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  1. Two big rallies/marches this weekend: Friday - March for Life: Sunday - Defeat the Mandates:
  2. Came across this headline [image shared on Gab]:
  3. I have not read the name "Allahpundit" in a long time until Mollie mentioned him. I stopped going to HA several years ago when they switched to Facebook commenting. Many regulars left the place and went to other blogs. I used to read 3-4 blogs before but now I just go to The Last Refuge regularly for political blog and Rantingly for news and quick links to dozens of blogs and conservative Twitter accounts. Signing up for Gab is easy. All you need is an email address. Wait till next week to sign up though as there's an influx of new users this week after Tim Pool and Elijah Schafer recommended Gab after the CEO's guest appearance on Timcast the other day.
  4. He's banned on the big tech social media sites, and only posts on Gab and other alt sites, so I doubt that he has a wide reach. I don't really care what Trump loyalists say or even Trump himself, with regards to petty politics. As to searching for Roger Stone on Gab, I found it by just typing "Roger" on the search box (only registered users can use the search function though). This is his Gab account: https://gab.com/RogerJStoneJr The "J" is why it does not come up when searching "roger stone". I like Gab, I've had my account since the start (2016). It has improved a lot since then, with more features. I particularly like the groups, custom feeds and GabTV. I haven't used the chat feature yet. Soon, it will have "GabPay" (alternative to PayPal). It owns its servers and does not rely on big tech systems. Apple and Google banned Gab on their app store but you can still add the Gab app to your phone with simple instructions. And if you use Brave browser, it comes with a Gab app for laptops/desktops.
  5. New release from Jake (h/t @Gmm99 )
  6. He's still on Gab. Torba is not gonna ban Roger Stone for anti-Desantis stuff. There are way worse posts on Gab than anti-politician opinions. (Gab CEO said on Timcast that "if it's allowed by the First Amendment, it's allowed on Gab.") I'm on Gab everyday and I didn't see posts about Desantis other than this. Admittedly, I tend to skim through my timeline and the explore page. He does go after people he perceives as being disloyal to Trump. His recent posts -- About Gettr CEO: https://gab.com/RogerJStoneJr/posts/107659069578747054 In support of Flynn: https://gab.com/RogerJStoneJr/posts/107658831113096266 About Ray Epps: https://gab.com/RogerJStoneJr/posts/107658547595248741 EDIT: I scrolled down his page and I see a couple of posts criticizing Desantis, from a day or so ago. Like I said, he goes hard after people he thinks are disloyal to Trump.
  7. They're making it tougher to "back the blue." Little fascists everywhere.
  8. Another media story this week that fell apart is the NPR story about Sotomayor and Gorsuch. But even after Fox News debunked the story, CNN and other media outlets continue to report the false story. https://thepostmillennial.com/npr-report-false-sotomayor-gorsuch
  9. https://thefederalist.com/2022/01/20/why-the-medias-attempt-to-split-desantis-and-trump-isnt-working/ A very detailed report by Mollie Hemingway on how the fake news media tried to create a wedge between Trump and Desantis by "reporting" on a "feud" citing anonymous sources and never-Trump pundits. It is worth the read just to see how the corporate media twist things to damage people they don't like and to divide their opponents. Here's an interesting angle:
  10. New music soon! https://www.instagram.com/p/CY7bANnlH6M/
  11. Upcoming show in Louisiana. *** Nice write-up on Country Now website: https://countrynow.com/danielle-bradbery-begs-her-ex-to-break-my-heart-again-in-emotional-new-song/ "A stunning showcase of Bradbery‘s pristine vocals."
  12. Biden had a press con today. This is some of it.
  13. I saw that. I thought her name seems familiar. Thanks for reminding us that Riley was on The Voice season 9.
  14. Silly Candace, it's because of vaccine-free people like you, that the vaccines don't work for the vaccinated. / Here's one of the replies to Candace: your mainstream media, everybody --
  15. Abandon ship! https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/washington-secrets/flip-more-americans-id-as-republicans-biggest-edge-in-25-years I think many of these people just self-identify as one party or the other depending on the status of the country. Early in the year, they claim to be democrats as the dems took over the white house and congress. Then when things went from bad to worse, they distanced themselves from the democrats.
  16. New song by Carter, called "Time Machine" -- https://www.instagram.com/reel/CYuijcHhQZN/
  17. --- I love this thread by Danielle, talking about "Break My Heart Again." Reminds of the videos she used to release talking about the songs in her first album.
  18. I wouldn't say "zero country" because the theme of broken heart is common in country songs. But seriously, the sound may not be traditional country, but it's "more country" than some of the songs played on country radio. And it's more listenable than some generic bro-country songs that (used to) dominate country radio. For me, whether a song is country or not, does not matter. It's a great song and Danielle's voice sounds great in this song.
  19. Danielle's new song released today: Danielle will also perform this song on Prevagen Skating Spectacular to be shown on NBC on Sunday, 1/16/22 from 4-6 pm.
  20. It's here! Stream/buy link: https://daniellebradbery.lnk.to/BMHATP
  21. I wrote the comment for the benefit of everyone reading. I apologize for directly quoting your comment, instead of just picking out the relevant tweets to comment on. *** On a somewhat related matter, the administration basically said to ignore the SCOTUS ruling, encouraging companies to issue their own vaccine mandates. https://youtu.be/yZwXF2xa-Jk
  22. Not enough. They still voted to uphold the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The court basically said that the federal government can mandate the vaccine if your company receives money from the federal government, individual rights be damned. It's not about whether the vaccine is good or bad; it's about freedom of choice. Mandates and coercion take away that choice.
  23. Thank you for sharing, and thanks to BradberyFans for the video. EDIT: Added the video to the OP.
  24. Government has no right mandating health insurance, just as it has no right mandating vaccines.
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