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  1. Crackpot theory: He's the sacrificial pResident. They don't care if his polls tank into the 10s, the dems will continue to push their agenda. Especially when the GOP caves every time. And when the country suffers from their policies, they will blame it all on non-vaccinated (except the no vaccine illegals) and biden. Before the 2022 campaign season, they will put in kamala, and promise a turnaround with the democrats without biden (who is to blame along with the icky non-vaccinated).
  2. Compliant sheep and little tyrants are everywhere and are not just found among the blue places. Though even in red states, there are blue cities.
  3. If more and more people would refuse to comply, like this girl is doing, we can end all the unconstitutional mandates. More details here.
  4. The Pfizer whistleblower who talked to Project Veritas, Melissa Strickler, was fired via voicemail. On Wednesday, 10/6/21, PV published the video where she shared the emails from Pfizer execs discussing fetal cell tissues used in the vaccine program.
  5. 3rd time Walgreens "made a mistake" by giving Covid vaccine instead of flu vaccine. But this time, they gave adult dose to 2 kids (ages 4 and 5) and now the kids have heart disease. Looks like another conspiracy theory becoming reality. (Some people theorized months ago that they will swap CV vaccine for flu vaccine.)
  6. The Babylon Bee: The Ten Greatest Countries On Earth
  7. It's quite interesting how "Stop Draggin' Your Boots" is somewhat of a full circle event for Danielle. A common comment about the song is it's 90s country vibe, and Danielle won The Voice singing 90s country songs. She became a front runner during the Season 4 playoffs when she sang "Maybe It Was Memphis" by Pam Tillis (2nd release in 1991). She also sang several other 90s and early 00s songs: Heads Carolina, Tails California (1996) Shake the Sugar Tree (1992) Please Remember Me (1995, 1999) Who I Am (2000) Born to Fly (2000)
  8. Project Veritas should investigate this. Members of congress using the I-MASK+ protocol while letting the media discredit Ivermectin. Twitter EDIT: I-MASK+ Protocol details (images) below [Download PDF] --
  9. What happened to his "81 million" voters? They don't like Brandon anymore?
  10. Somebody should start calling them racists, for blaming the majority of black and Hispanic people who refused the vaccine, as the ones causing the country's economic woes brought on by Biden's policies.
  11. It's called deflection. The non-vaccinated is the new bogeyman. Every bad thing that happens to the country is blamed on those who refuse to comply. And many of those who didn't get the vaccine are black. If we have an unbiased media, they would bring that up. BTW, I don't believe the "20% of the country who've decided not to get vaccinated" statement. If it's true that only 20% left that didn't get the vaccine, they won't be pushing so hard. According to this chart, 66% have at least one shot, and 57% are fully vaccinated (until they change the definition next year). https://usafacts.org/visualizations/covid-vaccine-tracker-states/ I'm not saying that the tracker is accurate but it's one of the data points out there. Here's the race demo (note the least vaccinated group, and being impacted more by the mandates):
  12. We go to the commissary (usually much cheaper than out in town) every other week and we used to spend around $150 a trip last year. Now it's $220+ per grocery trip, and we cut out a lot of unnecessary snacks and soda and switched to store brand for many items. Gas increased from less than $2.00 last year to $3.09 this week (full tank used to be $28 now around $45.) ---
  13. Anyone who does deviate from the official covid narrative in terms of treatment and vaccination are censored and made to suffer. They deny life-saving treatments. Hospitals are effectively killing some covid patients by withholding treatment. They censor and blackball doctors who promote early treatment, or share adverse vaccine info (VAERS).
  14. Still too high at 36%. I guess the dems pulled that average up. Of course they would trust the media; it's their propagandists.
  15. Looks like Cam had a blast hanging out with some S21 peeps. 0:52 and 1:08 -- S20 champ meets S21 champ?
  16. Good question, Benny. Archive | Twitter
  17. Pfizer whistleblower on Project Veritas What's in the vaccine? https://youtu.be/FUXGB5FzhPc
  18. Merck is ripping off the taxpayers with its "new" Covid pill, that is "not Ivermectin." Source Excerpts: If only there are cheaper alternatives for treatment and prevention of Covid. Oh wait... More below:
  19. He's a vocal conservative and Trump supporter. I guess he's a rare "influencer" with conservative views. He's been interviewed on Fox a few times. He was on FNC last night talking about this issue, and on Maria Bartiromo show a few days ago talking about cancel culture.
  20. More often than not, if people would just investigate financial ties, they'll see how corrupt most politicians and bureaucrats are. And the webs of corruption cross party lines. It may or may not be relevant, but AG Garland's son-in-law's business got $4 million seed money from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
  21. I don't think they'll go after states where a Republican governor can do something about it. I think they will target red counties in blue states, with cooperation from the democrat governor.
  22. Yesterday, AG Garland told the FBI to go after parents who oppose Critical Rate Theory (CRT). Guess who's got family relations to a company selling CRT learning materials? Read more here: What a coincidence, right?
  23. Is he getting a warm reception anywhere? I wonder what happened to his voters? Benny calling him "Brandon" is funny.
  24. Remember the Biden EO about vaccine mandate for employers with 100+ employees? Well, it's not listed on the federal register of executive orders. https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders/joe-biden/2021 The EOs that affect federal employees and federal contractors are listed (signed on 9/9/21). It could be an order or memo for OSHA to implement the mandate, including the fines. OSHA, to date, has not issued the guidelines and mechanism on the 100+ employees vaccine mandate. If and when OSHA implements the memo, it looks like employers would have an easier time to challenge it because it's not an executive order. It could just be a threat to employers and employees and see who complies. And some employers found the excuse or cover they can use to implement a vaccine mandate.
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