw4DXrqhPCr1Bvh7zNQW2o2CMcfl1KuXFM I hate this so so so much. @Elliott, please join me in this hatred.
  2. Thank G-d Janette is leaving and we will not be stuck with her choreography on non-Latin dances any more. Now just to hope that the Great British Public (TM) doesn't vote for the funny old man in lieu of the talented woman again.
  3. Former troupe member. I believe he's the one who used a racial slur on Insta and got caught?
  4. The West End musical & Juliet. It's a jukebox musical based on the music of Max Martin (i.e. Backstreet, Celine, NSYNC, P!nk, Ariana Grande, etc) and a reimagining of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.
  5. Y'all, get ready for tomorrow's results show performers. It's going to be epic.
  6. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev - “Toxic” (Argentine Tango) [Finale Reprisal]: 10 Nelly & Daniella Karagach - “Rhythm of The Night” (Samba) [Finale Reprisal]: 4 Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson - “Swan Lake Remix” (Paso Doble) [Finale Reprisal]: 10 Justina Machado & Sasha Farber - “Respect” (Cha-Cha) [Finale Reprisal]: 10 Nelly & Daniella Karagach - “Savage” & “Hypnotize” (Freestyle): 4 Kaitlyn Bristowe & Artem Chigvintsev - “Sparkling Diamonds” (Freestyle): 10 Nev Schulman & Jenna Johnson - “Singin’ In The Rain” (Freestyle): 10 Justina Machado & Sasha Farber - “Let’s Get Loud” & “Bamboleo” (Freestyle): 10
  7. Carrie Ann posted her top 10 dances from all 29 seasons of DWTS at this link, and she included 2 season 29 dances. It's certainly interesting and I'm not sure I agree with all of it.
  8. Per the folks on Digital Spy, Clara and Jamie were the Bottom 2, but no information is known about who was eliminated.
  9. Not my preferred result, but Artem deserves a mirrorball after a number of years of great choreography.
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