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Worst Contestant of Each Season


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Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well. Since we have another week till any performances, I thought I would just create another fun thread, so the question this time is: "Which contestant was the absolute worst of each season? Who could you not suppress a groan every time you saw them? No chair turns and people who are only shown in montages do not count. (i.e. Kathrine Ho, Rebekah Samerin, etc... we can't say they're the worst because we never really saw them)


Season 3: 2Steel Girls (It was literally a girl and HER MOM. I love my mom, but I would jump off a cliff before I formed a musical group with her)

Season 4: Christian Porter (I'm sorry if you sing "Sexy and I Know It", you are automatically my least favorite contestant)

Season 5: Justin Blake (EWWWWW, he was just bad. Some boring country artists can make it far, such as the Swon Brothers. But one of the Swon brothers was talented and the other one was attractive, Justin was neither)

Season 6: Noah Lis (He wanted to be a crooner, but he simply din't have the confidence to pull it off. Go watch his battle with Kaleigh, it was one of the most awkward moments on TV ever. Not bad, just awkward) HM: Sam Behymer 

Season 7: Ryan Sill (Do I really need to say anything at all?)

Season 8: Jack Gregori (Boring dated singer, didn't hate, just least favorite)

Season 9: Alex Kandel (WORST VOICE CONTESTANT OF ALL TIME. Even Braiden at least had one OK performance in "Feeling Good", but I have never heard a worst audition in all seasons of the Voice. The no chair turns that season were MILES better, especially the ones that came back like Caroline Burns and Natalie Yaccovazzi) HM: Cole Criske 

Season 10: Nick Hagelin (Just because you have a cute kid does not mean you're a good singer)

Season 11: Dan Shafer (YAWN. His audition was boring, but for his battle I do NOT want a 56 year old man singing about making love to me) HM: Aaron Gibson

Season 12: Troy Ramey (Bleh, in every round he just proved to be the most basic bar karaoke singer of the entire season. The fact that he was a 4 chair was astonishing to me)

Season 13: Shilo Gold (Her whole vibe and voice seemed so forced) HM: Stephen Marcellus/Eric Lynn

Season 14: Kaleb Lee (Boring and I found his tone to be absolutely horrific) 

Season 15: Steve Memmelo (He was just bad. Not a single one of performances were worthy of the voice stage except for his playoff which still wasn't that great) HM: Kirk Jay/Chris Kroeze (Chris isn't a surprise, but I really disliked Kirk's tone. Only his ability to connect to songs saved him, because I even liked Steve's tone more)

Season 16: Jimmy Mowery (To steal a line from "Bob's Burgers", "Bland boring *Jimmy, if he was a spice, he would be flour" close quote) HM: Carter Lloyd Horne ("Take Me to Church" I rest my case)

Season 17: Zach Bridges (Boring)

Season 18: Jamal Corrie (His battle made me wish I was deaf) HM: Cam Spinks (Gross, very pretentious)

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S1: Tim Mahoney (Dreadful audition. And he went against my favorite contestant in the battles, so he really had no chance)

S2: Erin Martin (I usually like indie singers like her, but she has a really annoying voice. She couldn't hold a note to save her life. One of the top 5 worst contestants ever.)

S3: Daniel Rosa (Every single performance he was off-key, breathy, and pitchy. How did he make it to the knockouts, again?)

S4: Jacqui Sandell (Her growl is so irritating. And she does it every 5 seconds.)

S5: Justin Blake (So boring...)

S6: DeShawn Washington (His tone is unbearable. I tried rewatching his performance for this but I couldn't. Probably my least favorite contestant ever.)

S7: Blessing Offor (I feel like a bad person for putting him here)

S8: Jack Gregori (Garbage.)

S9: Cole Criske (This guy belongs in a high school talent show)

S10: Nick Hagelin (No comment)

S11: Lane Mack (Being the worst artist of the worst season of The Voice is honestly pretty impressive so props to Lane.)

S12: TSoul (Yikes!)

S13: Ryan Scripps (This guy went against Red and Red was more interesting than him. If Red is more vocally interesting than you, you must be doing something wrong.)

S14: Dallas Coraline (Wtf? She couldn't hold a note at all and got stolen over Stephanie, Molly, and Genesis)

S15: Jarred Matthew (Easily Top 5 worst of all time. His falsetto is hard to listen to)

S16: Talon Cardon (Vocally uninteresting in every way. And that voice crack in his battle...)

S17: Matthew McQueen (His growl is so annoying)

S18: Levi Watkins (Who in the casting department approved of this kid auditioning?)

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How on earth do y'all remember all these people 😂 Just gonna do the worst of the top ~12 from each season because I can't remember any further back usually 


Season 1: Nakia

Season 2: Tony Lucca

Season 3: Cody Belew

Season 4: Garrett Gardner

Season 5: Austin Jenckes

Season 6: Jake Worthington

Season 7: Luke Wade

Season 8: Brian Johnson

Season 9: Braiden Sunshine

Season 10: Laith Al-Saadi

Season 11: Aaron Gibson

Season 12: Jesse Larson

Season 13: Red Marlow

Season 14: Kaleb Lee

Season 15: Dave Fenley

Season 16: Andrew Sevener

Season 17: Shane Q


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Seasons 1 and 2 are just a bit too far back in my memory, really. 

S3: Adriana Louise (It's Adriana Louise. That is all.)

S4: VEDO (Struggled with who to put on this list for this season, but the hard ones to remember weren't particularly bad but his run on the show was rocky)

S5: Anthony Paul (I have bad memories of The Other Side)

S6: Brothers Walker (I erased most of this season from my mind, but I just recall these guys not really deserving their chair turn)

S7: Justin Johnes (That audition was next-level bad. You can tell Blake was just tired and wanted to end the blinds at that point.

S8: Jacob Rummell (Not a good voice.)

S9: Alex Kandel (Strong season but to this day, I still don't know what the person who gave her that audition song was thinking.)

S10: Nick Hagelin (So many reasons to dislike this guy on and off the show, but really... based on vocals alone he was awful)

S11: Riley Elmore (I get why Adam wanted to work with him but he wasn't worth the effort. He was consistently subpar.)

S12: Nala Price (A strong season, but I remember her blind being really weak and then getting montaged off)

S13: Michael Kight (The strongest season, he's the one I least remember... not even sure if he's the worst but I only recall him having a bad audition and mediocre battle.)

S14: Dallas Caroline (A strong season, but I picked her because I had higher expectations for her based on her Youtube stuff prior to the season)

S15: Jarred Matthew (I've watched the audition more than I'd like to admit just because I think it's hilarious lol. Good thing he's got a PhD.)

S16: Talon Cardon (looking back through the season - a lot of contestants were actually at a decent bar. This guy was the weakest.)

S17: Shane Q (the more you see of a contestant, the easier it is to call them the worst of the season - and we only needed like 3 performances to confirm that for him)

S18: Sara Collins (poor girl isn't ready yet.)

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S1: Devon Barley (plain basic and boring yet somehow he beat Rebecca Loebe??)

S2: Erin Martin (weirdest tone I have ever heard and not in a good way, she also couldn't stay on pitch)

S3: Daniel Rosa (he was the first successful returning artist, and frankly till this day I can't fathom how he turned a chair)

S4: Taylor Beckham (she was so underbaked, but at least she could say she lost to the winner)

S5: Anthony Paul (The Other Side was unintentionally hilarious)

S6: Ria Eaton (this girl sang the Cup Song, and badly)

S7: Justin Johnes (I remember hating everything about his breathy whniy voice)

S8: Kelsie May (probably my least favorite of all the country girls)

S9: James Dupre (I never got the hype around him, he was below average at best)

S10: Nick Hagelin (travesty)

S11: Gabe Broussard (I mean for this season a lot of names could fit here)

S12: Jack Cassidy (should have been gone by battles)

S13: Eric Lyn (chipmunky voice, yikes)

S14: Dylan Hartigan (for some reason he's one of the few contestants ever on the show that I actively hate, got an unlikeable vibe from him)

S15: Ayanna Joni Tyke James (terrible all around, even worse that he lasted as long as he did)

S16: Talon Cardon (at least Celia had a good blind)

S17: Shane Q (I just cannot stand his shriek)

S18: Cam Spinks (his singing is average, and he seems to have an attitude)

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I'm going to do the seasons where I remember people.

S2: Erin Martin - how did she make it into the live shows? 

S3: Adriana Louise - her getting four chairs and eventually getting to the live shows were both head-scratchers for me.

S4: Garrett Gardner - in a season of phenomenal singers, he was the least memorable.

S6: Jake Worthington - his blind wasn't awful but he shouldn't have made it as far as he did into the lives; I don't dislike country but Jake was mediocre compared to the rest of Team Blake (and yes, I am still upset at Sisaundra getting voted off at the top 8, thank you for asking)

S9: Braiden Sunshine - that's it, that's the entire case I'm going to make.

S10: Nick Hagelin - an adorable child does not a good singer make.

S13: Ashland Craft - hot take, I know, but she got boring fast. this also might be me being annoyed that Miley threw the season winner under the bus for her 

S15: Tyke James - Look, I'm definitely not a Keith Paluso stan by any means, but Tyke winning that KO was an "Adam, why?" moment for me.

S16: Tie between Talon Cardon and Selkii - Talon's voice crack in the Battle Rounds still gives me nightmares, and Selkii absolutely butchered "Torn" in the Cross Battles. 

S17: Shane Q - he suffered from Gyth Rigdon syndrome of peaking at his BA and slowly going downhill. 

S18: Cam Spinks - watching his KO was my "Blake threw someone he said he could help make the finale for this?" moment. Mike Jerel is a close second, but I liked his BA more than Cam's so that was his saving grace.

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