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What Are Your Top 7 Predictions?


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Based off of stats and performance reception from most likely to least likely are


1. Arthur Gunn (Lock)

2. Francisco Martin (Lock)

3. Sam Diaz (Lock)

4. Julia Gargano (Extremely Likely)

5. Jonny West (Very Likely)

6. Dillon James (Likely)

7. Makayla Phillips (Possibly)


8. Louis Knight (Possibly)

9. Sophia James (Possibly)

10. Grace Leer (Lock)

11.Jovin Webb (Lock)

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I hope Makayla and/or Sophia instead of Grace and Dillon or even Jonny....we're in major trouble if Louis and Dillon both make it through because that means the top 5 could just be the "chick magnets"...


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top 7:


1. Arthur 


2. Grace


3. Julia 


4. Jovin 


5. Sam 


6. Dillion 


7. Johnny 



Makayla, Fransiscio, Sophia, Louis

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