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  1. Looking forward to saying bye-bye to Trump (I hope!).
  2. The Christmas Countdown thread was a labour of love for me. Sad it's gone.
  3. It's not December It's barely even November Outside it's still too warm for snow to fall Halloween was yesterday And winter's still a ways away But try to tell that to the folks down at the mall Inside's a winter wonderland I'm sorry, I don't understand 'cause mistletoe on Veteran's Day seems wrong But the shops are filled with Christmas cheer And on the speakers, all you hear Is the way-too-early Christmas song Leaves just started changing But the stores are rearranging Their d├ęcor to wintry Christmas themes See the red and green displays: "Just 58 more shopping days" And cardboard elves are planting plastic trees Jesus in his manger cradle Plus a little token dreidel In a big display next to the Cinnabon With three wise men and gifts they bring Just plug them in, and they all sing The way-too-early Christmas song I know you need to satisfy your investors But couldn't you wait at least until the Savior's third trimester? Finally, just outside the Master-Cuts Was Santa, and that fat b******'s "Ho ho ho"-ing drove me up the wall Something snapped, I lost control And kicked him square in his North Pole And as he dropped, I decked him in his halls So, my friends, I wish you well From the mall security holding cell I hope that they don't keep me here too long May you and yours find peace and love Unless you are the writer of The way-too-early Christmas song
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