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  1. Arthur Gunn was supposed to sing with Sheryl Crow but didn't show up. I think the whole twist which everyone hated plus his ouster at the top 5. He probably was embarrassed and honestly I hope idol never does that kind of twist again.
  2. Honestly we hsve had many years of Idol Coronation songs. The highest selling of all time will always be home. Home by Phillip Phillips went 5 times platinum which is insane. It was a pure magic. I also loved David Cooks Time of your Life which went platinum. Kelly Clarkson Moment Like This was cheesy but classic. I will say Chayces 23 is so good and catchy. Its probably my favorite single since Phillip. What were the best Idol cornation songs for u?
  3. There have been alot of seasons but still my favorite finale was Season 7 aka the David-David duel. I was on the edge of my seat as they were both amazing and didn't know who would win. Season 7 of Idol IMO was greatness. What was the most exciting finale?
  4. Honestly after four years of Lionel-Katy-Luke its time for a new judging panel. I find them to be totally worthless in critiquing contestants. No I am not saying bring back the harsh Simon days which I loved but something more on level of Keith-JLO and Harry. The contestants need criticism to help them grow each week. Plus why is every performance a standing ovation. In the old days a standing ovation was reserved for a moment. I think Paula Abdul returning as the lead judge would be fantastic with two new judges. Katy Perry is the only one I would keep but she's expensive. Lionel loves everyone and Luke is flat to me. For season 20 do u think they should keep same judges or change it up?
  5. Honestly would love to Randy-Paula-Adam Lambert judging Idol. Paula was a pure joy. If they keep anyone from the current panel I would say Katy Perry but ditch the other two. Lionel bores the hell out of me as he loves everything. Lionel is more a mentor then a judge. Luke to me is just eh..I want real criticism.
  6. I watched Casey's performance last night and it was good. Nothing will ever compare to Haley Reinhart version of Housing of Rising Sun. Haley performance of that was one of the best of all time. So would u vote Casey or Haley?
  7. She had a terrible performance last night. She deserved to go home. It was based on the save song only. She totally botched it.
  8. Omg last night I felt like I was taken back in a time warp and the nostalgia was so good. Paula's return brought back so many memories. She was loopy, adorable, sweet but managed to get a critique in that I am missing from the current judges. Loved her critique to Alyssa about choosing Whitney Houston. I loved her reunion with Randy and calling Simon an STD. Omg Paula was bringing me back in the best ways. Anyone else loved her?
  9. Jennifer Lopez was an IDOL judge for five seasons and I loved what she brought to the show. She knew great talent and brought great criticism. Katy Perry is now in fourth season of judging and while she is fun I feel she would sometimes her critiques could be a little more constructive. Since World of Dance is cancelled do u think ABC should bring back Jennifer Lopez?
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