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  1. Haven’t watched any eps yet and haven’t been following here - is this season worth it? I was thinking of jumping in once I can watch a bunch of eps in a row (especially after the editing disaster that was WAW), but if the season’s just gonna be bad I’d rather just skip and watch recap clips later
  2. 1. Tiffany - duh. Running the season early on, forming genuine friendships, giving us great feed moments, and basically everything she gave us was gold. Wish she wasn’t actively playing to lose from jury onwards, but she’s basically locked to return so whatevs. 2. Sarah Beth - lmao at this human somehow raising the ire of the internet and the house for basically no reason? Her surviving her boot week for almost a month was iconic, her getting Derek X to give her 5k then sending him home while telling America to go screw themselves was Queen like behavior. Then there’s SB on the jury which just another dimension. I need to see her again. 3. Azah - obsessed with the fact that preseason she said her fave duo was Jun and Alison and then she came into the house and did…THAT. Great narrator for the season, and watching someone essentially play bb3 with a bunch of people playing bb23 was really interesting. Even though her emotional gameplay didn’t end up playing too much into the actual plot of the season because she hardly had power, it was still enough to elevate the season above other recent seasons. 4. Derek X - His stans annoy me (looking at you Taran from RHAP) but he was still a really fun character with a cool arc and downfall. 5. Hannah - see Derek X re: stans, but she was still fun given that she caused so much drama between SB and Tiffany basically by existing. She was the Cookout member with the worst edit, but she was still fun to watch and I’d prefer her to win over Xavier. 6. Frenchie - DELIVERED the mess this season needed and set up an amazing prejury. We need more designated first boots winning HoH. 7. Claire - okay so she flopped as a player, but her being a loyal tiff minion didn’t bother me until the coup. But her emotional exit was some of the most real human drama we’ve seen on this show in years. 8. Kyland - what a complex, messy, and confusing human being. I’m not even sure how I feel about him at this point. I thought my opinion would settle, but I think I need a full rewatch to determine my thoughts on this man’s legacy. I could just as easily put him in my top three as my bottom three, so I split the difference and put him here for now. 9. Britini - she had a fun little underdog arc, and I think she was a solid contributor to the season. She was a little too comfy with the canned lines, but she still stood out during her time in a positive way. Lmao at her complaining about being on the block twice in a row when she was absolutely safe and Azah getting in a fight with tiff over it 10. Xavier - in the mold of Derrick and Cody, he basically just glided to victory because so many people were playing for him to win (either directly or indirectly). As a character, I think he DOES work, but only as part of an ensemble and when he’s the designated main character he can’t carry the narrative on his own. He also had his irritating moments toward the end, but he was generally inoffensive aside. 11. Alyssa - the anti-Lisa Donahue in that she basically stopped after her showmance left. Probs could be interesting if she were on like bb18 or something but doesn’t really work for me here. 12. Travis - hot 13. Whitney - I actually think she could’ve been really interesting if she made it longer and would’ve made the season more dynamic down the stretch than it was. We never really got to see her potential though. 14. Christian - didn’t like him. He was boring and basic, and the only thing going for him was that he would’ve been a tiff minion. 15. Brent - bad character, great downfall. 16. Derek F - misogynistic, shielded by the edit, had to deal with him for a whole season, and due to the horrible nature of how the finale is done now we didn’t even get to see the jury lay into him and him scramble to respond like we would’ve 15 years ago.
  3. I just like that it makes things less predictable and makes people rely on their social relationships/manipulating people to take them instead of just winning out à la J*ckson or K*vin
  4. Hot take: they should bring back the old part 3 instead of making it a standard trivia comp
  5. This. It’a a personal decision on her part based on the way she’s been treated and how she feels about Big D and Xavier. Is it a good move? Absolutely not. But I find it refreshing that with Azah being in the game, the interpersonal relationships actually matter more than just what is the best decision in terms of playing the game. It feels old school
  6. Big D is so bad at this game he has inadvertently convinced Azah not to take him anymore djdjfjdjdjdjdjdjsjd Like, taking Xavier would be an objectively horrible move for Azah but given Big D’s behavior toward her I don’t entirely blame her
  7. She had an HoH and a veto iirc Azah to take Big D, give us the most interesting jury questioning in years, and win plz
  8. 1. Kyland - what a WEIRD human 2. Azah - win plz 3. Xavier - whatever 4. Derek F - I could appreciate the delusions if I knew he was losing
  9. Why he would be taking advice from CODY of all people is what I want to know
  10. 1. Tiffany 2. Hannah 3. Kyland - what a strange human 4. Azah 5. Xavier 6. Derek F
  11. 1. Claire - wow. All season she’s been kind of a B character but her boot week was SO compelling 2. Tiffany - Tiff is my favorite houseguest this season rn. Her escapades with Kyland are #relatable. Can you imagine if she somehow won after axing (almost) all her close allies before the endgame? 3. Azah - Dr. Azah Gheesling-Reyes-Song winning is like the most likely scenario for a good ending (since I feel Tiff is probably doomed) 4. Kyland - once it’s acknowledged that Kyland doesn’t win this season, I’m going to be leading the #Kyrenaissance on his character this season. 5. Hannah - She really spent so much time with Alyssa promising her the world then axed her like that sjdjdjdjdjdhf 6. Xavier - I’ll appreciate him as the season’s last Big Bad if he doesn’t win. Otherwise, he’s another boring “big alliance winner” who greatly benefited from multiple people playing for him to win. 7. Alyssa - what’s there to say anymore 8. Derek F
  12. if anyone wants to watch the convo here it is
  13. If I wasn’t invested in Tiffany winning I would love this, but I am and this is just miserable. I’m conflicted on whether it’s the right move since she’s probably the top target for the CO boys no matter what she does (at least for DF and X, idk what’s going on with Kyland), so it might be worth it to keep someone she knows she can trust 100%. That being said, losing Hannah in the process (which also very well could happen) along with burning anything with Ky or Azah wouldn’t be good either. I guess be careful what you wish for. I’ve been wanting to feel like there were real stakes in each week since jury started and now we get…this.
  14. What do y’all think is the better move for Tiffany: nominate Claire or nominate one of the Cookout boys?
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