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Australian Survivor: Blood vs. Water


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I really enjoyed the first episode! I plan on binging all the other seasons when I have time now that they’re on Paramount+. Queen Sandra delivered, and I’m so glad Nina is a chip off the old block. She ran that first vote like no other and while I have no fantasies about Sandra winning the season, I’d love to see Nina pull it off. Andy annoyed me so I’m glad Nina flipped the vote against him.


However I must admit Chrissy was the star of the episode! So incredibly endearing with just how out of her comfort zone she is lmao. I’m so glad she got the idol before the other two girls. I fear she’ll be an early boot, but I hope she has a deep run in her.

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32 minutes ago, NGM said:

who allowed this damn show to air episodes every day of the damn week?

Lol yeah hour and a half episodes three times a week is too much :dead:. That's why I stopped watching in the first place. It's an easy watch at least so I can play the episodes while I'm working.


20 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

If anyone could let me know how I can watch the episodes, I'll greatly appreciate it. 🙏

I'll pm you

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"Adios mate"


Lol I really liked Sophie, but it was wonderful to see Sandra work her magic and take control of a vote again. I'm glad Sophie's still alive though and I'm ready for Sophie's Revenge.


I feel like Mark or Sam is gonna win right now. They're fine I guess, but hopefully the editors are just tricking us.

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This is an fantastic season so far. I love how so much is put in to the editing where you genuinely don’t know who will be voted out.


Queen Sandra running her tribe is amazing to watch. We haven’t seen it in so long and I’ve missed it. Definitely my favourite player to ever play the game.


I think I’m a bit in love with Jordan. He’s pretty invisible and forgettable but I’m thirsty.


01. Sandra - Just an amazing social player and probably the best to ever grace any version of the show.

02. Chrissy - She doesn’t have a clue about Survivor, she got a hidden immunity idol, she played the idol, she secured herself within a strong alliance and yet they worship her. She’s playing an amazing game!

03. Nina - A strong black woman who isn’t being edited as confrontational or crazy. She’s just a genuinely level headed player who has learnt so much from watching her mother. She’s my pick to win!

04. Sam - I don’t think Sam has a big personality but she’s able to separate the game from her emotions and that makes her dangerous.

05. Jordan - Thirst ranking.

06. Amy - I appreciate she isn’t scared to make moves but she aligned herself with such weak players. I think she’s probably the next to go if her tribe loses but I like her.

07. Mark - I enjoy Mark mostly because he’s aligned with people that I like. I don’t think he’s done anything that stands out as a winner. I can see him getting picked off once the tribes are shuffled.

08. Shay - I just like her. She reminds me of the Darrah types that we used to see years ago.

09. Michelle - Sandra’s sheep.

10. Khanh - I appreciate the game he’s playing. He’s doing really well so far. I just find he got shoved down our throats a lot during the first few episodes.

11. Jordie - He’s decent.

12. David - Doesn’t have a clue how to play the game but his meltdown and grovelling were great to watch.

13. Sophie - Would’ve been higher had she not been over emotional and cocky.

14. Jesse - He’s done nothing really. He’s Sam’s sheep.

15. Ben - He’s done nothing.
16. Josh - He’s barely been shown but I enjoy it when he wrestles his cousin. 
17. Croc - He isn’t that great physically or socially. 
18. KJ - No thank you. She’s void of any personality. 
19. Melissa - Who is this please?

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I caught up on this week's episodes today. Oof what a bad week of eliminations. Of course Day 16 continues to be f*cking evil and Sandra deserved better. Sophie & Amy were great as well and they will be missed. I'm really disappointed in the lack of content for the twins. Australian Survivor has never been known for their diverse castings and screwing over these Asian girls they cast for a reason is NAGL.


1. Chrissy - Obvious number one. They literally just threw a soccer mom into the middle of Survivor without letting her know anything about the show ❤️. Iconic :wub:

2. Nina - I see so much of her mother in her and I hope she can make a deep run with her mom off her back. I'm very worried about this injury in the previews.

3. Croc - Croc's popcorn muscles flopping at literally every single challenge :wub:. Of course I have to root for Chrissy's closest ally.

4. KJ - I actually think she is kind of interesting, though maybe only situationally because of the Sophie situation. I found her to be really compelling but I wonder if she can deliver in a post-Sophie world.

5. Khanh - He's a bit much for me at times, but overall I do still like him. This week will be make or break for him with Amy gone.

6. Michelle - She seems sweet and she was a loyal Sandra minion and that's good enough for me!

7. Mel - :dead: @ her still having zero confessionals but always being the alternate boot option.

8. Jordan - Like Zoey, I'm thirsting for him.

9. Sam - I don't really like her, but she is giving us content and drama & intrigue so I'll tolerate it.

10. David - His big blowup the episode Kate went home was iconic, but he's just been floating along ever since.

11. Mark - Such a gamebot. He's gotten way too much content for how irrelevant he's been, I think he's winning.

12. Ben - I thought he was gonna be a Sandra minion at first, but instead he's just a random challenge beast. I'm glad he's a proud member of #TeamSpeedo though as more US Survivor men need to be!

13. Shay - Literally beyond irrelevant since the Briana boot besides ruining Amy's plan.

14. Jesse - I like him with Sam, but I don't need him meeting up with J*rdie.

15. Josh - So boring this past episode, now I get why he had literally zero screentime before then.

16. Jordie - I was fine with him until this week where he was awful. That cringe Joker confessional, wanting to keep the tribe "guy strong", taking out Sandra for literally no reason except to make the season boring 🤮

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I cannot believe this is the season I tune back into Australian Survivor for :dead:. The guy's alliance sucks and the girls suck for doing nothing to overthrow it. Team Michelle & Chrissy only! I guess kinda Sam too since I don't blame her for sticking with the guys. And Jordan is still mute and hot so whatevs. Down with everyone else!

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I had to stop watching this, the merge was too bad. I've been following all via wikipedia, it sounds even worse. Three people in a row getting voted off and coming back? Why prolong this shitshow of a merge?! Seeing Sam's gone sucks, she was the last one I was remotely invested in so I definitely don't see myself catching up now. Jordie specifically is just an instant show killer, so annoying.

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