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  1. she gave the best performance from team legend she shod be in the final
  2. vote vote vote i hope he makes it next round
  3. he did incredible tonight i wont be surprised if he makes it tomorrow
  4. there our some really good voices on the show tonight i am loving Kenzie Corey Ryleigh and dana was incredible
  5. welcome to team Ryleigh everybody lets vote for her she did fantastic
  6. If they don’t bus her next week which I hope they don’t she shoos have 2 incredible performances
  7. i cant wait to here his performance tonight i think he could be a contender
  8. she did incredible i love this song also my favourite Coldplay song
  9. yes she made the top 5 next week we need to vote hard she needs to be in the final top 3 she did amazing tonight
  10. next week is the big week she needs to be in the final she had an amazing journey for 16 years old
  11. lets just voting and supporting her next week lets hope she has amazing songs next week
  12. welcome to the top 5 he deserves it tonight he did fantastic
  13. what a beautifal song he needs votes lets keep voting for Caleb he proved he can sing this week
  14. loved that song he did for his mum it was beautiful his best performance by far
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