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Rank the Performances - S22, Top 5


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Posted (edited)

Abi Carter - “Part of that World”
Triston Harper - “Almost There”
Emmy Russell - “The Climb”
Jack Blocker - “Nobody’s Fool”
Will Moseley - “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy”
Emmy Russell - “Carried Me With You”
Triston Harper - “Life is a Highway”
Abi Carter - “The Chain”
Jack Blocker - “Space Oddity”
Will Moseley - “Born to Be Wild”

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1. Emmy Russell - “Carried Me With You”
2. Jack Blocker - “Nobody’s Fool”
3. Abi Carter - “The Chain”
4. Emmy Russell - “The Climb”
5. Will Moseley - “Born to Be Wild”
6. Abi Carter - “Part of Your World”
7. Triston Harper - “Almost There”
8. Jack Blocker - “Space Oddity”
9. Will Moseley - “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy”
10. Triston Harper - “Life is a Highway”

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1. Abi Carter - Part of Your World - Perfect song choice for Abi! That was a fantastic performance from her so far. That was far away her best performance of the season and the best performance of the night by a lot. That was excellent! I had chills all over. The way she knows how to connect with the audience is so easy for her. I felt every word. Such a flawless and perfection performance. I am already calling her the winner now. She had the best edit so far tonight. 


2. Abi Carter - The Chain - That was a major pimpage from the producers! Perfect song choice for Abi and that arrangement was excellent. This is her top 2 best performances of the season so far. There is nothing I don't like about this. That was flawless! This is how you do your own arrangement and make it work!


3. Jack Blocker - Space Oddity - Loved this song choice for him. He clearly made the song his own and I felt so connected to the performance. Great job.


4. Jack Blocker - Nobody's Fool - I liked the song choice for Jack. He made the song his own, but the dance moves was pretty awkward. I would have preferred if he just stood there with a guitar or just walk around naturally rather than dancing.


5. Will Moseley - Born to Be Wild - This was a better song choice for him. He brought the energy that the song required and did a great job with it. He was rocking out.


6. Will Moseley - Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy - This was a boring and lame song choice for Will. He had some good moments in the song but I needed more connection. 


7. Emmy Russell - Carried Me With You - This was a much better song choice for her. I think she did a solid job with it but needed more moments in the song. Definitely a better performance than her first one. She should be proud of herself for making the top 5.


8. Emmy Russell - The Climb - I love Emmy but this song choice wasn't the right song for her. This song requires high notes and Emmy is not a belter. This was her weakest so far.


9. Triston Harper - Almost There - Weird song choice for Triston. This also didn't work for me but it was better than his second performance. Still not good though. He had a few seconds of good parts at the beginning, but he fell apart after that for the rest of the song.


10. Triston Harper - Life is a Highway - This was the wrong song for him as he didn't have the range or the vocals for the song. It just didn't work for me. He has a fantastic tone, but after Heartbreak Hotel he became inconsistent and downhill. What happened to him being super consistent?

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Posted (edited)

1. Emmy Russell  - Carried Me With You

2. Abi Carter -  Part Of Your World


Those were really the only two that I actually liked. :dead:


3. Jack Blocker - Space Oddity 

4. Will Mosely - Born To Be Wild 

5. Emmy Russell - The Climb

6. Jack Blocker - Nobody's Fool

7. Abi Carter - The Chain

8. Triston Harper - Almost There 

9. Will Mosely - Ballad Of A Lonesome Cowboy 

10. Triston Harper - Life Is A Highway 

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Posted (edited)

Round 1:

1. Abi - Part Of Your World: Stunning vocal and super engaging interpretation. She has the perfect voice for the song and really captured the longing and wondering of the lyrics. 

2. Jack - Nobody's Fool: I feel like he did way too much with his movements when the song didn't really ask it for it and it caused some notes to get thrown away in a weird way but overall it was a pretty soulful delivery. 

3. Triston - Almost There: I thought this was gonna be a trainwreck but it was just mediocre so kuddos to him tbh! 

4. Will - Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy: Really messy performance. Not only he seemed disconnected from the song but he forgot the lyrics twice. It was kinda chaotic in a negative way. Definitely his worst showing of the season. 

5. Emmy - The Climb: This was way out of her range and it caused her to sharp, pitchy and flat at different moments. Probably her worst of the entire season. 


Round 2:

2. Abi - At first I didn't know what to make of the melodic changes she did to the first verse but once I realized it she was making it way for that first soft chorus + followed by a full rock 2nd half, I really liked what she did with the song and the arrangement. The squeak and the 10 seconds high note + run were two of her most impressive vocal moments of the season by far. 

2. Jack - Space Oddity: The arrangement for this was very cool (loved the countdown at the verse) and his voice sounded really strong and intense on the chorus but him running out of breathe and not being able to sing the full lyrics on the line "am i sitting in a tin can" weirded me out for a hot second. I think this was really cool overall tho. 

3. Will - Born To Be Wild: Really solid vocal from Will here. There was nothing wrong with it. I wish he had given us more energy with his stage presence but it was nice. 

4. Emmy - Carry Me With You: She looked scared as hell moving around the stage but vocally this was was one of her most consistent performances and it was very cute. A good goodbye note for her to leave the show on. 

5. Triston - Life Is a Highway: Pitchy trainwreck. I knew it was gonna be a mess but it was even worse than I expected. 

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Round 1: 


1. Abi 

2. Will 

3. Jack 

4. Triston 

5. Emmy 


Round 2; 


1. Will 

2. Abi 

3. Jack 

4. Triston 

5. Emmy

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1.  Abi Carter, “Part Of That World” — she was awesome on that song!

2.  Abi Carter, “The Chain” — not quite as good as her first song but still great in my opinion.

3.  Jack Blocker, “Space Oddity” — his best performance yet.

4.  Jack Blocker, “Nobody’s Fool” — the dance moves took half a point off of his performance for me.

5.  Will Moseley, “Born To Be Wild” — his best performance of the night.

6.  Emmy Russell, “Carried Me With You” — at least she went out on a high note.

7.  Triston Harper, “Almost There” — at least this wasn’t a train wreck.

8.  Will Moseley, “The Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy” — his worst performance, thanks in part to forgetting the lyrics.

9.  Emmy Russell, “The Climb” — this was a bad song choice for her.

10.  Triston Harper, “Life Is a Highway” — mediocre.  At least he didn’t choose “You Got a Friend In Me”.




1.  Abi

2.  Jack

3.  Will

4.  Emmy 

5.  Triston

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1.    Abi Carter - “Part of that World”
2.    Abi Carter - “The Chain”
3.    Will Moseley - “Born to Be Wild”
4.    Jack Blocker - “Space Oddity”
5.    Emmy Russell - “Carried Me With You”
6.    Jack Blocker - “Nobody’s Fool”
7.    Triston Harper - “Almost There”
8.    Will Moseley - “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy”
9.    Emmy Russell - “The Climb”
10.    Triston Harper - “Life is a Highway”

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1. Abi Carter - “The Chain”

2. Will Moseley - “Born to Be Wild”

3. Emmy Russell - “The Climb”

4. Emmy Russell - “Carried Me With You”

5. Abi Carter - “Part of that World”

6. Will Moseley - “Ballad of a Lonesome Cowboy”

7. Triston Harper - “Life is a Highway”

8. Triston Harper - “Almost There”
9. Jack Blocker - “Space Oddity”

10. Jack Blocker - “Nobody’s Fool”

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