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  1. Preference: Girl Named Tom Wendy Jershika Gymani Paris Jeremy Holly Lana Hailey Joshua Jim & Sasha Power Rank: Girl Named Tom Wendy Paris Jeremy Jershika Holly Hailey Gymani [she will make the semis by winning IS in Top 11 and Top 10] Lana Joshua Jim & Sasha
  2. GNT performed first in the blind auditions and they opened the season; called safe first during the playoffs, and first safe again in the Top 13. It would be neat if they keep getting announced safe first every week, then in the Finale, they will be announced the winner of The Voice [first place].
  3. That has been discussed last week but moved to Gossip thread then eventually removed due to inappropriate content on a PG-13 forum.
  4. This poll predicted the two contestants eliminated [Ryleigh and Shadale] but missed the instant save prediction.
  5. I love Shadale's performance last night. I also like her instant save performance. Sad that she got eliminated tonight. I hope she continues to pursue her music career. She has a great voice.
  6. Not yet. Wendy has at least a dozen more names on the list.
  7. WhatΒ΄s Going On: Anthony Evans (S2) ,Nicholas David (s3),Viktor Kiraly (s9),Eric Lyn (s13) ,Spensha Baker with Kyla Jade (S14),Gary Edwards (s14) ,Tony Mason (S19),Durell Anthony (S20), Paris Winningham Because You Loved Me: MaKenzie Thomas (s15) ,Khalea Lynee (S17) ,Toneisha Harris (S18),Jeremy Rosado Rhiannon: Katrina Cain (s15) and Ryleigh Plank IΒ΄ll Stand by You: Xenia vs Sara Oromichi (S1) ,Madilyn Paige vs Bria Kelly (s6),Hailey Mia Blue Bayou: Alisan Porter (S10) ,Karli Webster (S13),Wendy Moten Your Song: Erin Martin (s2),Aquile (s3) ,Jessie Pitts (s7) ,Darby Walker (s11) ,Micah Iverson (s18) ,Rachel Mac vs Bradley Sinclair (s20),Jim and Sasha Humble and Kind: Addison Agen (s13) ,Jim Ranger (s19) ,Lana Scott The Dance: Caleb Lee Hutchinson (S9),Lauren Duski (s12),Red Marlow (S13),Zach Bridges (S17),Holly Forbes
  8. Paris Winningham - What's Going On - 7.5 Jeremy Rosado - Because You Loved Me - 7.5 Ryleigh Plank - Rhiannon - 6.0 Girl Named Tom - Dust in the Wind - 9.0 Shadale - Life Is a Highway - 8.5 Hailey Mia - I'll Stand By You - 6.0 Wendy Moten - Blue Bayou - 9.0 Jershika Maple - God Only Knows - 9.5 Jim and Sasha - Your Song - 5.0 Lana Scott - Humble and Kind - 6.5 Gymani - Made a Way - 8.5 Joshua Vacanti - You Will Be Found - 5.5 Holly Forbes - The Dance - 7.5
  9. Top 3 is pretty even for me so I ended up ranking them based on songs. 1. Jershika 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Wendy 4. Shadale 5. Gymani 6. Jeremy 7. Holly 8. Paris 9. Lana 10. Hailey 11. Ryleigh 12. Joshua 13. Jim & Sasha
  10. I love Girl Named Tom's performance of "Dust in the Wind." It's almost ethereal. I hope they sing an AKUS song next, and showcase more Bekah
  11. I totally enjoyed Shadale's performance of "Life is a Highway." She rocked it. BTW, add me [I guess I forgot to ask before].
  12. What a powerful and compelling performance by Jershika. Please add me.
  13. If they're going back to S17 voting rules, maybe they will bring back the streaming bonus.
  14. Alright, #teamDanielle, SDYB is up for vote as viral song on Country Now Awards:
  15. Thanks for the link. I voted for Rachel. Also please vote for Danielle's "Stop Draggin' Your Boots" for viral song.
  16. Open: Shadale - uptempo Close: Jershika - maybe with a choir
  17. Shadale will advance to the Top 11.
  18. My Top 5 studio: 1. Jershika 2. Wendy 3. Gymani 4. GNT 5. Shadale
  19. Just like in the other Top 11 thread, I think Team Blake and Team Kelly are safe and will advance by public vote. Jershika and Holly are also safe. As to bottom 3, Ryleigh and Shadale will be there. The third one would either be Jim & Sasha or Joshua. Based on song choice, I'm leaning more towards Joshua being in the bottom 3. Instant save will be whoever performs last, hopefully Shadale.
  20. I think Team Blake and Team Kelly will all move on this week. Bottom 3 will come from John's and Ariana's teams. Bottom 3: Jim & Sasha - INSTANT SAVE Shadale Ryleigh
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