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  1. @istersay, can this thread be stickied? Thanks.
  2. Yay! Ethan won his battle!!! Great voice, and good amount of confidence. As we were watching the battle, Mr. S1 thought he'd win the battle too.
  3. Some fan threads are buried in later pages so I thought it would be nice to have a list of all the fan threads created for Season 20 contestants. If I missed some fan threads, or new ones are created/added, please post the link in the comments.
  4. The Voice Season 20 Fan Threads Aaron Konzelmon Ainae Andrew Marshall Anna Grace Avery Roberson Bradley Sinclair Cam Anthony Carolina Rial Ciana Pelekai Connor Christian Corey Ward Dana Monique Emma Caroline Ethan Lively Gean Garcia Gihanna Zoe Halley Greg Jordan Matthew Young Keegan Ferrell Kenzie Wheeler Lindsay Joan Pete Mroz Pia Renee Rachel Mac Raine Stern Rio Doyle Ryleigh Modig Savanna Woods Victor Solo
  5. Added! So many new topics created this season, so some fan threads are buried down in other pages.
  6. S15: Reagan Strange S16: Karly Moreno S17: Kat Hammock
  7. Maybe that's a question from someone who's been to the future. Maybe Andrew auditioned for American Idol in 2022. (Maybe he should audition for Idol )
  8. Danielle's interview and performance on Radio.Com -- RADIO.COM's Leading Ladies Limelight: Danielle Bradbery
  9. Added! Welcome to #teamRachel. Great artwork!
  10. Great news! Thanks for sharing. Looks like they'll be busy performing this Spring, and possibly more in the Summer.
  11. Danielle had a great interview with Houston Life a few days ago --
  12. Looking forward to the video (I hope there's a video). They should release a duet in the near future. They sounded good together in that "Shallow" duet during a charity fundraising event a few weeks ago.
  13. Great fan art, @anonymouskid_35 That's awesome that Andrew noticed it, obviously loved it as he added it to his stories.
  14. The list of ALL auditions, sorted by percentages, has been updated.
  15. Maybe he can sing Tennessee Whiskey at some point this season.
  16. [banner] [Contestant Name] Fan Thread [photo] Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube [video] [bio] Studio Versions [video/image] Performances Blind Audition | Battle Round [video] [video]
  17. I've been copying and pasting old fan threads (created before the server switch in 2019) that somehow retained the centered format including videos. I use fan threads with fewer contents then replace the contents including videos. I'll see if I can post a generic OP as template below. EDIT: I posted below a copy of my fan thread OP - Cam Anthony thread with most info removed. You may be able to copy and paste then replace the post by quoting it. Add your video above the [video] marker then remove the marker or leave them in place for additional videos later.
  18. Added! I also fixed the OP to center the videos.
  19. My message inbox is at 99%. Please leave a message here instead of sending private message. Thanks.

  20. Kenzie will forever be known as Jenzie Wheels now. He should write a book or blog titled "My The Voice Journey: The Jenzie Wheels Story."
  21. I noticed that too when I posted the bio. I was thinking, maybe they became best friends because of the same name. Rach: Hi I'm Rach, Rachel Mac. Zae: I'm Zae, Zae Romeo. Rach: OMG My town's name is Romeo. We should be BFF!
  22. Updated the OP with Rachel's bio from the NBC The Voice web site:
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