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  1. OK...You have crossed the line. Joss is a Queen Goddess.
  2. All I will say is; the taped rounds are meticulously planed, rehearsed, edited, auto-tuned (or not) and pimped to favor some contestants over others. Draw conclusions from them very carefully. We know or at least should know some of the golden often fail at singing live.
  3. LOL! Ha ha ha....That comment belongs in the same boat as Trump saying he won the election. Pro Tip: Watch what she does...not what she's paid to say.
  4. Kelly is super competitive and wants to win regardless of TPTB designs. So the question is: who can get her a trophy? Sadly it ain't DeSz and happily it ain't Ryan. History says her best shot is a country artist and she has a really good one to pick from. PV: Cami or DeSz CS: Madeline
  5. My song suggestions for Madeline Sara Evans - I Could Not Ask For More Lauren Alaina - Road Less Traveled And, of course, for my seasonal Miranda Lambert song wish - Heart Like Mine
  6. I think yes. Perhaps to save TPTB any embarrassment if they push through their TCO who got soundly out sold. To quote Jagger in Sympathy For TPTB The Devil..... "deceiving you is the nature of my game".
  7. John, Carter and Payge are the TCOs IMO. That leaves everyone else as a bus candidate.
  8. ^^ Here ya go...with an appropriately highlighted "like".
  9. As much as I would love that to happen I have no faith in the audience of this show.
  10. Not that it matters much but Julia is actually ahead on YT.
  11. Added. Welcome. Thanks for the link. New music from Lauren in a few weeks! woot!
  12. Julia killed it tonight. It's sad the audience in not likely to appreciate her talent.
  13. It may be but it will be because of the non musical factors. Not the least of which is his momma's boy (ie: Gwen) vibe . Total minivan bait. I'm not saying he sucks, I'm just saying he's only special for his boyish range.
  14. That is very sad if true because I've heard it sung better at my church twice...once by a male and once by a female. It's a great worship song but as far as performances of that song goes it was just ok.
  15. Cowboy Take Me Away was Emily Ann Roberts breakout performance. Of course Madeline Consoer last night.
  16. Madeline Desz Chloe Sid The rest are meh.
  17. I didn't say "Crushed it" I said "CRUSHED it". "Little bit" was an hyperbolic understatement intended to amuse....and yes it was the biggest win I've seen.
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