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Season 23's predictions (Pre-spoilers)


Predictions for Season 23  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. How many females will make it to the finale?

    • 0
    • 1, and she will be the winner
    • 1 in the runner-up place
    • 1 in 3rd/4th/5th place
    • 2 or more (Very unlikely but ok)
  2. 2. Which coach will be represented in the finale along Blake and Kelly? (Assuming no Team Quotas)

  3. 3. Which genre will be Blake's last contestant standing (And very probably winner)?

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Based on historical patterns I'll say one female in 3/4/5 place, although I'd love something more like S21


Niall in the finale


I'll go out on a limb and say R&B for Team Blake, I think they'll really push for a non country winner although we may end up with one anyway like this season

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1. One female in 3/4/5, unless Blake has a good female contestant.


2. I’m the first to vote for Chance? Idk I have a strong feeing he’ll be represented. Niall not so much for some reason.


3. It probably won’t be country considering who just won, but voted country just to be safe.

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14 minutes ago, QueenCami said:

My guess is that they'll try to go for a female winner this season.

At this point, I highly doubt they care about that. But even if they do, they are probably still gonna flop in the attempt. 


S21 was the perfect chance for a female winner, but the most it could achieve was a girl winning along with her two brothers :dead: 

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2 females at least(did you forget S21 already?) Even if they don't win, I will predict a solo female will land in the Top 2. If it's a Kelly teen, she could win.(Kelly's teen girls usually win if they are frontrunners, Hailey got 4th because GNT was Kelly's TCO)


I see both coaches going in, idk just a feeling, especially if it's team quotas again.


Maybe Pop or a mix of Country-Pop. I still am not sure who they could push for Blake's frontrunner based on types of singers. 

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