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Big Brother 25


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A shockingly late premiere date for Big Brother this year! It won't be starting till August. A month later than it usually starts, I can only assume this is due to the writer's strike and they're trying to fill up the fall. This could mean Survivor and The Amazing Race starting later too, especially since they now have 90-minute episodes, they surely can't be the same night as Big Brother.


Along with that, it's confirmed it will be all new houseguests, so no reason to expect returnees this season. Fine by me, after the disaster of BB22 I'll take a few more newbie seasons to build up the roster.







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Ahh yeah the new later date really surprises me but I get that it's possibly because of the writer's strike. Sad that we'll have to wait an extra month for it but I totally understand and it makes sense. Excited to see the cast - though that won't be for another 2 months. :haha: And yeah I am curious how long it will run into the fall and how it will effect Survivor/TAR's airing. I would assume maybe BB moves to Tuesday if Survivor/TAR somehow airs on time?

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I second that the show was better when the seasons weren’t three months long 


and the only all stars season I would want at this point is one where they bring back Alison Irwin with a coup d’etat in her pocket, so I’m happy with this 

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1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

I was just gonna bump this thread up for this! I’ll probably check it out


1 hour ago, Steven_ said:



Oooh nice! I'm glad people are watching! 😄


I just started watching it now. :haha: 

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