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Best Playoff Performance Of S24 (which team did the best overall + rate the round)


Best Playoff Performance Of S24 (Which team overall did the best + rate the round)  

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  1. 1. Best Playoff Performance

    • Azan - Adorn
    • Nini Iris - River
    • Huntley - Daylight
    • Alexa Wildish - Fields of gold
    • Mara Justine - you've got the love
    • Kara Tenae - Rain
    • Lennon Vanderdoes - falling slowly
    • Ruby Leigh - long long time
    • Jacquie Roar - the chain
    • Noah Spencer - Jolene
    • Lila Forde - Angel from montgomery
    • Rudi - My all
    • Mac Royals - untitled
    • Kaylee Shimizu -
    • Tanner Massey - Impossible
  2. 2. Which team overall had the best performances?

  3. 3. How would you rate this round?

    • A+ (all timer)
    • A (Great)
    • B (good)
    • C (Average)
    • D (below average)
    • F (yikes..)

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As usual, if your chosen performance is not on the list. Don't vote and just mention them in your post and I'll count them as votes.


If you want, share your list. Top 5, top 10, etc.


And rank the teams from best to worst this round.


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Top 5:

HM: Jacquie Roar (The Chain), Ruby Leigh (Long Long Time)

5. Nini Iris - River

4. AZAN - Adorn

3. Kara Tenae - Rain

2. Mac Royals - Untitled (How Does it Feel)

1. Huntley - Daylight


Basically this round just tickled my RnB fancy and then some!


4. Gwen

3. Reba


2. John

1. Niall


I'd give this a solid A, one of my favorite Playoffs rounds in recent memory. I liked everyone to a degree.

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11 minutes ago, Teraginn said:

The way Kaylee's song choice was so forgettable it didn't even make it to the poll :dead:

Lol. I was multitasking so I didn't hear the name of the song choice. I've also never heard of it before.


Would have been the same with Macs choice had I not seen it in the spoiler thread.

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I'll make a top 10 list of my PO performances cause of how good this round was.


1. Ruby Leigh

2. Noah Spencer

3. Mara Justine

4. Lennon Vanderdoes

5. Alexa Wildish

6. Jacquie Roar

7. Mac Royals

8. Huntley

9. Kara Tenae

10. Nini Iris


Thought team Reba was the best of the playoff round. Ms Moten and Jordan were both really solid performances. The only group of performers that didn't struggle with pitch or anything. Not that there was much of those issues in this round


I'd give this round an A+. There was only one performance that consistently struggled with pitch issues imo and even then it wasn't bad. Everyone else was good to great.

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My top 10:


1. Alexa

2. Lila


3. Ruby

4. Mac

5. Nini

6. Taylor

7. Azan

8. Mara

9. Kara

10. Kaylee


This round was an A+ for me, and solidified in my head that pre-taped playoffs should 1000% be the move going forward.

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Mac. Not my usual style preference, but just looking at performances, he stood out most this round.


There were a few show pony performances this round that left me a little cold.


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