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Best Battle Of Season 23


Pick the best battle and beat individual performance in a battle.  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Battle

    • Ali vs D Smooth
    • Cait Martin vs Allie Keck
    • Mary Kate Connor vs Kylee Danee
    • Mannasseh vs Sorelle
    • EJ Michaels vs Tasha Jessen
    • NOIVAS vs Ray Uriel
    • Gina Miles vs Kala Banham
    • Michael B Williams vs Ryley Tate Wilson
    • Carlos Rising vs Grace West
    • Holly Brand vs Katie Beth Forakis
    • Neil Salsich vs Mic
    • Chloe Abbott vs Nariyella
    • Laura Littleton vs Ross Clayton
    • Rachel Christine vs JB Somers
    • Jerome Godwin vs Talia Smith
  2. 2. Best Individual performance in the battle rounds

    • Mannasseh
    • Sorelle
    • Cait Martin
    • Michael B Williams
    • Neil Salsich
    • Mary Kate Connor
    • NOIVAS
    • Kala Banham
    • Gina Miles
    • ALI
    • D. Smooth
    • Holly Brand
    • Grace West
    • Nariyella
    • Kylee Dane

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Yeah I know its a bit redundant with Gustavo's ratings, but the one with the highest average rating may not necessarily be the most favoured.


As usual, don't vote if your favourite is not on the poll and namedrop them, I'll count that as a vote for that battle/contestant. I reckon there could be some namedrops for Allie Keck and Ryley Wilson, maybe Ray Uriel.


Battles were pretty damn good this season, but could have been an all timer if some of the individual performances had a partner on their level 




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Interesting that Gina and Kala are the most picked battle but have 1 vote between the both of them for best individual performance.


And manasseh picked for best individual performance while her battle has fewer votes.


Guess people are mixed on sorelle. 

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