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  1. Glad that Cam is one of the sneak peek for the battle round.
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  3. Pick a Coach: Shakira Mega Mentor: Mariah Carey [Advisor: Miranda Lambert] Former Voice Winner: Danielle Bradbery S17 Contestant: Kat Hammock Someone Who Should Have Won: Ricky Duran
  4. ^ They sounded great. That's the second Jordin Sparks duet that Danielle covered. The first one was Thomas Rhett's song "Playing with Fire" which was his duet with Jordin. PWF was re-recorded by Thomas with Danielle as the female voice a couple of years ago (before their "Goodbye Summer" duet). Since her Voice days, Danielle always sound great in duets, especially with male singers. It was quite clear in her duet with Hunter Hayes. I said back then that Danielle should release an LP or EP of duets. Duets and Christmas: two albums I hope Danielle would releas
  5. (when you go through your bookmarks and saw a video you bookmarked years ago) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN8YQVM1GQI EDIT: Someone made an animated version of this video. Someone in the comments of this video claimed to know the guy who left that voicemail.
  6. Thanks for adding this thread to the sticky thread.
  7. Interesting to note that the app users pretty much agreed with the coaches' picks, except for the Awari/Jose battle. I guess most of the audience are not fans of Jose's runs. I agree with the audience - Awari should be a "steal". I think Gean should have went with Nick and John should have stolen Awari. The high steal percentage for Avery is not surprising. Both Ethan and Avery should advance to the next round. I wonder if Avery being a 4-chair turn (which Blake mentioned a couple times) could be one of the factors that contributed to the audience pressing the steal button?
  8. Added you both. Ethan did great in his battle.
  9. Connor did a great job in his battle tonight. I'm glad that Blake picked him as winner.
  10. Added! He sounded great with the right song.
  11. @istersay, can this thread be stickied? Thanks.
  12. Yay! Ethan won his battle!!! Great voice, and good amount of confidence. As we were watching the battle, Mr. S1 thought he'd win the battle too.
  13. Some fan threads are buried in later pages so I thought it would be nice to have a list of all the fan threads created for Season 20 contestants. If I missed some fan threads, or new ones are created/added, please post the link in the comments.
  14. The Voice Season 20 Fan Threads Aaron Konzelmon Ainae Andrew Marshall Anna Grace Avery Roberson Bradley Sinclair Cam Anthony Carolina Rial Ciana Pelekai Connor Christian Corey Ward Dana Monique Emma Caroline Ethan Lively Gean Garcia Gihanna Zoe Halley Greg Jordan Matthew Young Keegan Ferrell Kenzie Wheeler Lindsay Joan Pete Mroz Pia Renee Rachel Mac Raine Stern Rio Doyle Ryleigh Modig Savanna Woods Victor Solo
  15. Added! So many new topics created this season, so some fan threads are buried down in other pages.
  16. S15: Reagan Strange S16: Karly Moreno S17: Kat Hammock
  17. Maybe that's a question from someone who's been to the future. Maybe Andrew auditioned for American Idol in 2022. (Maybe he should audition for Idol )
  18. Danielle's interview and performance on Radio.Com -- RADIO.COM's Leading Ladies Limelight: Danielle Bradbery
  19. Added! Welcome to #teamRachel. Great artwork!
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