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18 minutes ago, Erestor said:

YAS this thread ❤️

So how many seasons have you guys watched? I have seen US10-21 +OTT (plus CAN 1-6).

I do want to catch up on some earlier seasons, though, which ones do you recommend? 😄

I’ve seen all of them + Canada.


Seasons 3 & 6 are easily my top 2 seasons. Both are amazing, although 3 has significantly more people to root for than 6. :haha: 

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22 hours ago, Elliott said:

...WHY does S1 have 70 episodes??


I’m not watching it because I know it’s a different format and they basically pretend it doesn’t exist but wtf

S1 was based off the UK version which was a daily show. While the UK was good at making these daily episodes the US failed miserably at it and had to drastically change the format.

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Cassandra Waldon passed away on September 25, 2019, becoming the first female United States contestant to pass away, and second overall following Kent Blackwelder. :( I knew about Kent since he was the first BB alum to pass way buy I didn't know about Cassandra. It was less than a year ago too. RIP to both. ❤️

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