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  1. I liked Jasmine's audition, but unfortunately she didn't get a turn. I hope she comes back next season with a much better song.
  2. I love her audition; it's a bit theatrical but she delivered. Even though it was a true blind audition, I knew it's Keilah Grace, from the first few notes. Her tone is quite unique to my ears.
  3. I like their blind audition. Their harmonies are very nice. I wish Gentry had more solo parts though. I love the tone of her voice.
  4. They changed the logic -- "The protected carries so much viral load that they're in danger of infecting the unprotected. So the protected has to be careful around the unprotected because of the unprotected people around them." They will still force the unprotected to use the protection that caused the protected to carry more viral load (making the protected "super-spreaders").
  5. More blue state blues -- Archived article EDIT: Another hospital, this time in TX, that may stop delivering babies due to staff shortage caused by the mandate: Archived link
  6. I saw a meme that says: Last year's heroes are this year's unemployed. These healthcare workers tirelessly worked through the pandemic without the vaccine, and now they lose their job because they chose not to get the vaccine. (Many of them probably had the covid and thus they now have naturally acquired immunity, so they don't need the vaccine.) If they're willing to lose their job to say no to the vaccine, makes you wonder whether the vaccine is truly "safe and effective". They're on the front lines, they saw the patients who had the virus and/or the vaccine, they're informed about pros and cons, and they choose to NOT get the vaccine. And if we're in a real pandemic, why are they firing healthcare workers and reducing the capacity and capability of our healthcare system?
  7. There are more findings from the audit that they have not disclosed on Friday. Trump read some of the audit results in last night's GA rally. Breitbart reported on over 49k questionable votes, which is more than 4x the reported margin. EDIT: Also from the rally --
  8. 20 minutes plus video, but it can explain why some people just obey like sheep.
  9. States with democrat governors would most likely push for the vaccine mandate on businesses and healthcare workers. And for those who are supporting the vaccine passport/mandate because they're already vaccinated and it won't affect them, they could as easily require 3rd booster shot as condition for employment, and a 4th shot, and probably every 6 months. It's "only" a vaccine mandate today, but this precedent could morph into the government or your employer dictating what you can eat, or the number of kids you can have, or that you should have a certain social credit score.
  10. Israel changed the definition of "vaccinated". So now, those who had 2 shots are considered "not vaccinated". And they can claim that those hospitalized are mostly "unvaccinated". Incidentally, CDC defines "fully vaccinated" as someone who had 2 shots for more than 14 days and people who are less than 14 days from first dose is considered unvaccinated. (source - see page 3 table). So when they report that "unvaccinated are more likely to be hospitalized", that may include people who already had the first dose and could be suffering from vaccine side effects. Don't worry thought, CDC is not looking to redefine "fully vaccinated"... yet.
  11. Doesn't make sense, does it? And it's not about the people's health.
  12. And next week, they'll be running to the media to hyperventilate about how they're overwhelmed and "ICU is full!!!" After they closed 1/2 of the ICU wing and other sections of the hospital due to lack of staff, and not a mention of that little inconvenient fact.
  13. I doubt he's "there" most of the time to enjoy or detest his situation. To get through a few minutes of "speech", they probably spent hours to prepare. It would have been easier for everybody if they just simply flip the prompter around and let us read whatever they typed for him to say.
  14. You're assuming he'll be there for 3 1/2 years (Harris could invoke the 25th). And even if by some miracle he'd be able to finish out his term, I think refusing to take questions from the media would be the least of our concerns. We have a spreading 4th world "country" on our southern border, rising gas prices, rising food prices, rising crimes in many cities, worsening inflation (printing more money lowers the value of the dollar), assault on our civil liberties with mandates and restrictions (medical tyranny), more infringement of the 2nd amendment rights (red flag law in the latest NDAA); these are just some of the issues that the main media aren't talking about but are real problems facing our country right now.
  15. Danielle will be having an IG live before her Opry show on Saturday, 9/25/21 -- 7:50 pm ET. The show is at 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET.
  16. That mask suits him fine, because his handlers muzzled him.
  17. Add me. I like his audition. He's one of the most memorable auditions this week. He's on my imaginary team, for sure. Along with GNT. I think he could win. See you in the Finale, Peedy.
  18. Make sure you're getting the right shots, check the vial. A teenager went to get her flu shot but they gave her covid shot instead (link).
  19. I'm all for choice and the issue is not about people's choice to wear masks or not. But not everyone has a choice -- workers are MANDATED to wear mask like the workers at the Emmy's, while the celebs are going around maskless. The kids are not given a choice. They are FORCED to wear masks. Do you think the kids in this picture like wearing mask? #UNMASKOURCHILDREN
  20. YouTube Link IG and Facebook already deleted the video. YT may delete it too. EDIT: Project Veritas link Gab TV link
  21. I love their audition. Well deserved season opener. Season winner? I didn't see their video package. Did they have one?
  22. This is child abuse. What's next? They're gonna tie up his hands so he can't pull his mask down? Meanwhile, no masks at the Emmy's: No masks at packed stadiums, while requiring masks for kids in school. https://www.facebook.com/DanScavino/posts/2981696902046026
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