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Poll: S20 Battles Ep 3 Leak


Poll: S20 Battles Ep 3 Leak (SPOILERS)  

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  1. 1. Who deserved to win?

    • Rachel
    • Bradley
    • Can´t choose
  2. 2. Was Bradley robbed of a steal/save?

    • Yes
    • No

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I enjoyed Bradley's good parts more than Rachel's good parts, so I would go with him. I like Rachel's tone enough but I'm still not accustomed to that shaky vibrato that she puts at the end of some lines. Bradley's growls and upper range were AMAZING, he was robbed of a steal/save for sure.

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1. I loved Bradley´s voice in this one. Some fantastic growls and a strong rasp, countered with a clean falsetto and great delivery. He´s my pick here.


2. Yes. I think he deserved to move on.

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Can’t chose. Even though her BA was a mess, I still liked her more than Bradley before the battle. Now it sounded pretty even to me, maybe Bradley have an edge because of the surprise factor but I don’t know.


Definitely robbed.

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