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  1. Scanning the comments under the finale promo video, majority of comments are supporting Cam. There is also a good number of comments that are rooting for Cam or Rachel. Rachel is the 2nd most mentioned finalist among the top comments. However, Kenzie owns Facebook, but Cam is not far behind there. Rachel is dead last on FB though (why are they so sexist! /s)
  2. Someone commented under the S20 Finale promo video on YT that Nick turned for all 5 finalists.
  3. In the past 19 seasons, there have been 11 male winners [58%] and 8 female winners [42%]. In 20 seasons of The Voice, there are 79 finalists total. 47 are male [60%] and 32 are female [40%]. In the last 3 seasons [shortened format, S18-S20], there are 15 finalists, 12 are male [80%] and only 3 are female [20%]. Coincidentally, Team Blake has been male-heavy during those seasons too. There is one all-male finale [S7] but no all-female finale. The longest same-gender streak is 4 seasons in a row: s6-s9 with male winners and s13-s16 with female winners. We are currently on a 3-season male winner streak.
  4. Three of the S20 finalists [Kenzie, Cam, Victor] were shown on the premiere episode of the blinds and two of the finalists [Rachel, Jordan] were shown on Episode 5 of the blinds. Rachel is the only PV finalist not shown on the premiere. One finalist turned 4 chairs, 3 finalists turned 3 chairs, and 1 finalist turned 1 chair.
  5. Y'all I noticed that none of Victor's videos have been shared on this fan thread, so here are his performances: Blind Audition: Glory Battle Round: U Got It Bad Knockouts: My Girl Top 17 - Playoffs: I Wish Top 9 - Semifinals [Solo]: I Can Only Imagine Top 9 - Semifinals [Trio]: Shining Star
  6. https://www.facebook.com/rachelmacmusic/posts/141287084696847 --- I hope Rachel got great songs for tomorrow and the after "finale performance songs" means that she loves her songs. The finale voting starts in less than 24 hours. If you haven't yet, download the Voice app and bookmark the website voting page: https://voice.vote.nbc.com/ https://www.nbc.com/the-voice/exclusives/voice-app?_branch_match_id=916450927031001149
  7. Looking back on Danielle's The Voice journey 8 years ago, it's amazing how a 16-year old high school student was able to handle several weeks of live shows, rehearsals for multiple performances per week, studio work, plus school work. And considering her blind audition was her first public performance, her growth during the season has been phenomenal. For those who didn't watch that season, here are some videos of Danielle's The Voice journey: Danielle Bradbery's Journey on The Voice [15 minutes] Danielle Bradbery: 'The Voice' Journey In Two Minutes Danielle Bradbery, coaches comments, 'The Voice' [14 minutes]
  8. I don't remember that clip. I don't even know if that happened this season.
  9. Rachel has good placements in this finale promo video. I snapped the screenshots below:
  10. Finale promo video. At 12 seconds, it showed the finalists in this order -- Victor, Jordan, Kenzie, Cam, Rachel. Here's a screenshot at 10 seconds mark, with the 5 finalists: I love that Rachel's picture is in the middle.
  11. In the Top 9 picture, they had Gihanna front and center. I guess they wanted her in the finale.
  12. Rachel replaced her FB profile picture with one from the semifinals performance. And she added the Top 5 banner as cover photo: [Cam and Mac next to each other ] Speaking of FB, Rachel reacted to my message to her.
  13. That's my first thought - Rainbow Connection. (and just like that, Rainbow Connection has replaced Human as the looping soundtrack in my head)
  14. I wonder if the green frog (?) in the 2nd pic is a clue of some sort?
  15. It's disappointing that they photoshop the group photo instead of taking a real group photo. They could at least use a different picture for each one, other than their audition picture.
  16. Since Corey revealed "Falling Slowly" as his coach duet song for the Finale, that rules out a Nick and Rachel duet on that song. I'm changing my guess to "City of Stars" from La La Land (as suggested by @mathguy ). EDIT: "Stand by me" is also one of Corey's songs, so it won't be a song for Blake and Cam duet anymore. "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett could be a possible duet for Blake and Cam. Nick and Thomas sang it together during one CMT show.
  17. Tessanne Chin won in Season 5. I thought Toneisha had a pretty good chance in S18. I was rooting for her and Thunderstorm.
  18. I hope she'll do great with an upbeat (or kinda upbeat) song. Bandzilla would be a problem for some uptempo songs. But she can go acoustic with something mid-tempo like "Mean". I worry that they'll give her the ultimate bus song.
  19. "City of Stars" would also be a good duet for Nick and Rachel. You can always edit your list
  20. I was actually thinking of "You Belong With Me" for Rachel's upbeat song. LOL. I think Rachel would sound great singing "Safe and Sound".
  21. There are many great songs, especially rock songs, that don't translate well to being cut into 2 1/2 minutes of performance. Speaking of "Aqualung", they just released a new video for it with cool animation.
  22. Great songs. Disney songs for duets is not a bad idea. Especially when they don't sing it for votes anymore. (I think the duets are on Tuesday). I thought someone already sang "Use Somebody" this season? Or maybe I saw it on the "potential songs" thread. For Jordan, I would pick "Under The Sea" as a fun Disney song to sing.
  23. ^ I think this thread is for contestants' song choices that they were supposed to sing but they didn't have the chance to perform them.
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