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Found 2 results

  1. Inspired by @VintageVoice’s comment in the Spoiler thread. IDF Dictionary AA: African American; usually refer to R&B artists and powerhouses Battles: The second round of The Voice, where contestants are paired for duets with another team member and their coach chooses one half the duet to move on. Blind Audition: The televised part of the audition process for The Voice, where contestants sing to coaches' chairs and the coach has to decide if they want the contestant on their team over the course of about 90 seconds. Breakout Moment: An exceptional performance that gives a contestant more momentum to eventually become a front-runner. Bus: The opposite of pimp. Giving the contestants bad song choices, or unfavorable performance spots or both; often used as an excuse when our favorites flop. Dark Horse (noun) - An artist that is usually not noticed, but ended up making the finale or even winning the show. Diva: A nickname typically used to describe female artists with big, powerful voices, especially AA women who sing R&B/soul music. Fan Threads: Threads where fans may ask to be added to the fan list and say words of appreciation/excitement to a particular artist. It may also contain videos, photos, and social media posts by said artist. Flop: When a contestant performs more poorly than expected. Fodder: Someone who's perceived to be eliminated in a particular round Front-runner: A contestant perceived as likely to be well-received by the audience and advance into later rounds of the competition. Jenzie Wheels: Season 20 contestant, Kenzie Wheeler. Kelly Bugs: Season 15 contestant, Makenzie Thomas. Knockout: The third round of The Voice, where contestants are paired against another team member and each contestant sings an individual song and their coach chooses one act to move on. Leak: Information provided ahead of an episode's release, generally a performance during the blind auditions through knockouts. Meltdown: The mass outcry that ensues when IDF’s favorite contestant(s) get sent home, usually at the hands of a country artist or a member of Team Blake that IDF deems “undeserving.” Minivan: The target demographic of The Voice, generally women located in the Southeast between the ages of 40-60 who drive minivans as their primary mode of transportation. Miya Mayo Bass: Season 14 contestant, Miya Bass. OP: The original post of an IDF topic. Overhyped: Used to refer to someone who is overly liked by the majority of IDF. Overrated: Used to refer to an artist that does not deserve the hype he/she is getting because other artists may be better than him/her. Pandering: Singing certain songs, often country or christian music, to appeal to the main demographic. Pimp: TPTB giving the contestants favorable song choices, or favorable performance spots, or both. Some favorable performance spots are closing the first hour of the show, and closing the show. Being leaked could be considered pimping too. Powerhouse: An artist who sings with great energy, strength, and/or power. QUEEN: Maelyn Jarmon Reid Umstatststsd: Season 14 contestant, Reid Umstattd. Robbed: Describing the belief that a contestant exited the show before they should have. Robegate: Event in season 15 in which contestant Reagan Strange was too sick to perform in an instant save, so she sat in the audience while wearing a white robe. Coach Adam Levine chose to throw his contestant DeAndre Nico under the bus and called on America to vote for Reagan instead. Reagan advanced, marking the first time an artist won an instant save without actually performing. Snowflake: A member's preferred contestant or contestants. Snowflake Killer: An artist, usually some variation of male, white, country/rock, and/or on Team Blake, that appeals to Team Minivan and will likely outlast IDF’s snowflakes. Stacked: Used to describe a team or season in which there are many talented contestants. TCO: The Chosen One; a contestant that the producers give extra attention to and better performance slots to try and help the contestant do well in the competition. Team Minivan: See Minivan. Toast: Used to refer to someone who's likely losing against another contestant from his/her team if they are paired against each other. TPTB: The Powers that Be (The Producers) Underrated: Someone who is very good yet not really talked about on IDF. Underwhelming: Refers to a performance that did not live up to expectations of IDF after the spoilers have been officially released.
  2. The Voice - NBC The Voice APP iTunes The Voice APP Android Twitter Facebook Youtube Please DO NOT post the Season 20 spoilers on other websites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in the comment sections to spoil it for people who may not want it spoiled. If you're on this thread, it's because you're interested in spoilers and that's great! That doesn't mean every fan of the show wants the same info. Please respect that and don't spoil the show for others. Please DO NOT directly message or harass the contestants begging for a follow or asking for spoilers. They are all on a contract and could get in serious trouble for discussing anything about the show! Additionally, annoying the contestants could lead them to locking their accounts/setting them to private, which limits our access to info for further rounds. DO feel free to follow them if you'd like and check out their music on Youtube/Instagram/wherever else. Enjoy! CONTESTANTS: TEAM SPOILERS: TAPING SPOILERS: BATTLE PAIRINGS (RESULTS NOT LISTED) BATTLE RESULTS: KNOCKOUT PAIRINGS (RESULTS NOT LISTED): KNOCKOUT RESULTS:
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