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  1. she nailed it she is back i hope she gets to sing rock songs from know on where she is most comfortable and amazing
  2. loved his Coldplay performance tonight
  3. I'm glad she did a rock version though
  4. his best performance i loved his rock country voice vote as hard as we can
  5. keep voting if you can not her best she didn't look herself i think she knew this wasn't her best she looked uncomfortable
  6. Ok it was not her best she can still redeem herself with her Mother’s Day song let’s hope for a big moment for her but let’s just keep voting as hard as we can for her
  7. We need to support Casey not split vote we can’t let her leave I have a feeling she will give 2 beautiful performances again
  8. welcome to team Chris blue I have added you both
  9. dont forget we have to vote hard for Ryleigh this Monday she needs to get the pv it is not impossible she has had incredible journey saw far lets get her as far as we can
  10. don't forget Monday we all need to vote it will be hard because Kelly team is stacked
  11. has she had one bad performance people say last week was bad but i thought it was emotional amazing everything the song needed to be
  12. I think know the guys will leave the girls can not leave just yet they both deserve to be tin the top 3
  13. But we must vote for her like crazy this week she can not leave she is insanely talented we have to vote none stop for both of her performances I think she could have a huge fanbase sonewhere
  14. we have to vote next week i hope we get minivan to vote for cam
  15. don't forget next week we need to vote as hard as we can for Corey
  16. we need to vote as hard as we can next week lets surprise people i hope she will give an amazing incredible performance
  17. the moment grace had tonight we need to protect the girls next week
  18. beautiful performance and loved how they had toy story on the piano
  19. this is perfect for her I think she would nail it
  20. are any of us surprised she was incredible next week is Coldplay and mouthers day songs which songs would every like her to sing next week
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