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  1. Seasons 3, 4 and 5 have the best live format. Two eliminations a week (12-10-8), Top 6 quarterfinals, Top 5 or Top 4 semis, Top 3 finals. No saves, all voting done overnight.
  2. I don't think Jordan meant anything horrible towards Kelly. I thought it was funny how he said it's between Nick and Blake, when everyone knows he'll surely pick Blake and he just mentioned Nick as a token option. He didn't want to make it seem like his mind is made up (to go with Blake) from the start. In a sense, he spared Kelly any expectation of having a chance and the possible disappointment when he picks Blake. Some people gets easily offended, especially the fans, and take offense with every little imagined slight to their "idol".
  3. Added y'all. I'm glad Savanna is finally getting more support on this forum. Her fan list tripled in size tonight.
  4. I didn't see or hear anything bad or "worst" from Rachel's audition. I enjoyed it a lot. After her and Savanna W's auditions in the first 30 minutes, the rest of the episode is anti-climactic. I think people will be surprised by her growth and improvement during the season.
  5. If Blake campaigns for her, she might get votes and support from Blake fans, and be considered an honorary Team Blake member.
  6. Added! I hope she goes far this season.
  7. Added! Rachel's audition is so much fun to watch. I was smiling the whole time she was talking to the coaches.
  8. I love her audition. I think she should have gotten more chair turns. *** Added!
  9. My latest favorite is Danielle's performance of her new (unrecorded) song "Break My Heart Again" during a recent charity event for Folds of Honor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtACDsBlfO4
  10. Yogi (?) Danielle (my caption below) -- "Seriously?!" ------ I wonder what this shoot is about? Music video? Ad for active wear? Workout video?
  11. Sounds like somebody has been reading IDF and Facebook. We love you, Rachel.
  12. Ciana Pelekai Pia Renee Victor Solomon Deion Warren Durrell Anthony Christine Cain Carolina Rial
  13. Halley Greg Ryleigh Modig Kenzie Wheeler Gihanna Zoe Gean Garcia Corey Ward JD Casper
  14. Cam Anthony Ethan Lively Connor Christian Pete Mroz Avery Roberson Emma Caroline Aaron Konzelman
  15. Zae Romeo Andrew Marshall Dana Monique Devan Blake Jones Raine Stern Jose Figueroa Jr. Bradley Sinclair
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