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  1. Several ....but starting with Nobody Love
  2. This is a compliment I don't give out lightly...I think Julia could pull off a Tori Kelly tune.
  3. Added! Indie girls rarely get favorable treatment from TPTB....so expect the worst.
  4. I think that's the problem....you have opinions but often peeps that have different opinions are biased. That's just horse hockey. Females voices are just awesome.
  5. When do jazzy singers ever kill on this show? Amy (excuse me while I wipe the tear from my eye) and Joanna have probably tested the limits of how far girls like her can go.
  6. Added! I guess I have a type. Well...severally types actually. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Added! Added! What can I say....I love Broadway! Added!
  8. Julia Cooper Instagram Fan List: Spurrious thevoicefan12 ATX29 TeamAudra Maxwell VoiceFan1 David68 istersay jamescasaki FloorWax AmyNicole Kaito Dalton Eduardo Season1 Bk1234
  9. ^^ That's a pretty good good summery of the how they treated her. The why they wanted her gone is really only conjecture but perhaps even more tragic.
  10. Don't forget the mic that died on Kristen mid song a week or so before the sudden rule change. Nasty stuff. Which is why I inconveniently keep reminding peeps TPTB will stop at nothing to get their results. They have a bag full of tricks and they have used many of them at one time or another. Changing the official rules to say they can count or not count any votes at anytime, for any reason and without any notification or announcement was the coup de grâce to the illusion of fairness and should tell you all you need to know.
  11. Although I think Amber robbed herself....her body of work screams "robbed"!
  12. The "two versions of the same song" was the hardest for me - as phenomenal as Matthew's was, Maelyn's gives me goosebumps, so I had to pick it. #ATalesOfTwoCities
  13. Currently trying to resist the idea that mercfan3 is sitting at home laughing at us for torturing ourselves like this.
  14. So this is no longer the spoiler thread...it's the gatekeeper thread because we can be trusted with all the information to make a full informed decision because we are too shallow and biased? Really? That's pretty arrogant. Just sayin'.
  15. I know that Queen has embraced the Ombré....but NGL this look....I can only imagine the contrast with her eyes and dark dark hair. I'm just melted.
  16. Dang. You actually bit on that. Took you long enough.
  17. Ok....but often, letting those kinds of things go unchallenged...is taken as tacit approval. I'm all for frank discussions...it's far more healthy in the long run.
  18. 92.3 is in St Louis. Tuesdays are better with tacos! Join Mason & Remy for Taco Tuesday on August 11th at Sports & Social at Ballpark Village at 6pm. Grab a margarita and some tacos and come hang with Mason & Remy for a virtual happy hour performance with Danielle Bradbery at 6:30pm. Don’t miss Taco Tuesday with Mason, Remy, and music from Danielle Bradbery on August 11th at Sports & Social at Ballpark Village brought to you by Exotico Tequila – Raise a glass, and your expectations with Exotico Tequila.”.
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