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  1. I hope he gets to sing like he did in his audition that what made me become a huge fan of his he is doing brilliant it just song choices for Beane right know he could go far if he picks the right songs
  2. Casey is becoming a reel contender I feel she can make it all the way
  3. welcome to the top 12 hunter
  4. i would love for Cassey to go as far as she can she is incredible
  5. i hope next week he gets to sing into the uknown
  6. his best performance hopefully he comes back and nails next weeks performance
  7. I'm worried about him he proved tonight he can sing saw lets hope he gets more fans after tonight i hope Katy or one of the judges save him
  8. wow one of his best performances shame he has to be in the wildcard
  9. I loved her performance of house of the rising sun
  10. lets hope they show his full battle performance and he does amazing
  11. lets hope we voted enough and ava is in the top 12
  12. It will be a joke if he leaves tonight I hope he has a chance in the wildcard if they don’t vote for him to make the 10 the puplic
  13. I can’t wait to see kenzie battle tomorrow
  14. i agree they at least need to here him sing into the unknown which could be in the top 12 for the Oscar song
  15. i hope everybody that can is voting or has voted for Beane as hard as they can
  16. don't forget everybody lets all vote for Chayce tonight he did fantastic
  17. wow an incredible performances loved the way he did the performance
  18. i loved this performance it was like he was telling a story
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