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  1. Is it Top 4 Finale like S17 or Top 5?
  2. Judge issued a preliminary injunction on the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states: Alaska Arkansas Iowa Kansas Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire North Dakota South Dakota Wyoming Court Order Link The case is Missouri v. Biden, No. 4:21-cv-1329 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Under the Biden administration’s mandate, healthcare workers who work at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities that receive federal funding have been ordered to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 4, receive a medical or religious exemption, or face firing. Read more...
  3. Kyndal signed a publishing deal with Cornman Music and Warner Chappell Music Nashville. [h/t @QueenKalie] https://musicrow.com/2021/11/kyndal-inskeep-inks-with-cornman-music-warner-chappell-music-nashville/ Excerpts: “Kyndal is a gifted songwriter and performer who lights up every stage she’s on,” shares Ben Vaughn, President & CEO, WCM Nashville. “Her eclectic pop sound and unique vocal tone immediately caught our attention and we can’t wait to see her career blossom.” “Kyndal is an absolute superstar in the making,” adds Brett James, Owner/CEO, Cornman Music. “Her voice is surreal and her songwriting and performances are next level. We are beyond excited to be on her team as she takes over the world.”
  4. Don't forget the social media censorship of information that does not conform to the official narrative of "vaccine only". Recently, a judge has to order a hospital to allow a patient be treated with a medicine that works. Partial article below: Mary Beth Pfeiffer Nov 23 190 201 Sun Ng at Edward Hospital in Napierville, Illinois, where officials refused, until ordered by a court, to administer life-saving ivermectin for covid. (Photo by daughter Man Kwan Ng as submitted to the court.) Sun Ng, a retired contractor from Hong Kong, traveled to Illinois to celebrate his only granddaughter’s first birthday. He got covid and was near death in a Chicago-area hospital. All other options were exhausted, but the hospital refused to give Mr. Ng a generic, FDA-approved drug with an extraordinary safety record that a doctor believed could safe his life. Finally, a judge asked the right question about ivermectin. “What’s the downside?” Put another way: If a man is dying of covid in an ICU and all else has been tried, why not order a hospital to give a safe, last-ditch drug? Edward Hospital, located near Chicago, offered three arguments as to why Sun Ng, seventy-one, should not be given ivermectin: There could be side effects. Ordering ivermectin would violate its policies. Forcing the issue would be “extraordinary” judicial overreach. On each argument, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Paul Fullerton firmly disagreed. “I can’t think of a more extraordinary situation than when we are talking about a man’s life,” he said in a November 5 decision that is a model of rational decision-making in an irrational era. “I am not forcing this hospital to do anything other than to step aside,” he continued in a Zoom hearing. “I am just asking—or not asking—I am ordering through the Court’s power to allow Dr. Bain to have the emergency privileges and administer this medicine.” The hospital ultimately stepped aside. Dr. Alan Bain, an internist, administered a five-day course of 24 milligrams of ivermectin, from November 8 through November 12. ... Ng, who with his wife, Ying, had come from Hong Kong to celebrate their granddaughter’s birthday, was able to breathe without a ventilator within five days—he, in fact, removed the endotracheal himself. He left the ICU Tuesday, November 16, and, although confused and weak, was breathing Sunday without supplemental oxygen on a regular hospital floor. “Every day after ivermectin, there was accelerated and stable improvement,” said Dr. Bain, who administered the drug in two previous court cases after hospitals refused. “Three times we’ve shown something,” he told me. “There’s a signal of benefit for ventilator patients.” READ MORE: https://rescue.substack.com/p/a-judge-stands-up-to-a-hospital-step The court order: https://images.law.com/contrib/content/uploads/documents/399/69948/11-5-21-Ng-v-Edward-Elmhurst-et-al.-Judges-Ruling-transcript.pdf The rest of the article below:
  5. Some people would just accept the narrative pushed by "experts" and "authorities", disseminated by the corporate media. For them, thinking is hard, and research is too much work. It's easier to just go with the flow even if the flow leads to a cliff. Compliance seems easier, but at what cost? Think Carefully About Accepting The Concept of Vaccine Passports From Australia: Freedom Day? You have a barcode on your forehead Conspiracy theories? Although "conspiracy theorists" seem to be prescient nowadays. From August 2020: Archived video from Sept 2020: A Canadian protesting mask mandates
  6. From Babylon Bee: Excerpt: "It was a lively debate," said one source from inside the Wuhan lab. "Yuhang suggested we just keep following the Greek alphabet and name it Xi. We haven't heard from him in a few days, come to think of it." --- Some people call it the "Midterm variant."
  7. I guess it's a great timing for FDA to authorize EUA for vaccination of kids 5-11 years old a few weeks ago. /
  8. He said "Hysterical Xenophobia" and "Fear Mongering".
  9. More people WITH covid died in 2021 when 70% of Americans are vaccinated, than in 2020 when 0% is vaccinated. I wonder what changed that could possibly result in more deaths?
  10. Biden is racist and xenophobic. And anyone who voted for him are also racists and xenophobic. - Babylon Bee (maybe)
  11. The more reason he needs to be replaced. They really should have term limits in Congress. 2 terms for senators, 5 terms for representatives.
  12. Whoa how did I miss that? I was thinking that OK is the reddest state but WV beat it by 4 points! I don't get why they keep re-electing Manchin.
  13. Even in the "green" states, he lost support, except in VT. I hope we get another update like this after Christmas. NJ may yet turn red.
  14. The corporate media do not want their viewers/listeners to know that the OSHA/Federal mandate is suspended. They want businesses to ignore the court order; Biden himself said that companies should ignore the court.
  15. When casual viewer Mr S1 said "they sabotaged Gymani", I knew she was going home. I still voted for Gymani.
  16. They rely on companies to implement the "mandate". And there will definitely be lawsuit and probably judicial stay before then. Speaking of companies imposing mandates despite the court order, I hope their employees would sue them.
  17. https://kansasreflector.com/2021/11/22/kansas-house-passes-bill-allowing-moral-medical-religious-exemptions-to-covid-19-vaccines/
  18. The crime scene narrative seems bs when I first heard of it. But that didn't stop the corporate media from pushing the fake news.
  19. Thank you. I added the Spotify link on the OP.
  20. Sophia's new song "Lately" is now available on Apple Music and iTunes
  21. Good to see you! Unfortunately, the original fan thread is gone, along with the old server. I have offline copies of some early pages [like the discussion about song choices]. You might be able to view the first couple of pages on web archive (the last archive was in Nov 2017). Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
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