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Best Ariana Grande Cover


Best Ariana Grande Cover  

33 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Gymani - pov
    • Ryleigh Modig vs Jean Garcia - pov
    • Rizzi Myers - breathin
    • David Vogel - breathin
    • SandyRedd - dangerous woman
    • Ali caldwell - dangerous woman
    • Chris Weaver vs Kathrina Feigh - dangerous woman
    • Sammie zonana - dangerous woman
    • Kyla Jade vs Jesslee - one last time
    • Dana Monique vs Devan Blake Jones - stuck with you
    • Bryana Salaz - problem
    • Injoy Fountain - 7 rings
    • KCK3 - no tears left to cry
    • Koryn Hawthorne vs Vance Smith- love me harder

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She's only been a coach for one season but her songs have been covered quite a bit (a lot of stellar performances too) so I thought I would do her next. 


As usual. If your favourite is not on the poll, don't vote and I'll count that contestants votes.



POV covers




Gean Garcia vs Ryleigh Modig



Breathin covers


Rizzi myers


David Vogel 



Dangerous woman covers




Ali caldwell


Chris weaver vs kathrina feigh


Sammie Zanona



Rest of the Ariana covers on poll


Kyla jade vs Jesslee - one last time



Injoy Fountain- 7 rings



Dana Monique vs Devan Blake Jones - stuck with you



Bryana salaz - problem



KCK3 - no tears left to cry


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This might be even harder than picking the best Kelly Clarkson cover. 


My top 4 in no particular order yet


Gean Garcia vs Ryleigh Modig

Was the best battle of that season imo, and both contestants best vocals on the show. Both singers have such unique, pretty tones.



Love the melody changes she made with the song, and the additional raspy power she added to it.



This cover gets me amped up everytime, you know she's giving 110% in stage presence and vocals and it's intensely fun to watch/listen to.


Rizzi Myers

She made this song so much more powerful imo. One of the best female pop vocals this show has had.

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Surprised there are votes for Bryana Salaz and Kyla Jades battle. Didn't know it was liked that much.


I always thought Kyla was not on the tempo during the battle even though she sounded great, and her battle partner was not close to the same level as her. 


And problem was a bit messy.


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