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Who won the battle: S22 edition


Pick the winner  

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  1. 1. Sydney Kronmiller vs Eric Who

  2. 2. Zach Newbould vs Andrew Igbokidi

  3. 3. Alyssa Witrado vs Ian Harrison

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Battles seems to be one of the favourite rounds of this season, and there were a few that didn't that didn't have a clear consensus as to who won on here. I think I picked the right ones in that regard..








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1. Eric; Very close and Sydney deserved a steal. They should've been paired differently but they did fantastic with what they were given.

2. Zach; I was indifferent about this battle.

3. Alyssa; It was near equal and Alyssa won that for me just by a hair. Ian was very worthy of that steal.

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1. Very close, but Eric brought it home for me. Sydney deserved a steal, though, it sucks that they taped the battle once they were gone.


2. Didnt care for the battle due to the very strange song choice and arrangement, but Zach easily took it for me. 


3. Easily Alyssa 's best IMO, and I hope she eventually returns to that level, but my pick is Ian. The duality of his voice, starting with the lowkey beginning and exploding in the bridge did it for me.

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Interesting results.


Curious why people prefer Eric. I'm guessing Sydney is more of an acquired taste tone wise, Eric's sound is less polarizing?. Either way, both deserved to go through.


Zach winning by a Landslide so far I didn't see coming lol. I dont particularly care for the battle but I thought both did pretty good. I thought Andrew sounded beautiful at parts, I just think his runs were misplaced here, which is why I lean towards Zach.


Alyssa and Ian is very close. I preffered alyssa in the start and Ian in the bridge. At the end they were pretty even. Ian gets the edge for me just because I think a few of Alyssa's parts were the weakest of the battle.



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1. I think I slightly preferred Sydney but this is the closest battle of the three imo so it could have gone either way.


2. Zach, I never really cared for Andrew's voice and style.


3. Ian's belted part was shocking but overall his vocal was kinda inconsistent. I think Alyssa deserved to win this.

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