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Best SemiFinal Performance Of S24 (rate the semifinals)


Best SF Performance  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Lila Forde - River
    • Mara Justine - Parachute
    • BIAS - God bless the broken road
    • Huntley - Way down we go
    • Jordan Rainer - Ol red
    • Mac Royals - Love T.K.O
    • Nini Justine - no time to die
    • Jacquie Roar - Alive
    • Ruby Leigh - Country roads.
  2. 2. Rate semifinals night

    • A+ (all timer)
    • A (Great)
    • B ( Solid)
    • C (Average)
    • D (below average)
    • F ( yikes..)

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My list after relisteming just now.


1. Mara

2. Huntley

3. Nini

4. Jordan

5. Lila

6. Ruby

7. Mac

8. Jacquie

9. BIAS.


Honestly, Team Niall is pretty interchangeable, when I first heard the performances I had Nini at 1. They are all very close and the order could change upon another register. Pretty confident in the rest of my list though.



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1. Nini Iris

2. Huntley

3. Mara Justine

4. Jacquie Roar

5. Lila Forde

6. Jordan Rainer

7. Mac Royals

8. Ruby Leigh



Really strong night. BIAS was the weak spot and Ruby was surprisingly very mid-tier, but acceptable nonetheless.

Team Niall's nailed their performances tonight completely.

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1. Nini Iris - no time to die
2. Mara Justine - Parachute
3. Huntley - Way Down We Go
4. Lila Forde - River
5. Jacquie Roar - Alive
6. Mac Royals - Love T.K.O.
7. Jordan Rainer - Ol' Red
8. Ruby Leigh - Take Me Home, Country Roads
9. Bias - Bless the Broken Road

Lol I have no idea how to rate the show but I guess I'll give it a solid B.

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