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Who had the best Idol Coronation song?

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Honestly we hsve had many years of Idol Coronation songs. The highest selling of all time will always be home. Home by Phillip Phillips went 5 times platinum which is insane. It was a pure magic. I also loved David Cooks Time of your Life which went platinum. Kelly Clarkson Moment Like This was cheesy but classic. I will say Chayces 23 is so good and catchy. Its probably my favorite single since Phillip. What were the best Idol cornation songs for u?

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23 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Since you've not specified region.

They weren't even subtle about wanting Melissa to beat Rex with some of these lyrics. :dead:


But tea.

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13 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Personally it’s a tie between A Moment Like This and I Believe. Those two songs describe the Idol journey to victory the best imo. :wub:

Then you had S9 & S10 where the coronation covers had nothing to do with winning. :dead:

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