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  1. i hope he nails his performance Monday night
  2. I can’t wait to see his ko monday he could be Blake’s front runner
  3. she did saw amazing i hope she made it to the live show with that performance there is no way she was cut
  4. I can’t wait to see his ko Monday night
  5. he is saw likeable i loved the interview and the song was amazing
  6. He could get the he plays smart he defenitly has the voice can’t wait for his live show performance he could get the pv
  7. I have added you welcome to team Ryleigh
  8. Corey made the live show next time we here this incredible performer will be the live show where we have to vote
  9. Ryleigh made the live show
  10. wow she needs to make the top 10 lets vote as hard as we can we need her in the top 10
  11. she did incredible tonight
  12. Corey had a moment tonight he was fantastic i cant wait to see him in the live show performing he might be the dark horse of the contest
  13. that was incredible welcome to team john
  14. dont forget if you want louis in the top 10 you need to vote as hard as you can
  15. Good luck tonight ryleigh Let’s hope she nails it
  16. Don’t forget nick will be performing tonight lets vote to get nick to the top 10
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