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  1. I mean ... he’s “invites” A Sheryl Crow to his show? Like ... who does he think he is?
  2. Best, like untouchable was “Home” by PP.
  3. Phillp and Lee DeWyze. They have beautiful music post the show
  4. I always enjoy Katy’s duet on finale Her with Catie Turner, Jeremiah and now Hunter
  5. Gabby Baret “moment” on Idol was her “I Have Nothing” and Just Sam does “I Believe”
  6. She can wins IF the producer pick a pop cheesy dance song for Chayce and Willie. Remember when they give Syesha a penguin song and Clark a rock U2 song? Lol but laat year we don’t expect Sam to win against the likes of Arthur, Dilon and even Francisco. I hope Grace wins.
  7. Im sure IDF will always be #TeamWaffle but deep down we all know its hard to view Grace winning over Chayce
  8. What does it has to do with my previous comment about Matt Giraud?
  9. I mean... cute non threatening country WGWG was there....its Chayces game. if Grace can play some instrument i think she can sneak to top 2 or wins i think, its Chayce Grace Willie
  10. the tact that Just Sam (poc girls) won againts 4 WGWG still give me hope Casey can wins.
  11. I will say Grace or Willie...they need an upset elimination before the finale
  12. Well... Matr Giraud was there as the BIGGEST idol loser. He was eliminated 3 times in one single season. SEMIFINAL TOP 7 TOP 5
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