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  1. My latest favorite is Danielle's performance of her new (unrecorded) song "Break My Heart Again" during a recent charity event for Folds of Honor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtACDsBlfO4
  2. Yogi (?) Danielle (my caption below) -- "Seriously?!" ------ I wonder what this shoot is about? Music video? Ad for active wear? Workout video?
  3. Sounds like somebody has been reading IDF and Facebook. We love you, Rachel.
  4. Ciana Pelekai Pia Renee Victor Solomon Deion Warren Durrell Anthony Christine Cain Carolina Rial
  5. Halley Greg Ryleigh Modig Kenzie Wheeler Gihanna Zoe Gean Garcia Corey Ward JD Casper
  6. Cam Anthony Ethan Lively Connor Christian Pete Mroz Avery Roberson Emma Caroline Aaron Konzelman
  7. Zae Romeo Andrew Marshall Dana Monique Devan Blake Jones Raine Stern Jose Figueroa Jr. Bradley Sinclair
  8. Sounds like fun. Anyone got to watch this earlier? I'm not on IG so I'm relying on y'all who's active on many social media sites.
  9. A bit late but I forgot to respond to this a couple days ago (got distracted). I feel bad for Josh Kaufman that they forgot him. Josh loss is Carter's gain. Also, Carter's picture is featured in the article. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9533852/favorite-voice-winner-poll/ BTW, Danielle is still leading this poll. I could only vote once on this browser. I don't know if clearing cache would let me vote again but I don't plan to clear my cache anytime soon.
  10. Episode 1 Kenzie Wheeler - Don’t Close Your Eyes 7.0 Dana Monique - Freeway of Love 7.5 Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down 9.5 Christine Cain - Watermelon Sugar 5.0 Pete Mroz - Can’t Find My Way Home 7.5 Devan Blake Jones - Hard Place 6.0 Raine Stern - Electric Feel 7.0 Corey Ward - Dancing On My Own 6.0 Victor Solomon - Glory 8.0 Episode 2 Gean Garcia - All I Want - 7.0 Aaron Konzelman - Ordinary World - 5.0 Carolina Rial - Stay With Me - 5.5 Ethan Lively - You Look So Good In Love - 8.0 Zae Romeo - Falling - 9.5
  11. The list, sorted by percentages, has been updated.
  12. Added! Welcome to #teamConnor.
  13. Connor's audition is a great show opener. He sounded great and his guitar-playing was good too.
  14. She's my favorite in Season 12 and I maintained her fan thread for years even after her season, posting new music and shows. I was very happy when she got the public vote to the finale. When the servers were wiped out in the middle of Season 17, I didn't have the chance to remake her fan thread. I have the archive of the OP saved on my laptop, for when I have a chance to create her fan thread again (probably after this season).
  15. All Auditions Red = no turn Avery Robertson - 93% Zae Romeo - 87% Kenzie Wheeler - 86% Cam Anthony - 84% Corey Ward - 83% Deion Warren - 83% Anna Grace Felten - 82% Victor Solomon - 81% Ciana Pelekai - 77% Carolina Rial - 76% Rio Doyle - 75% Savanna Chestnut - 74% Aaron Konzelmann - 73% Andrew Marshall - 72% Zania Alake - 72% Awari - 70% Durell Anthony - 68% Gean Garcia - 68% Ethan Lively - 65% Lindsay Joan - 65% Gihanna Zoe - 64% Pete Mroz - 63% Halley Greg - 62%
  16. Andrew sounded great on his audition. I'm glad he's on Team Nick. I think it's the best team for him.
  17. "She's so little. Yes she is" - Blake Shelton "Are you bribing her with Justin Bieber tickets?!?" - Adam Levine "Nashville is a state." - Usher That's just a few quotes from the funny exchange among the coaches in Danielle's blind audition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbotKkg5LX8
  18. The link shared by Rebob: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9533852/favorite-voice-winner-poll/ Which opens up to these pages (click for larger image) -- Opera Vivaldi I don't know why your Edge is not displaying the full page. Try a different browser; some browsers have problems displaying the page while others are fine.
  19. I tried the link on my laptop. Here's what I got from Opera. It also worked on Avast, Tor and Vivaldi. It does NOT work on Firefox or Comodo. I have VPN on Opera and Tor so it seems location is not an issue. Try Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers like Opera, Avast or Vivaldi.
  20. It's from March 2020. I think the article has been shared here then and it was on Billboard Country Update that week. But it's nice to bring it up again. Anyway, that link is for Billboard Pro only. Here's the archived link for us poor folks https://web.archive.org/web/20200616045949/https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/9336682/new-heartland-group-management-danielle-bradbery Danielle is their first management client. From the article:
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