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  1. I think this is what you call an unholy alliance. Those are my picks as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I always loved Juliet's Roxanne but in the light of Voice Madness I'm surprised how well it holds up against other heavy weight performances. That is truly a spectacular performance in any league. If I didn't know better and someone said, hey check out this performance from the Grammy Awards last night...I'd have Christiana's reaction....her voice is dope. I've played that dozens of times since we started this. Also, mercfan3 mentioned the studio version a few weeks ago...yep I added it to my Apple Music playlist. It's less raw (a minus) and more precise (a plus) than the live version but man it's good. https://music.apple.com/us/album/roxanne-the-voice-performance-single/1445176738
  2. innately Say's the guy who voted against Maelyn. BTW: it would be a Maelyn + Maelyn final, not vs. Anything involving Queen's mellisonant voice is innately additive and never ever conflictory.
  3. I think most of those contracts were only for a year so she may be or at least soon.
  4. I left the room after Lauren... so in my reality it did. <quietly orders new book>
  5. Well, usually, I would be compassionate and understanding but Karma demands a somewhat different response.
  6. Any particular reason you left off Lauren's ""Deja Vu" which was likely the biggest selling (86k) final performance from group 2?
  7. I didn't imply that. I said "Despite comments to the contrary I blame Adam". Amber claimed she picked Firework. From what list we'll never know but Adam should have known or found out that even Katy couldn't sing the studio version of Firework live. Katy said it had studio created notes she couldn't hit so she changed the key....down a few notes... when she sang it live....a little coaching please.
  8. Well of course you can....that was the Amber/Holly duet I posted.
  9. I vividly remember....I had just come from a party on the South Carolina campus where Hootie and the Blow Fish played REM's Loosing My Religion....I walk in and tell wifey "Hootie played Loosing My Religion". 5 minutes later the tv is on some show I'm not paying attention to but then some girl starts singing...Loosing My Religion. It wasn't an exceptional performance but it got my attention. I watched the rest of the show but not all that impressed until Vicci Martinez closed with The Dog Days Are Over.
  10. Exactly. He could have won organically but for no good reason they served us industrial strength goo instead.
  11. mercfan3 is right, when she was on, she was stunning. Maelyn and Amber was the hardest match up since the start of Voice Madness. I will remain forever pressed Amber didn't make the finals. Despite comments to the contrary I blame Adam for allowing his star to choke on Firework. IMO he could have thrown her a Reba, Martina or Carrie tune and she would have breezed into the finals.
  12. You are welcome to your opinion but I think they are saying sitting in judgment of something you didn't see and having a point of view of something you didn't fully view diminishes the credibility of your opinion. It's like you're telling how incredible the Grand Canyon is to people who have actually breathlessly stood on the rim.
  13. Sorry you missed S4 ATX29...you would have loved Amber...and Holly...and several others. While we wait for the results.....this is what the show did in it's hay day.....frequent contestant duet performances. This one is two of my favorite snowflakes going toe to toe in a non-competition performance. It actually very sad they rarely do this kind of thing any more. Finalist typically got in 20+ performances during their run on the show. Amber and Danielle What the heck...here's another one. Sarah Simmon and Danielle Can't stop...... Amber and Holly #S4WaffleHeaven
  14. I did watch the show and love me some Amber and Tessane but yes.... Maelyn is Maelyn.
  15. Queen is a gracious angel so she may forgive you. However, I'm a obstinate Stan who will be honor bound to reply to your future posts with: "Say's the guy who voted against Maelyn". No hard feelings.
  16. By so many times do you really mean once? Matt had a 1 and Craig had a 2 in the finals and Matt had one more chart but Craig won anyway...that's about it. . iTunes was right 8 out of 9 times prior to S12...and well....who didn't know the country artist have an advantage anyway...opps...except for Lauren it would seem.
  17. The only good thing to come out of Maelyn's record deal so far is this picture on her Republic Records Artist profile page. Still hopeful though.
  18. You are correct I mis-stated that... but not the vote advantage ...I should have said she had a 500,000 (round number) lead not 500,000 to zero. The effect is the same. That number was derived by by taking all of her sales and bonuses and subtracting Chris's. She had huge lead. For example in the finals "Deja Vu" sold 46k and Money On You sold 17k. 46k-17k=29k.... 29k x 5 = +145k votes for that one song. She had the #2 song on finals night as well as additional #1, #3 and #10. Also, all sales after the close of voting (except the finals) still count in the cumulative iTunes totals as 1 vote per sale. Often, she would still be charting the previous weeks song when we documented the current weeks sales. In every round she sold lots more and the differences added up. It's hard to go back and document everything since all our old thread are gone but at the time it was known and discussed. In most cases, those making counter arguments were not active in the Voice threads at the time and are blind to the data as it happened in real time. As to the rules ...I believe Wakefield was referring to the rules stating they could advance anyone and eliminate anyone at any time for any reason. The rule for eliminating votes was in place prior....it was the "we don't have to tell you" rule that was new to S12. Except that he didn't.... they were pretty much tied. She had 9,6,3,4,5 5.4 average He had 7,9,2,1,9 5.6 average
  19. It's not anecdotal that she had a huge head start in iTunes generated bonus votes before the first vote was cast in the finals. When finals vote started it was something like Lauren 500,000, Chris 0. That we know. We also know the Voice rules (modified to add the "we don't have to tell you" clause THAT season btw) allow for producer's vote manipulation to happen without recourse. Everything else (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Vegas odds) merely suggested she has a huge lead. For them all to be wrong by a factor of 2 or more is highly unlikely and completely unprecedented in show history. Point is, it not just wishful thinking. From my perspective, it more likely those who think it couldn't or didn't happen are in denial. #AliciasPartingGift
  20. ...and it's a TV show that has rules saying they don't have to count certain votes for any reason...and the clincher is the rules also say they don't have to tell anyone what they did. I think having a process to throw out votes for cause is a valid management tool. Having no process, no limitations and no accountability is sketchy AF though. I'm not saying they manipulate votes as a matter of practice....but they did publicly codify the ability to silently do so.
  21. OK then. (note to self: trust your instincts)
  22. This round in six words.
  23. I would never! Pretty sure she is an actual Angel. A lot of artists can sing to my heart but very very few sing to my soul. I wanted to vote for Amber and Tessanne...I just couldn't. In any case, this is a lose, lose situation.
  24. It's comment like these that let you know you have found your people. I won't suffer alone.
  25. Ugh! This round is gonna make me cry....and probably need several hours of therapy. All my top favs except for two are in this round. I'm going to have to chat with a few glasses of Scotch before I can even think about voting.
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