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On 2/25/2022 at 3:17 PM, rdhaley96 said:

The models who "made it" in the semifinals actually were legit aspiring models and not paid actors. 



(in case anyone wants to watch)

Wowowow that is terrible. Potentially the worst thing ANTM has ever done? Faking out the other girls is shitty, but like regular ANTM shitty. Faking out these girls is beyond cruel.

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Cycle 16 - Episode 2 - Alek Wek


Molly can't believe Nigel called her sexy.


Molly talks about being adopted and doing this for her family.


Ondrei talks about losing two of her brothers, one of them in a car crash and one of them murdered :(.


Ondrei doesn't want to waste this opportunity since her brothers don't have any opportunity.


Tyra is here with her nutritionist to teach the girls how to eat healthy.


The girls have to guess which food is healthier while blindfolded for some reason.


Monique & Jaclyn discover raw chicken in the fridge.


It was Alexandria's chicken and I'm sure she's gonna handle it well :yes:


Dalya explains it should be put in a freezer bag and be frozen right away if it's not gonna be eaten.


"I know about chicken! I cook!"


"How you talk to me is annoying! :rolleyes:"


"I'm scared to get in a confrontation with Alexandria because I know she can whoop my butt 👁️👄👁️"


"Dalya I feel kinda bad for you because it's not gonna be too pleasant for you on my side at least :kissbye:"


For today's lesson, the girls are gonna confront their ~inner critic~


"I have an inner critic I guess when I'm PMSing a lot because I feel like I'm fat but besides that I'm a confident person ^_^"


Alexandria nodding when they're told modeling is about having the courage to get into conflict :dead:


The girls have to draw their inner critic :dead:


Molly talks about her inner conflict of understanding why she was put up for adoption but still being upset about it.




I'm sorry, but same


Ondrei opens up about her trauma at the challenge.


Nicole realizes she does deserve to be here and she can model thanks to this challenge...


Everyone wins and everyone gets a prize ^_^


Ondrei is feeling overwhelmed from today's events and deciding whether or not she wants to be here.


The girls show up to the photoshoot and find out they're posing with bees.


It's been a while, I thought Tyra might've been done with him :dead:


Jaclyn is understandably scared because she's allergic to bees.


Rune communicates with Jay through their finger :haha:


Hannah starts crying during her photoshoot.


"Hannah was a sobbing mess like crying her eyes out and I'm sitting there like 'You're pathetic' and it really irritated me :rolleyes:"


Alexandria makes sure to spy on Dalya at the photoshoot.


Jay calls Brittani a consummate professional (this'll be funny later I promise lol)


Ondrei starts to realize she may have put herself in a position she wasn't ready for emotionally by entering the competition.


"If I ever lost one of my sister's I'd be trying to win American's Next Top Model ^_^" Monique is UNHINGED


Ondrei tells the judges she can't give 100% of herself to the competition right now and asks to leave.


Shockingly the show is nice to Ondrei and doesn't shame her for quitting. Tyra reveals if Ondrei has the worst photo there will be no elimination but if she does not there will still be an elimination.


ALT is adding Brittani's photo to his salon.


Despite her tears, Hannah gets FCO.


Tyra reveals Ondrei's photo is not the worst so someone is going home.


Unfortunately the Tyra.com pick didn't work out for Tyra :giggle:


And then there were 11...

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Cast Ranking:


Whew, nice to have a great episode of ANTM to watch again after last cycle. Chicken drama. Pointless and petty, exactly the recipe I'm looking for from this show. The challenge was emotional and let us see another side to some of the girls. A really strong photoshoot, an understandable quit that the show didn't shame the quitter for, and a shocking(?) elimination of someone who adds nothing to the show. Great episode!


1. Monique - I think her confessional about Ondrei was approaching crossing the line territory, but I'm also here for having someone as dangerous as Monique on the show. She reminds me of the teenage girls from The White Lotus. Monique terrifies me and I think she can cut down most girls who have done ANTM with her words. I feel on edge watching here because I don't know what I'm gonna get. I love that!

2. Ondrei - Ondrei's story is heartbreaking and I can't imagine going through everything she's gone through, especially being so young. I'm proud of her for following her dreams, but also not pushing herself past her limit and realizing this isn't a healthy environment for her. I hope she's living her best life!

3. Dalya - I like Alexandria, but Dalya at her the f*ck up :wub:

4. Molly - Wow two episodes in and we've learned more about Molly than our last two runners-up combined.

5. Jaclyn - I'm sorry but I was CACKLING with Alexandria at Jaclyn yelling at her picture over her baby voice :dead:

6. Alexandria - Alexandria was very Karen at #chickengate and my problem with Alexandria always is that she's a bit too put on, but she's someone who's willing to stir the pot so I can forgive it at times.

7. Hannah - Not Hannah sobbing into a stunning picture :giggle:

8. Rune - Kinda UTR fun.

9. Mikaela - Who?

10. Brittani - Who?

11. Dominique - Who?

12. Kasia - Who?

13. Nicole - I'm shocked they went through with an elimination since they very easily could've just cancelled it. But Tyra saw Nicole had no value to add to the show and made the right call.


Photo Ranking:


This would be the ANTM shoot that destroyed me, I would be terrified :dead:. But from an artistic standpoint this is amazing. I love the simplicity, I love the jewelry, and the bees do help elevate the picture. Possibly my favorite Mike Rosenthal shoot?


1. Monique - Flawless. This is just a textbook example of a perfect picture, not a thing I would change about it.

2. Hannah - The tears are genius even if it was by accident. It adds so much drama to the photo. And she's giving me ten feet of neck, I'm obsessed.

3. Molly - Why the hell was this bottom three?! I love this picture! It's not a typical beauty shot, it's very edgy which fits for this cycle.

4. Brittani - Probably my favorite closeup of just the eyes, they're telling a whole story here. It's a really interesting and unique shot!

5. Dominique - Am I gonna keep letting Dominique ride the coattails of her freckles? Yup! She has a face that was made for beauty and this is a great job.

6. Ondrei - There's something really dark and mysterious about this picture. I love the angle of it and she kinda looks like a villain. Not a perfect picture, but I'm glad it wasn't chosen as the weakest.

7. Nicole - Her shoulder's very awkward, but I do like her face. She's giving me attitude and she's committing to it.

8. Mikaela - More power behind the eyes and it would be perfect.

9. Alexandria - More power behind the eyes and it would be perfect.

10. Rune - A little lazy, but they have a unique enough face that the picture intrigues me.

11. Jaclyn - I'm not crazy about this picture at all. I think the placement of her hands is very awkward and her face just isn't dramatic enough for the pose she's going for. I really appreciate the risks she's taking here, but the execution is off.

12. Kasia - Not good I'm afraid. The open mouth doesn't work, the eyes are dead, it just doesn't work.

13. Dalya - It's a miracle she didn't get eliminated for this.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 2)

Cycle 16 - Episode 3 - Lori Goldstein


The girls come home from panel and find their makeovers are listed on a bedsheet or something


Rune hope they're getting long extensions, but fears they're getting short hair.


Molly is pissed over having been in the bottom three at the last panel.


"Short dutch boy" now that's just rude :dead:


Miss J tricks Jaclyn that they're cutting all her hair off :giggle:


"I got my way 🙂 I always get what I want 🙂"


Alexandria complains to the salon that they're messing her hair up :dead:


"I need it done my way, my way's the right way :kissbye:. I don't feel confident and if you're screwing with my confidence, you're screwing with me"


Dominique was excited about her makeover until she saw it lmao


"I'm realizing it's starting to look a little weird..."


Literally everyone in the salon is disgusted by what's been done to Molly :dead:


Jay tells Molly this is Tyra's vision and she has to respect the client :rolleyes:


Molly is not happy on the way home from makeovers.


"My hair is disgusting! My whole head hurts, my ass hurts I sat in a GODDAMNED CHAIR FOR SIX F*CKING HOURS!"


Alexandria yells at Molly that she should've stood up for herself like she did lol


Molly don't care what Alexandria has to say


Alexandria cackles over how Molly just sat there and let it happen :dead:


Dominique is starting to feel her hair and feels it's making her look even more unique.


Rune is still upset that they didn't get long hair (they kinda look like Marjorie here tbh)


The girls are excited they're doing couture at the photoshoot!


The hair & makeup team is trying to figure out what the hell to do with Molly :haha:


Alexandria freaks out in the chair that they're hurting her :haha:


And now she's freaking out because she has a pimple on her lip :giggle:




"Does it hurt? Let me see 🙂"

"NO :rolleyes:"



"I'm just like, you're such a bitch, don't be rude to me right when we're about to shoot together!"


Alexandria "gives advice" to Monique as she struggles at the photoshoot


"Hearing Jay's criticism really frustrates me sometimes, I know what I'm doing :rolleyes:"


Brittani cries after struggling at the photoshoot.


Dalya, Jaclyn, and Dominique get screwed by having to do a trio shoot.


Girl, don't say that!


"I don't have anything to be inspired by? I'm inspired by lots of stuff 😭"


The mere existence of Alexandria continues to terrify the house.


"They feel intimidated by me? Amen, it's a competition. Be scared. I can be scary"


Molly shows Tyra her weave malfunction and Tyra tells her they'll do something about it (you've done enough Tyra :kissbye:)




Alexandria gets FCO to everyone's fury :wub:


Kinda wish we got to see more from Dominique tbh.


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


The stars of the cycle were firing on all cylinders on this episode. A few strong personalities can go along way is what this cycle is showing me (and what last cycle was missing). Molly's Weave is actually number one in my ranking as my favorite side character in ANTM history.


1. Molly - I still can't believe what Tyra did to her, she's an awful woman :dead:. I love that Molly didn't even pretend for a second that something good was being done to her. She just immediately went to "lol f*ck this" :wub:

2. Alexandria - This Alexandria feels more natural than the one last episode. She's best as a control freak Karen because I think that's who she truly is. With the drama with the other girls, Alexandria does give us some good soundbites though. Her final confessional going into panel was chilling. So she knows what she's doing and I don't hate it right now.

3. Monique - I think Monique is one of the most underrated characters in ANTM history. The Natalie Pack prototype has finally reached its final update and it's brilliant.

4. Jaclyn - She manages to make Alexandrelousy c00t.

5. Dominique - There was a lot of potential there as a character and a model and I'll miss her.

6. Dalya - I like her UTR bffmance with Molly.

7. Rune - At first I put them last because I was annoyed with all their bitching about their hair. Rune was never gonna get a long weave let's be real here :dead:. Buuuuuuuuut there's something intersting there to examine about their hair troubles considering their gender journey. Obviously a lot of doubt with how they want to look and betrayed so I can give them the benefit of the doubt here.

8. Kasia - Who?

9. Hannah - Who?

10. Mikaela - Who?

11. Brittani - And so the Alexandria bitching begins.


Photo Ranking:


Love this shoot. Not all the #lewks worked, but they were daring and risky. Wonderland is such a fun concept that I think is hard to mess up because it allows you to go completely over-the-top. I usually like the ANTM couture shoots.


1. Alexandria - The body language, the face. Everything about Alexandria in this picture is flawless. 100% upstages Monique here.

2. Hannah - I love the pose and how much neck she's giving me. The challenge was to stand out and she definitely beats Brittani here.

3. Jaclyn - Probably my favorite closeup of the bunch, I love how Jaclyn's eyes are looking out into space. She's selling that dress well.

4. Dalya - I don't like the glare over her face or the hand placement, but it's still easily Dalya's strongest picture.

5. Brittani - A little too laidback, but still good.

6. Monique - Alexandria is definitely elevating Monique here. Monique just needed to add a lot more drama.

7. Molly - Good, but she and Kasia aren't interacting at all so she just looks kinda awkward.

8. Kasia - Another weak picture from Kasia, she also looks awkward here.

9. Dominique - I think she got screwed with that dress and being stuck in a trio shot. She's not selling it well at all, but luckily I managed to like this more than another picture.

10. Rune - Everything about this picture is terrible.

11. Mikaela - Everything about this picture is terrible. I haaaaate her dress a lot and the closed eyes don't work here at all.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 3)

Cycle 16 - Episode 4 - Francesco Carrozzini


Alexandria is obviously enjoying her picture on the wall.


"A top model doesn't act the way she does :angry:"


Kasia is upset Alexandria got top photo due to her unprofessionalism.


Some of the models discuss returning to school when the competition ends.


And Alexandria is *shocked*


"I don't know what you guys are gonna be doing but I'm gonna working some f*cking runways for IMG 🙂"


The girls have to walk on a flaming runway for today's challenge :dead:


"What the hell is the point of this? :rolleyes:"


"Umm I'm not sure quite how that's gonna work without us DYING :kissbye:"


Miss J tells them their hands will be on fire as well???? :dead:


Molly is getting her ugly ass weave removed before the show ❤️


Molly just staring at it in disbelief :dead:


The fire is lit and naturally the girls lose their shit


This may be dangerous as f*ck but it actually looks cool 👀


Miss J notes how Kasia brings her sex appeal to her mouth.


Alexandria, Dalya, and Brittani are chosen as the top three on the runway.


And Dalya is chosen as the big winner!


Rune, Hannah, and Kasia are told they have to walk home for doing the worst :dead:


Hannah is scared walking home in a "ghetto area" (cause I'm sure something bad'll happen with the ANTM camera crew right there :rolleyes:)


Kasia leads them in putting on their heels to practice on their way home.


They get their scrips for the commercial and Rune is uncomfortable with all the sexual innuendos.



Molly thirsts over their director at the commercial.


"I've never had a booty before ^_^" Jaclyn :wub:


Rune is embarrassed to have their femcore friends at home see this commercial.


Brittani starts crying at the commercial cause she's sucking


Alexandria felt the commercial brought her and Brittani closer together because Brittani could realize she is just there to help and it was a team effort ^_^


"I don't think we got a shot of us pouring coffee 🙂"


Alexandria decides to teach this acclaimed photographer how to direct :wub:


Mikaela's hand won't stop shaking at the commercial :dead:



Alexandria watching Rune bomb at the commercial :dead:


Nigel really enjoying these sexist ass commercials of course.


Tyra makes Jaclyn show off how she werqed her fake booty.


Brittani starts tearing up again while getting critiqued at panel.


Tyra tells Molly her weave is almost right :dead:


Kasia told she gave one of the best commercials in Top Model history...okay...



Jaclyn drops it like it's hot again to get her photo.


Rune has to know they're not sending Alexandria home over them :dead:


Tyra tells Alexandria that this is the last time she'll tell her to fix her attitude.


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


I'm enjoying this cycle a lot! They remembered it was an entertainment show before a modeling competition and gave them a sexist commercial and a runway show on fire. And the runway show ended up looking cool so I'm not mad :kissbye:. And a lot of strong personalities continue to shine, some for better and some for worse.


1. Alexandria - Alexandria darting around the entire set as she micromanaged every aspect of the commercial? I'm sorry, iconic. From comforting a sobbing Brittani to confronting to the gaffers to telling Francesco Carrozzini what shots he needs to get. A star!

2. Jaclyn - I feel like she's smarter than she lets on and she's playing the game a bit. But I can't lie, she's won me over. Her performance at panel was top-tier.

3. Molly - Molly vs. The Weave round two :wub:. Round three, here we come!

4. Rune - Y'know what, I'm not mad about Rune. They were uncomfortable with the contents of the commercial and I don't blame them. Doesn't Tyra always preach about following your morals and values and what not. Rune was never a model though so I'm definitely not mad about the elimination.

5. Monique - Another great episode for Monique, the fact that she's fifth speaks to the strength of the others.

6. Dalya - Loved seeing her werq the runway!

7. Kasia - Her eternal optimism is kinda annoying lol, but she's fine enough. I think it's kinda funny how she always brags about being a professional but she's now arguably the weakest of the top nine :haha:

8. Mikaela - Who?

9. Brittani - The nonstop tears, the continued Alexandria jealousy, the victim noises. Bye!

10. Hannah - Does Hannah have a personality? Like at all? Besides calling poor places ghetto I mean.


Commercial Ranking:


This commercial was awful and goes against everything Tyra Banks stands for lmao. I think it was supposed to be empowering but it was reductive.


1. Monique - Monique hit the sweet spot. The perfect amount of sex appeal without going overboard. And she looked hot as hell.

2. Kasia - A little too much lip modeling, but her line readings were strong.

3. Hannah - I think she whispered the last line way too quietly I couldn't even hear it, but overall good job.

4. Alexandria - Definitely overacted it, but I'll take more than less any day.

5. Molly - Average.

6. Jaclyn - The baby voice was lol, but I think she did the best she could given her limitations.

7. Dalya - Forgettable.

8. Mikaela - Meh, but looked better next to Rune of course.

9. Brittani - Awful.

10. Rune - Terrible.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 4)

I honestly cannot stand Britanni or Molly. They both treat Alexandria terribly and bullied her along with Monique. Jaclyn, Hannah and Kasia were all as bad for being bystanders to the entire thing. Although I remember Jaclyn’s mask falling off for a couple episodes.


I genuinely makes me dislike their photos because of how ugly they were on the inside.

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21 hours ago, Zoey said:

I honestly cannot stand Britanni or Molly. They both treat Alexandria terribly and bullied her along with Monique. Jaclyn, Hannah and Kasia were all as bad for being bystanders to the entire thing. Although I remember Jaclyn’s mask falling off for a couple episodes.


I genuinely makes me dislike their photos because of how ugly they were on the inside.

NTM on Molly 🙈. Tbh while I'm #TeamAlex and think the girls were A Lot towards her, she's also obviously a nuisance so I can't blame them. I think that's kinda what makes it fun, just terrible people being terrible all around (with a few exceptions which we'll get to ofc)


I try to separate the photos from the personality best I can (that's how a Br*nda photo managed to make my top ten of C14 :dead:)

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Cycle 16 - Episode 5 - Rachel Zoe


Dalya feels she has the potential to be a frontrunner in the competition (Hmm why is she getting an opening confessional? :giggle:)


Alexandria assures us she's a positive, artistic California girl and doesn't like that people are seeing her in a bad light.


Molly's weave is continuing to attempt to murder her.


Alexandria flips out when her towel is missing.


At the challenge Molly and Monique are thrilled to be on a team with Alexandria!


"If you're trying to write the whole thing do it :kissbye:"


Molly is having fun!


"Just...let me practice!"



Pictured: Monique trying not to murder Alexandria


I wish I got front row seats to Molly & Monique vs. Alexandria :broken:


"We don't really need to talk about the frustration problems right now, we need to focus on the commercial"


"But I'm the talent 🙂"


Monique proposes a three-way kiss to ease the tension :dead:


They literally showed nothing of this group preparing because the show was too focused on Alexandria, Molly, and Monique of course :dead:


For some reason team two thought not giving Dalya a script was the way to go :giggle:


It's Alexandria's turn and she gets frustrated of course.


Team 1 wins the challenge.


Monique is frustrated because she was highlighted as the strongest of the day.


"Just send the girl with the bad attitude home I don't care how strong her pictures are :rolleyes:"


Alexandria opens up about how she had to grow up fast to protect her siblings when her parents split up due to abuse :(


Alexandia feels like she's only trying to help as she's been trying to do all her life


Meanwhile Monique proposes looking at Alexandria's diary to see how she feels about them :dead:




They realize Alexandria hasn't been talking bad about her at all oop


The girls find out they're posing with this angel at the photoshoot ❤️


Alexandria is in heaven and obsessed with the cats!


Monique is not because she hates cats 😮


Dalya cries after she struggled at the photoshoot


"'It's the little jaguar's bedtime now' and I'm like okay perfect :rolleyes:"


"I was second to last like I always am and the jaguar was super cranky so yeah I keep getting f*cked :rolleyes:"


Alexandria's boob popping out at the shoot :giggle:


Molly tries to fight her hair before panel.


Dalya thought she was giving a powerful picture lol


Molly is in the bottom two pretty much for struggling with her awful weave


Dalya is upset she didn't get to show all she has to give.


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


Loved this episode! I'd like to thank the ANTM gods for getting Alexandria, Monique, and Molly into the same group for the challenge. I mean come on, that's television gold. Great challenge, some house drama, Alexandria backstory, a good photoshoot. A recipe for a great episode!


1. Alexandria - Yes girl, you are the talent! Alexandria's not as much of a try hard as I initially remembered. I think half the time the drama is by accident and she's really not meaning to be so abrasive, which is obviously hilarious. Her backstory is really sad, but helps me to understand her a lot more and has solidifed myself as a stan.

2. Monique - I almost dropped her for the diary incident which was not right at all, but she's genuinely hitting C9 Bianca so bad she's amazing. Monique is hysterical and probably Alexandria's best enemy. But like I said, reading her diary was a huge invasion of her privacy and not cool at all. I might've toyed with giving her number one if not.

3. Molly - I'm surprised Molly was so successful in the competition considering how she's openly criticized every aspect of it thus far ❤️. That weave from hell is terrible and Molly is not afraid to let the whole world know what this show did to her :wub:. Also an important member of everyone's favorite group at the challenge.

4. Dalya - She is so talented and has so much potential, it's a shame she couldn't work it out in her photos. I enjoyed her!

5. Jaclyn - Probably her most lowkey episode yet, but fine.

6. Kasia - This could've been a real easy week to send her home lmao.

7. Brittani - You may wonder why I have Monique & Molly so high and Brittani so low when they're all sipping the Alexandria haterade. The other girl are f*cking hilarious and have loads of personality. Brittani hasn't gotten past "Alexandria unprofessional :angry:" and "Alexandria mean :angry:". Get new material!

8. Hannah - Who?

9. Mikaela - Since Brittani and Hannah already had a last place I figured it was Mikaela's turn.


Photo Ranking:


I will never complain about a photoshoot where you get to pose with adorable baby jaguars ❤️


1. Hannah - I do not remember Hannah's portfolio being this amazing. She looks so protective of her baby jaguar, she's giving me neck, the hands are placed perfectly. Amazing.

2. Alexandria - Powerful! The jaguar did that at the perfect time and Alexandria matched its energy.

3. Monique - There's something dark and mysterious about this shot that I find interesting. And obviously the jaguar is elevating it.

4. Brittani - I like the rich bitch vibes, I think she could've brought a tad more drama to the shot though.

5. Molly - I've always found this shot to be underrated. I think it's kinda interesting, it's like she's seeing the jaguar for the very first time. It's not the most modelesque shot in the world unfortunately though.

6. Mikaela - I don't think this is the best angle of Mikaela's face. She has such a unique look and I don't think this shot is doing her justice.

7. Dalya - Go girl, give us nothing!

8. Jaclyn - I love the risk but hate the picture. The pose is giving me nothing and I have no interest in looking up Jaclyn's nose. I want to love this shot because of how out there is it, but unfortunately I cannot.

9. Kasia - She looks like she broke into the zoo and got caught trying to steal the baby jaguar lmao. This is not editorial, it's mess.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 5)

Cycle 16 - Episode 6 - Sonia Dara


The girls come home and Tyra's standing right there.


Molly immediately starts crying over her weave and because she's hungry lol


After going through their archetypes, Tyra teaches the girls how to do autographs. Because you know Mikaela must be swarming fans away to this day :dead:


Alexandria worries about opening herself up to the fans having suffered every kind of abuse in her life so far.


Molly's head is finally free!


Monique is annoyed she hasn't gotten FCO yet and hopes this is her time ^_^


Today's challenge is about meeting the fans lol


Monique is over it already ❤️


"OOH WHAT A GREAT QUESTION 😮" Lol Alexandria is so fake ❤️


"We're meeting these people and I'm just like can you go now because I don't want to talk to you anymore :rolleyes:"


This creep asks Monique for a kiss and she sends him Alexandria's way :haha:


And Alexandria lets him know her ultimate fighter boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it :haha:


They negotiate down to a kiss on the cheek.



"What happens when someone else tells that person that I would do that :/" *glares at Monique*



Kasia wins the challenge and shares her reward with Jaclyn & Brittani.


The losers have to clean up the fan mess :haha:






Me cleaning


"I hope they have a really shitty time at dinner and I hope they get food poisoning. I'm being serious right now :kissbye:"


"Kasia great win, you got to go to dinner with a bunch of boring people. I'm sure Miss J is gonna have an amazing time :rolleyes:"


"OBVIOUSLY I'm having a shitty version of an emotional breakdown for some reason and I don't f*cking know why!"


For the photoshoot it's blondes vs. brunettes.


Of course Jay flips out on Alexandria for daring to not do exactly as he told.


Brittani pretty much calls Alexandria a disrespectful troll.


The photographer gets inspired by Brittani and starts taking individual shots of her while the other girls just awkwardly sit there :haha:


Mikaela looking distressed as Tyra praises Alexandria's photo is the most personality I've seen from her.


Monique has the C9 Ebony face down.


Monique has rolled her eyes at least three times in the ten seconds right after getting eliminated :dead:


Brittani losing it over Monique's elimination...the most I've related to her.


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


While I've been high on the cycle it's mainly because my top three having been carrying it...and I'm okay with that.


1. Monique - I always liked Monique, but this rewatch definitely solidified my fandom of her. If she was from a classic season, she'd be remembered as a legend.

2. Alexandria - Another enemy down, my queen always win :wub:. She's also someone this rewatch has helped a lot. I've always sympathized with Alexandria, but I used to find her a bit fake. Not as much anymore. I think this is kinda naturally Alexandria which is fascinating.

3. Molly - The weave may be out of her head, but she's still a shady bitch ❤️.

4. Kasia - C00t!

5. Jaclyn - C00t!

6. Mikaela - Who?

7. Hannah - Who?

8. Brittani - It's coming...


Photo Ranking:


I love this shoot and I loved that they *magically* had an even number of blondes and brunettes to pull it off. Really interesting shot composition and the results gave us two very strong photos.


1. Brittani - Whew, that closeup! Brittani looks like a mastermind, controlling the other girls in her harem. It's relaxed pose, but she still exhibits a lot of strength. Easily my favorite from her yet.

2. Mikaela - I might be blind, I have no idea why the judges were so low on this photo. Mikaela's bone structure is the star of the photo. And I don't think her eyes are dead at all, just not *strong* like Brittani's. I still love this.

3. Jaclyn - I don't love her arms, but everything else about her works.

4. Hannah - Relying on pretty? A bit. But her face just draws you in, she doesn't know how to take a bad photo.

5. Molly - Hate the eyes, love everything else.

6. Monique - She's giving me neck and she looks as gorgeous as always. Just needs a bit more tension in the face.

7. Kasia - I don't like her body positioning at all, but this is finally the softest her mouth has looked.

8. Alexandria - Easily the worst of the bunch. She just looks so awkward and uncomfortable and not in an editorial way. This shot is just a mess from her.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 6)
22 hours ago, jarmon said:

I still feel Monique was robbed. She didn’t deserve to go home after THAT photo. When Alexandria and Kasia are right there :dead:

Lol well I'm glad we didn't lose Alex, but agreed about Kasia. Her portfolio has been shockingly bad so far.

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Cycle 16 - Episode 7 - Eric Daman


Brittani was excited to get FCO, but for some reason she's letting the fact that Alexandria wasn't in the bottom two ruin her mood.


Mikaela was pissed she was in the bottom two because she feels she's better than what's been shown.


Alexandria tries to not let it affect her that everyone wants her to go home.


The girls find out they're doing a photoshoot challenge to fight breast cancer ^_^


"I'm beating the crap out of breast cancer ^_^"


Brittani says she doesn't think for the photoshoot and cries when Nigel scolds her telling her she needs to have an emotion in mind.


Mikaela opens up about the losses she's experienced from breast cancer ❤️.


Brittani talks shit as Alexandria slays her photoshoot.


"I don't like being called unmemorable because I am memorable!" Says Hannah on her fifth(?) confessional of the cycle.


Alexandria wins the challenge and gets to be in a PSA for breast cancer awareness!


"Wow :rolleyes:" -Brittani



Oh yeah she also wins a brand new car lol




Lol pwnt


"I don't have a car 😭"


"You picked the ugliest f*cking person here as far as their soul and they're embodying something that means so much and she's so f*cking fake! It's wrong!"


"I can hear you :/"






"You're not nice. That's not nice. The way you're talking to me isn't nice"


Brittani talks shit about her and calls her out but doesn't care what she has to say.


"I just don't get it...I don't get what I've done"


I wonder if they ever feel embarrassed about doing these skits?


Brittani kinda ate (lol) on set ngl...


Hannah boringly explains how she wants to be memorable.


"I love bags ^_^ Bags and bags and bags ^_^"


Not Jaclyn doing the crazy shoot a little too well :giggle:


"We all look better than that and therefore she is going home :/"


"If she doesn't go home this week...I better not flip out at panel"


Tyra asks Mikaela if she understood the assignment...queen of being ahead of her time!


Nigel brings up the "extraordinary performance" between Alexandria & Brittani at the challenge.


"We all kind of think that as far as a role model goes, you really chose the wrong spokesperson because we see the ~true~ Alexandria"


I can't even imagine how humiliating this must've been for Alexandria...


"Instead, I have a different opinion about you 🙂" Nigel ended Brittani ❤️




"Yes you did..."


"I feel horrible that I made myself look like a bad person because how I feel 😭" No girl it's not because of how you fool, it's because you threw a temper tantrum that someone you don't like won a car 🙂


"I'm so mad at myself for letting her do this to me" I can't believe she still has the audacity to continue to blame Alexandria for her acting like boo boo the fool.


Idk if Tyra had this little respect monologue planned or if it came off the cusp but she did That.


Don't come back 🙂


ALT tells Alexandria to just buck up and put a smile on her face ^_^




"I...had a...panic attack...can't really...talk *hiccup*"


Lmao @ this mess popping up after all that :dead:


"How do you all feel about Brittani as a person? 🙂"


"You all want me to go home, but I'm still here, I still very much want this 💅"


"I could've stopped talking to all you a long time ago :rolleyes:"


"Everyone's put on this facade and been okay with me when you should've just been honest 🙂"


Brittani storms out again because she can't handle Alexandria calling her out on her hypocrisy


Tyra gets outvoted and reminisces on when she got outvoted when Toccara got sent home :broken:


Nigel admits Tyra was right and Toccara should've stayed :kissbye:


Tyra lets Alexandria know she handled herself very well this week ❤️


"Brittani I have a serious issue with how these judges voted, I don't know what you can do to prove you deserve to be here :kissbye:"


"I still wish you were here, I really really do 🙂"


And then there were 6...

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Cast Ranking:


A legendary episode obviously. I brought this up in C14, but there's something very appealing about feeling like the show is on your side for a change. Idk how much Tyra was faking for drama, but I love how angry she was with Brittani because she was pretty much speaking exactly what I was feeling all episode. A very frustrating episode and how Brittani managed to win this cycle after all this mess is beyond me (actually no she's not she's a "high-fashion" white girl who can get away with this temper tantrum god forbid a POC did all that). But an iconic episode still and one of the episodes I think of when I think of ANTM.


1. Alexandria - This episode solidified Alexandria as a favorite of mine. How she managed to maintain her dignity throughout all that is beyond me. Whatever sins Alexandria has committed up to this point have been redeemed. Unless Alex was some secret bigot, no one deserved the level of vitriol that Alex received for a winning a challenge about fighting breast cancer.

2. Kasia - Fine I guess? She sat there and zipped her lips so good for her.

3. Hannah - Hannah pretending to have a personality was kinda funny I guess.

4. Jaclyn - Slayed the photoshoot.

5. Molly - She needs to get mad at the show and her weave again and stay away from Brittani and her core of hatred.

6. Mikaela - Nothing will be missed.

7. Brittani - Just one of the worst episodes from any girl in Top Model history. Brittani was such an ass. To blame Alexandria for calling her out for talking shit about her winning a challenge to bring awareness to breast cancer is psychotic. Brittani was delusional, hypocritical, bitchy, rude, spoiled, vindictive, and flat-out evil.


Photo Ranking:


Idk how high-fashion this was for a "high-fashion" cycle, but we got two of my favorite photos of the cycle out of this shoot so I'll let it slide.


1. Jaclyn - I never expected this out of Jaclyn in a million years. The perfect mix of crazy and fashionable. She hit the mark and this shot is flawless.

2. Molly - I almost gave this FCO, but I had to stick with Jaclyn. This is still brilliant. The way she's biting on her ring is genius, and there's so much power behind the eyes despite how they're being hidden. Finally Molly is back!

3. Hannah - I hate her hands here, but otherwise it's a good shot.

4. Alexandria - Gorgeous and extremely fashionable. This could be in any magazine. But not crazy in the slightest.

5. Mikaela - Bland and forgettable.

6. Brittani - Lmao I know she has better shots than this, but I appreciate Tyra's effort to rig her out.

7. Kasia - Nothing about this is fashion. Why is she still here? This is just ugly.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 7)
20 hours ago, Zoey said:

Brittani. 🤢 Probably the most vile girl to ever be on the show. She’s a bully and a martyr. 

I try not to throw around bully too much on these reality shows, but I still very much agree with this.


18 hours ago, Gonzalo said:

Hannah has a personality a very Crazy personality 😂, you can see that personality in Oliver twixt interview 😬

Oh lol now I'm interested :giggle:

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Cycle 16 - Episode 8 - Lana Marks


Brittani cries over being seen as a terrible person by Tyra.


Brittani apologizes to Alexandria and the two hug it out.


Alexandria doesn't trust the girls, but she forgives them.


Molly's still not buying Alexandria's fake nice act.


Tyra appears out of nowhere to teach the girls how to make a portfolio (lol @ Tyra only giving Kasia four photos, she knows her portfolio's shit ❤️)


The girls find out they're going to Morocco!


"I'm so excited, I really really can't wait to go to Morocco ^_^"


But then they find out they're going go-sees and only five are going lol.


And away we go!


Alexandria is excited because she's the only girl who knows her way around LA.


"How do you work this thing :wacko:"


Molly realizes she's last in line at the first go-see :giggle:




"I really wanted to shove the dude out of my car and be like 'Can I please drive you're not agressive enough :kissbye:'"


"I know I'm the girl next door but I've got some va-va-voom inside of me ^_^"


"We need to go that way...no we need to go this way!"


Brittani trying to kill herself and her driver with her directions lol.


Alexandria debates whether or not she should go for one more go-see with 15 mins left or not.


And it's a good thing she didn't because she made it back on time with just 30 seconds to spare (is the first time ever everyone made it back on time???)


Alexandria, Molly, and Kasia finish in the top three and get to go on a bonus go-see!


"I feel like I just signed my ticket home :/"


The winner gets a clutch worn by Angelina Jolie at the Oscars.


"I f*cking love Angelina Jolie, I want that clutch, I want to win this, I haven't won a F*CKING CHALLENGE YET!"


But it's Alexandria who won the challenge!


The girls are posing in a landfill and a seagull pooped on Mr Jay :wub:


"This is unsanitary :rolleyes:"


Alexandria finds out she booked all four go-sees she made it to!


Tyra makes sure apologizing is the first thing Brittani does at this panel :giggle:


Lana says Hannah looks like she's gonna break out into tears every three seconds :haha:


Alexandria dominating the episode in a no. 1 shirt :wub:


Molly barely survives elimination!


"If anyone's looking for a tall brunette with a loud squeaky fun voice and a big personality then that's your girl right here ^_^"


And then there were 5...

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Cast Ranking:


I was kinda worried about the quality of the cycle being maintained after hitting our climax last episode, but this was still a great follow-up! Go-sees were very fun this time around which carried the episode. And while I admittedly don't watch this show for the modeling exactly, photoshoots like this can make the show feel real.


1. Molly - Getting a B2 appearance for being so damn unlikable :wub:. Molly was godly at the go-sees, especially in her rivalry with the driver. And the way she keeps losing challenges :wub: :wub:

2. Alexandria - Alexandria proving the haters wrong that she didn't last this long just for the drama :wub:. Alexandria dominated this episode and after all the bullshit she went through last episode, I'm so glad she got to have this moment.

3. Jaclyn - I remember being shocked she got eliminated when this aired. Jaclyn deserved to be in Morocco! She brought a lot of joy to the episode and you can't help but root for her.

4. Brittani - While I still dislike her, there's something interesting about watching her hang on for dear life. She's nearly drowning, but she continues to persevere. The story's starting to feel a bit more rehearsed now, but pulling off that photo after everything she did is spectacular.

5. Hannah - I agree with Lana, Hannah is on the verge of a complete breakdown and I'd like to see it.

6. Kasia - I've been quite generous with Kasia in my rankings despite the fact that she's just as boring as the other bores so it's her turn to get last place.


Photo Ranking:


I already praised it, but this is an amazing photoshoot. Some of Nigel's best shots ever, the backdrop was gorgeous, the lighting was flawless, the garments were mostly amazing. Everything worked!


1. Brittani - I hate to admit it, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Just spectacular. The lighting on this picture sets it apart from the others, but I don't wanna take anything away from the work Brittani is doing. She got down in dirty, and that pose is super tough and requires a lot of strength. All that while maintaining her face. One of the best shots ever I fear.

2. Hannah - J'adore this pose. It's both conventional and unconventional somehow. Potentially my favorite closeup of hers as well.

3. Alexandria - So I don't love this shot unfortunately as much as the judges. I think the closeup is genius, but the pose kinda looks like she has to pee. It's not bad by any means, but I wasn't blown away like the top two.

4. Kasia - I think she's letting the dress wear her a little bit, but I still love the power she's presenting here. It kinda reminds me of C13 Brittany's hapa picture but not racist. I don't think I'll ever love Kasia's face in a picture and I've accepted that.

5. Molly - I think Molly got the worst garment easily. It's more like a cape with some lingerie. Having said that, she is WERQING that cape! I'm just not sold on the snarl face.

6. Jaclyn - It's fine, just kinda Model 101. A bad time for Jaclyn to have a photo on the weaker side.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 8)

Cycle 16 - Episode 10 - Franca Sozzani


The final five girls have now landed in Morocco!


"I'm like a chameleon. I have a gecko at home! He sure doesn't change colors, but I do!"


Molly opens up about how being adopted is possibly what's made her this way.


"Obviously I have to act like a totally different person and be fake, I think it's bullshit but that's what I gotta do I have to act more like Alexandria :rolleyes:"


Kasia knows she has to work twice as hard as the other girls because IMG doesn't have a plus-sized division.


Hannah gets some backstory as they attempt to give her a storyline.


The girls have a Couture runway test.


They're having trouble finding a dress to fit Kasia.


Kasia begins tearing up feeling dismissed by the designers :broken:


Molly complains about struggling to walk in her dress.


"We figured we're going to another go-see and we're just like 'Please let us go sleep dammit!'"


But instead they're hanging with ALT and find out they're home!


"I have to share a bed with f*cking Brittani & Kasia and I'm not cool with that I don't f*cking share beds :angry:"


For the photoshoot the girls are posing on camels!


"This is something I want so I have to pretend not to be a bitch like I really am so I don't go home"


And she succeeded by slaying the shoot :wub:


"Molly's shoot seemed to accidentally fall into place" Don't be mad because she's better than you 🙂


"Some people say it's luck, some people say it's being prepared ;)"




Kasia struggles posing and how to place her body on the camel.


"I really feel that I'm ~connected~ to this and I want to be a part of this ^_^"


"Five is gonna dwindle down to one and I'm really sad to see everyone go but it has to happen" Lmao Brittani is walking on eggshells being fake sweet now.


Molly gets FCO despite this episode seeming like a boot edit.


Kasia looks PISSED she's getting eliminated!


And then there were 4...

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Cast Ranking:


This episode was weak. Luckily we still have some strong personalities around to keep things interesting. Also the Moroccan backdrop was gorgeous, but idk wasn't really feeling this episode.


1. Molly - Molly has a self-awareness about her that I don't get tired of her complaining. A lot of girls who complain like her, I just start getting annoyed with it. But Molly's just like "Yeah I'm a bitch, yeah I'm annoying, I'm trying not to be :rolleyes:" and I respect that.

2. Alexandria - The photographer had it out for her and I wanna know why! Alex wasn't even trying to direct or anything! I'm mad!

3. Kasia - Plus-sized girls getting dragged to fatphobic challenges and then getting in trouble for not ~adapting~ will forever be gross. Eliminate Kasia for her awful portfolio, not for being plus-sized and not fitting in size two clothes!

4. Hannah - "I'm gonna be memorable ^_^" Hannah says in her three minutes of airtime per episode.

5. Brittani - Brittani is totally walking on egg shells now trying to be a goody two shoes and I see right through it.


Photo Ranking:


This is one of those shoots where it felt like maybe there was just a bit too many elements going on. The shots became very busy and I was finding it difficult appreciating many of them.


1. Molly - The runaway winner. Molly became one with the camel and is matching its energy flawlessly. She's selling the clothes, her face is confident, she's not doing too much. Perfect.

2. Brittani - Very interesting and risky. I think she's doing a bit too much, but it still works.

3. Hannah - I honestly don't like any of my bottom three this week. I don't think Hannah's face matches her pose at all. And I hate the arm behind the head. Individually I think a lot of elements of this picture work, but they don't really come together well.

4. Alexandria - There's something hypnotic about this photo. The simplicity of it and how she's just staring into the camera. I don't think it was done on purpose though and all her tension is in her mouth.

5. Kasia - Her limbs are just pointing every which way and it's very awkward. Kasia never figured out how to work her face in this competition either. Her elimination was overdue to be frank.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 16 - Episode 10)

Cycle 16 - Episode 11 - Daniella Issa Helayel


Alexandria is happy to be in the final four with these girls because they all have the ~passion~


"I know I have the personality to win ^_^" Girl...


The editor of Vogue looks over the girls portfolios with them and gets to know them.


The girls learn the Important Modeling Skill of this (yes that's Brittani flopping in the background)


Alexandria starts dropping it like its hot with a tray of tea on her head ❤️


For the challenge they have to do the dance with lit candles next to professional dancers :haha:. ANTM is really trying to burn the girls to death this cycle.


"Puh-lease, I was made to do this :kissbye:"


Molly trips and curses like a sailor :haha:


"I was so angry at that point I was like 'I'm not picking shit up :kissbye:'"


Alexandria was slaying until she wasn't :broken:


"Good golly Miss Molly 👁️👄👁️"


Alexandria gets runner-up and Brittani wins the challenge!


Brittani picks Hannah to join her on a runway lesson with Miss J because "Hannah needed it the most" :haha:


"Challenges mean nothing. I know I can take better pictures than everyone else, so it was just f*cking tea on my head, really? :rolleyes:"


Miss J is struggling to teach Hannah :haha:


The girls try some authentic Moroccan cuisine and Brittani pulls a Yaya.


Hours later, Brittani is still feeling sick from one bite of goat brain.


Mr. Jay tells Hannah she looked confused the whole photoshoot.


"If it's all based on pictures I will be in the top two because I know I can take some friggin good pictures"


Molly immediately puts her money where her mouth is by slaying :wub:


"Mr. Jay said to me 'and you're not gonna be Miss Controlling today right? 🙂' It pissed me off :kissbye:"


Hannah is convinced she's going home after struggling at the photoshoot.


Alexandria explains based on the outfit she pretended she was a princess disguised as a boy in the marketplace :haha: (Princess Jasmine realness!)


Molly gets another FCO on what felt like a boot edit :haha:


Did Tyra really think Miss Hannah was gonna bring something to the next episode? We could've had more Alexandria!9GWeHuq.png

And then there were 3...

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatched ANTM

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