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  1. Anilee and Nia were my favorites from tonight. Can't wait to see everyone else that auditioned this season!
  2. I liked some parts of Grace's performances for sure, but I'm not completely sold.
  3. I haven't liked the way Natural Woman girl sounded in all the commercials, but hopefully her whole performance will change my mind.
  4. Best original song of the night, you can tell he's feeling what he's singing!
  5. I wanted to like her so bad but this is so ehhh
  6. Her dad looks surprisingly not-terrifying
  7. ahhhh im so excited to see how this will go
  8. I love Nia and she's clearly very talented, so I can already tell she won't have any of her Hollywood performances aired apart from 1 or 2 montages, only for her to be eliminated in a montage in Top 40 week.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of DJ. I don't really love the song or her voice, but that's just my thoughts.
  10. The grandpa's just sad that he won't be around by the time she auditions again /:
  11. She would've been eliminated round 1 of Hollywood if she had made it.
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