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  1. While updating the Spotify thread, I took a screenshot of Danielle's stats. She still has the most monthly listeners among The Voice winners and her numbers increased from last week. The numbers will sure to spike up when she releases new music. Currently, "Sway" remains the most played single and "Potential" is in the top 5 despite not being a single of a promo song.
  2. S21 will have a female winner and it will be a mirror of S12.
  3. Thanks for the new info. I updated the OP with the new numbers and added new names to other alumni list. RE non-winners, feel free to post your favorites' stats. If the monthly listeners are over 100k OR more than the season's winner and at least 30k, I may include them to the list on the OP. EDIT: I also added the S20 finalists who has over 100k listeners, Ian Flanigan (S19) who has 159k listeners this month and Brennley and Hunter from S12 (over 30k listeners this month) and were IDF favorites during their season.
  4. I know that the duets have a lot to do with their listeners numbers. That's why I listed the top non-duet songs to get another measure of Spotify support for each finalist. It would be interesting to see how much their numbers change in a month.
  5. Season 20 finalists' monthly listeners: Victor Solomon - 185K Kenzie Wheeler - 129K Rachel Mac - 123K Cam Anthony - 23K Jordan Matthew Young - 9K Highest non-duet songs: Cam Anthony - Take Me To Church - 28K Rachel Mac - Rainbow - 18K Jordan Matthew Young - Gold Dust Woman - 11K Kenzie Wheeler - Red Dirt Road - 11K Victor Solomon - I Can Only Imagine - 8K Notes: Team Blake finalists didn't get a bump in their numbers from their duets. Kenzie is the only verified artist. I don't know if he was verified before the season or during the season. If Cam Anthony has another Spotify page, please post below the name and stats. Until new info is posted, the [listeners] number above will be added to the OP among the winners. With 23k monthly listeners, Cam is ranked 13th among 20 winners. 5/30/21 Screenshots:
  6. Stream Rachel's Season Collection Album on Spotify Currently, "Best of You" is Rachel's most played song and she has over 122k monthly listeners.
  7. 3 weeks of lives is still a short time in terms of exposure, compared to 7 weeks in the first 12 seasons, or even compared to 5 weeks before S18.
  8. I think it happened during Cam's live yesterday. I didn't watch the 2-hour live but Cam saved it. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPcMkx2liH1/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. I don't think NBC RR and the coaches promised anyone a rose garden stardom even though the coaches often use hyperbole when lobbying for their team. Unlike American Idol that focuses on "producing" Idols or stars, The Voice has always been about the coaches and in the beginning, more about showcasing experienced talents (thus no upper age limit). Team quota in the finale = all about the coaches. Most contestants I think understand that the show is more about exposure than anything else. That's why I am really disappointed with the shortened seasons (18-20) when we have great talents but short on exposure.
  10. I think being able to make music as a viable career and increased income for gigs (for touring artists) can be considered as success. Being signed to a label, release new music, good record/album sales, radio airplay, in addition to steady gigs and shows, are also among the successes. For some, success would come from writing songs that are recorded by others and became hits. For some, more opportunities to perform with big acts or solo. As to life-changing results from The Voice, ask anyone of the alumni featured on Blake's 10th year video, and everyone of them would probably tell you that their life changed because of The Voice. And there are many more alumni whose life changed from being on The Voice, some big changes, some small changes. A confirmation that music is your life's work, partly from The Voice experience, is life changing. Just like anything else, if they want to succeed, they have to work for it. Nothing is free. The Voice can give you a good starting point; it can get you noticed, and it can open up connections. For Cassadee, The Voice gave her 2nd shot at a music career and enabled her to successfully switch genre. For Danielle, The Voice got her noticed in Nashville and she was signed to Big Machine the day after she won. It was a great opportunity for a teen whose blind audition was her first public performance. They had early successes with sales and airplay; long-term successes are still work in progress. Danielle is still with BMLG [Big Machine Label Group] while Cassadee is with an independent label. They both still make good living in the music industry, 8 years after their win.
  11. I managed to right-click and open the pic in new tab before the article page closed up on me [paywall] . Luckily, I was able to archive the page so we can read the article. And yeah, that's a great picture of Rachel, with her signature look (with hat).
  12. Here's another great article about Rachel: Romeo's Rachel Mac is ready for what's next after 'The Voice' Original Article Link (paywall) | Archived Link (for those without subscription) [picture from the article] She had a mini-parade in her hometown: She talked about the duet with Nick: There are many more interesting tidbits in the article. Read the archived version here.
  13. S4 S8 S12 S14 S16 S18 S20 vs S3 S13 S15 S17 S19 My #1 favorite The Voice winner and most of the finalists/contestants I still support post-show are from the spring seasons.
  14. Or it could be a new song that she's about to release and they'll release the video at the same time. She sang two new songs in her recent shows: "Break My Heart Again" and "Stop Draggin' Your Boots." I'm not saying she'll release one of them as single but it is possible. Or a completely unheard of new song. Regardless of song, I'm looking forward to the new video (if it is indeed a video shoot).
  15. Cam is live now. EDIT: with Victor and a couple other contestants.
  16. So what could be the "some special things"? https://www.facebook.com/DanielleBradbery/posts/332517854904378 https://www.instagram.com/p/CPbC9_-hxo_/ Photoshoot for album or single cover? A music video shoot? A major magazine cover? A movie or tv special? Hmm...
  17. Somehow I forgot to update the OP when this video was posted. Better late than never but it is now on the top of the OP. From the video description: EDIT: And happy birthday, Lain!
  18. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPa7JI1lfpr/ She also posted about her duet with Nick (and RTed Nick's tweet promoting the duet). https://www.facebook.com/rachelmacmusic/posts/143806661111556 Here's a quick link to the duet: http://smarturl.it/RMNJBestOfYou
  19. Danielle's next show is in GA, on June 11. https://www.facebook.com/DanielleBradbery/posts/332334848256012 Tickets are now available.
  20. Here's a nice article about Rachel from The Detroit News. Romeo's Rachel Mac finishes fourth on NBC's 'The Voice' The article talks about Rachel's The Voice journey, the support from her hometown and additional info about Rachel before The Voice that are news to me. They also included a quote from Nick from Monday's show that I somehow missed: I love this quote from Rachel at the end of the article:
  21. Rachel/Nick - Best of You Rachel - Foolish Games Rachel - Rainbow Cam - Feeling Good Dana - Free Your Mind Rachel - Human Rachel/Bradley - Your Song Pia - What the World Needs Now is Love Anna - If I Die Young Savanna W - Zombie HM (alpha order): Andrew - I Won't Give Up Cam - Wanted Dead or Alive Kenzie - The Keeper of the Stars Rachel - I Hope You Dance Rachel - The Chain
  22. Reading the comments under the duet video, and I'm glad to see overwhelmingly positive commentaries from YouTube viewers. Here are some of them:
  23. Thanks! I added the link near the top of the OP.
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