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  1. Ugh! This round is gonna make me cry....and probably need several hours of therapy. All my top favs except for two are in this round. I'm going to have to chat with a few glasses of Scotch before I can even think about voting.
  2. When you get this deep in the talent pool everything is a questionable choice.
  3. I get it....Roxanne is one of my all time favs.
  4. See what you've done to me....I'm glad Michelle won and I'm glad she lost.
  5. It's a little more complicated than that. You have to factor in Alisan's hard turn into country music. The luster of her taking out a legit country contestant in the finals faded when they discovered she was one of "them". Woops! Many of her IDF "fans" found that a pill too big to swallow....it slid right down for me though. FTR: Alisan is still a Queen in my book she's just not The Queen. It's also incorrect to say she didn't release any music ....her Country album "Pink Cloud" was released almost a year ago.
  6. It's just the volume is very low on that encode. I tried uploading the one I did to YT but it got immediately blocked in the US. Perhaps turning the volume way down and blurring the video are tricks to change the digital signature to get it past the YT gate keepers.
  7. LOL! That is so me....it feels like trying to explain love to a rock. ---------------------------- In the current group Juliette Simms - Roxanne is the best of the bunch IMO.
  8. Lord knows we need more Queen in our lives. When I say need, I mean like the air of my next breath.
  9. Yes ma'am on Amber. Yes Ma'am Maelyn has some fans and, some opinions not withstanding, it's bordering on impossible to argue with her vocals. To my ear, hers are technically and artistically as close to perfect as humans get.
  10. Yep...I'm ready for a coin flip cause I couldn't ask my heart to choose. Better yet, you flip and tell me which way to go.
  11. True. The Swon effect wold have worked for them too. .
  12. Here the thing. Trio's (and to a less extent duo's) not only have to learn their part they have to learn all the parts to harmonize well. They tend hang in till the show goes live, but learning three ways to sing a song every week and integrating that into a cohesive harmony is a challenge to say the least. Letting one lead (ie: Swon Bros) and the others backup could help them survive but who knows....that's a big change to pull off.
  13. Taylor and Usher were the most helpful and relatable.
  14. Sundance Head Adam Wakefield Swon Bros. Not a fan of the others....the least of which is Gyth.
  15. You are being way too current....SUVs weren't a common thing at the advent of "minivan". Also...by forums ...I mean AOL user groups
  16. Well...they are college educated so in their Bimmer of course.
  17. FTR: The origins of minivan did not happen on IDF. AFAIK it originally appeared on liberal political forums where minivan derisively described a socially conservative/protective mother who takes the kids to soccer car practice in her minivan. Age was only implied...not defined. So 25 to 50ish. At the time a minivan was a Dodge Caravan so income was also implied....lower middle.
  18. Oh yeah ...slim chance... but think what it would do for the coveted 18~34 ratings though. They could triple the usual salary and still come out ahead. $30M might get her off the couch. Some others brought up Usher....I would personally throw Gwen in front of the bus to get him back as a coach.
  19. Excuse me....when did fair come into play? I must have missed that.
  20. Yes please....she is the Alicia we need not the Alicia we've already had. 3 female coaches seems fair after many seasons with 3 male coaches. But...since no one can tour right now...Taylor could be in play. That would be epic. I suspect she would get the pick of the litter.
  21. You mean....besides Maelyn...right? Lauren then.
  22. Ya know...in some cases (one in particular)... a tie could be a righteous outcome. One of these is going to make me unhappy regardless.
  23. ^^ That's going to be a thing going forward....fav against fav makes for painful choices.
  24. Tori Live is one of those rare artists you have to listen to live performances to get the full effect. The more cut down the better. No studio can hold her. She truly has one of the best voices on this good earth. Do your self a favor and listen to the whole set of Tori Kelly (Live at The Year In Vevo)
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