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Jennifer Lopez Fan Thread


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Jennifer Lopez had a killer 2019 and having an amazing 2020 with a music tour, lots of praise, awards noms & wins for her role in Hustlers and lastly and most importantly…. her anticipated Super Bowl performance with Shakira coming up in 5 more days! :Spaz: I know they are going to TEAR. IT. UP. I can’t wait! :omg: 


Here’s some posts J.Lo as posted in preview of the Super Bowl!







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On 1/28/2020 at 4:58 PM, taylorkat said:

I'm looking forward to her Super Bowl performance.

Yessss! Same. :wub: 



Jennifer and Shakira did a press conference for their Super Bowl performance earlier today. Here’s some videos! 😄



(the full press conference)


Then some noted clips: 



There is also a (preview) Super Bowl commercial she has out too: https://www.wflx.com/2020/01/29/watch-super-bowl-commercial-directed-by-michael-bay/. 

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2 hours ago, taylorkat said:

I loved it! Jennifer did all my jams, they had nice outfits.

Yesss agreed! :wub: Soooo many great hits from their careers!  And yess te outfits were soo HOT! :omg: 


46 minutes ago, vee_ said:

I can just imagine @*Wallace having spasms watching this! :wub:

Oops, I didn't check to see this being posted but glad you did. :haha: 


LMAOO you may have been right about this. :dead:  :giggle: 

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8 hours ago, .Rei said:

Shakira gave me life :wub:


J.Lo was okay 😶


jk Wally she was great too 😘

LOL Rei, I was about to come at you for that middle comment. 😘 


7 hours ago, *Chris said:


I preferred Shakira more but both were excellent. :bobo:

I'm the opposite of preferring Jennifer but yeah I thought both were amazing. :wub: I wish the show was longer.


7 hours ago, .Rei said:

both were amazing!! :wub:

YESS! My mind thought! :wub: 

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