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  1. https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2021/08/big-brother-fcc-complaints-2016-2020/ i-
  2. 1. Tiffanysus - the Danielle Reyes comparisons are APT! 2. Azah - she’s so complex to me. Her butting heads with her allies for no reason is kind of fascinating 3. Derek X 4. Britini - once I stopped taking her seriously she got fun 5. Claire - the biggest critique I’ve seen of her is that she’s a loyal Tiff minion, and I’m just like “…and?” 6. Kyland - potential to be best bb male houseguest since the single digits tbh 7. Hannah 8. Xavier 9. Sarah B - would easily be a consistent top three houseguest in any of the past like 5 seasons 10. Alyssa 11. Derek F - better without Frenchie 12. Whitney 13. Brent - I would appreciate as a lolzy unanimous blindside victim but he brought NOTHING to his exit 14. Christian - actively boring and the only one who gives NOTHING
  3. Azah telling Christian she’d have reasons to nominate him if she won HoH sjfjfjfjfjfnfjdnfjfnfjfj
  4. 1. Tiffany: there’s something so old school about Tiffany and she could legit be an all time great 2. Derek X: has the entire house pressed by existing lmao 3. Azah 4. Claire 5. Kyland 6. Xavier 7. Sarah 8. Hannah 9. Travis: he gave us nothing but he’s hot 10. Britini: I see potential 11. Alyssa: I see potential but get better taste in allies 12. Derek F 13. Frenchie: “designated first boot ends up winning HoH instead and is revealed to be the long lost love child of Ronnie Talbott and Gerry Lancaster” works better on paper than in reality but he gave us good feeds 14. Brent: sucks but I can appreciate him if he gets an embarrassing downfall 15. Christian 16. Whitney: “I don’t know about that one”
  5. We got new casting people now we need to finish the job and get new editors
  6. https://twitter.com/bb23royalty/status/1414422294882103296?s=21 Tiffany imitating Frenchie’s nomination ceremony is GOLD
  7. Frenchie is the PERFECT houseguest to kill the “form power alliance around first HoH” trend in modern bb and I’m so excited
  8. Not enough people over 30 but as long as we get a Tiffany/Azah/Frenchie final three I’ll be fine with it. WAY too much love for The Sh*tmen in these bios I thought we could finally let bb16 fade into obscurity like it should have years ago.
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