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  1. wow she needs to make the top 10 lets vote as hard as we can we need her in the top 10
  2. she did incredible tonight
  3. Corey had a moment tonight he was fantastic i cant wait to see him in the live show performing he might be the dark horse of the contest
  4. that was incredible welcome to team john
  5. dont forget if you want louis in the top 10 you need to vote as hard as you can
  6. Good luck tonight ryleigh Let’s hope she nails it
  7. Don’t forget nick will be performing tonight lets vote to get nick to the top 10
  8. What song should Casey sing for Disney week next week
  9. I'm proud of hunter he shod not be ashamed of getting emotional
  10. yeah if you don't mind she deserves an amazing fan thread she is my favourite in the contest know on the show
  11. I'm proud how far he got this is not the last time we will see beane
  12. I loved his performance lets hope we voted enough if we didn't we got him quite far and I'm proud
  13. someone needs to update the fan thread like add all the names
  14. i think she just had her moment she gets better every single week i hope she gets to the final
  15. Don’t forget as soon as the show starts we need to all vote as hard as we can we need beane on the show he is to special let’s get hi into the top 9 three people leave on the show saw everybody has to vote as hard as we can during the show
  16. she will be on this week her ko
  17. i cant wait to see louis on idol tomorrow
  18. i love this picture it shows his personality
  19. lets get ready for his performance i think he could nail it if does the vocals and fun performance
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