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  1. vote he deserves to stay in the contest vote as hard as we can Beane fan base lets make him proud put him into the top 12
  2. vote for Madison she did incredible tonight
  3. wow what a performance loved her performance vote we need somebody like Casey on American idol
  4. add me his performance tonight was really good
  5. vote vote vote he could be in trouble he shod of did it as a balled he would of nailed it
  6. Welcome to the fan thread don’t forget everybody don’t forget if you can to vote as hard as you can
  7. Welcome to team Beane if he makes it please vote as much and as hard as you can everybody tonight
  8. Does anybody know if he makes it what he will be singing
  9. who can blame them I feel if he did amazing performances every week he could be a contender but even if he did just ok we all still need to vote last week he did brilliant duet know lets hope he can do an amazing solo performance if he makes it
  10. i cant wait to see if Beane makes it to the top m16 and if he does I really hope he does an amazing performance
  11. His battle will be on this week hopefully he nails it
  12. He is special wish more people saw what we see in beane we don’t get many guys like him on idol
  13. if he wanted to show he could really sing
  14. how about something like midnight train to Georgia I think he could let lose have fun and nail the vocals
  15. what song does everybody want Beane to sing this week if he makes the top 16 he needs to pick a song that he could nail
  16. add me her voice was beautiful here
  17. If beane makes it to the top 16 we have to vote for him each week at least until Disney week top 9 he could sing into the unonown
  18. What song does everybody want Ava to sing next week
  19. Oh I hope Beane has made it he deserves it
  20. what about the wildcard i thought they where going to pick 3 people from the top 24 who the audience vote in
  21. welcome to team grace everybody
  22. welcome to team ava everybody
  23. finally next Monday we will get to see Kenzie battle it will be incredible
  24. yes thats what i was hoping
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