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  1. She didn't say anything about it and there's no post about it on her IG or Twitter. It's possible that it is a last minute thing. I do like that they called her "true queen of #TheVoice." Anyway, it's nice that The Voice posted the throwback video of her audition. I added the video to the first and second posts.
  2. I added everyone who asked (I think) and inserted videos and images to the first post. Hopefully I didn't skip anyone. Please check the list of names on the first post to see if your name is listed.
  3. Added! Welcome to #teamRachel.
  4. Hey all, @istersay changed the OP of Cam's thread. Thanks, @istersay I will try to update the OP and add names to the fan list sometime tonight. I have to go back to all pages and see which ones are yet to be added.
  5. I added the link to the first post. I also "borrowed" this gorgeous Twitter picture and added it to the main post. If she or someone objects, however, I'll remove the image. Just let me know.
  6. No. And I don't regret making a fan thread for a contestant even though sometimes, I'm the only one on its list. I was really sad losing so many fan threads during the big server reset of Nov 2019 though.
  7. Hopefully he'll be able to update Cam's and Victor's threads this week, and for the rest of the season. I think both Cam and Victor would make it to the finale.
  8. I hope so too. Here are screencaps from the video
  9. I already offered to @BigMac454 that I would maintain the thread if he can't, and I also told @istersay that I can temporarily maintain the thread. That was a few days ago. We both messaged the OP. He said he will keep and "run" the thread . I guess it's @istersay's call eventually.
  10. Added! I hope his audition is next week.
  11. Savanna is going live on Facebook at 8 pm EST. https://www.facebook.com/events/183041793295164
  12. I agree that Ethan has a great country sound. I watched some of the videos of his covers and he's country through and true. I hope he sees your kind words. I added your name to the list of his fans on the first post.
  13. I agree with those ratings. I would grade Ethan's audition higher than Kenzie's because I like Ethan's voice more.
  14. Cam's audition is the best of the week. Zae's audition is a close second. Monday ranking: Cam, Victor, Pete Tuesday ranking: Zae, Ethan, Carolina
  15. Zae got 87% on the app, the highest app percentage this season to date.
  16. That could be the record low. I don't remember a score below 10 before.
  17. Thanks for this thread, @thevoiceisthetop Here's the app scores to date, sorted by percentages (red=no turn): Zae Romeo - 87% Kenzie Wheeler - 86% Cam Anthony - 84% Corey Ward - 83% Victor Solomon - 81% Carolina Rial - 76% Aaron Konzelmann - 73% Gean Garcia - 68% Ethan Lively - 65% Pete Mroz - 63% Raine Stern - 50% Devan Blake Jones - 48% Madison Marigold - 46% Dana Monique - 45% Madison Curbelo - 42% Christine Cain - 3
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