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  1. she was incredible I am saw glad she had a moment
  2. this is going to be her moment wow
  3. yes i loved it he is my favourite guy left in the contest
  4. hunter is about to sing really hope he nails this song I love the song
  5. if she makes it tonight then next week she gets to sing 2 songs meaning g 2 incredible performances from Cassey which Coldplay song would you like Cassey to sing
  6. I loved it literally crying she had a moment this is what I wanted with this song
  7. i think 3 people our leaving tonight we need to vote for Cassey know as much as we can
  8. i loved the song choice and performance don't forget to vote for him
  9. I am excited for hunter song choice tonight he is singing One of my favourite Disney songsl
  10. I think she shod sit on a stall and sing the song acapella that would be a moment for her
  11. that means he is going to be near the end of show
  12. if it is this her song its perfect share an emotional connection and the voice is kind of like Cassey
  13. I think it is she has a picture with toy story in Disney
  14. does anybody know what she is singing also
  15. Don’t forget idol is back on tonight we need to vote as hard as we can tonight let’s get Cassie to the top 7 and even further
  16. I can’t wait to see his first live show performance
  17. He could be dangerous on team Blake everybody better watch out I hope Blake does not mess up next week give him an amazing song
  18. definitely his best performance
  19. she was fantastic vote vote vote for her to win the 4 way
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