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Ethan Lively Fan Thread


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Ethan Lively Fan Thread

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1. season1

2. jamescasaki

3. VintageVoice

4. Doug1935

5. Misirlou

6. David68
7. disney1024























[h/t: Dany for Trivia Image]






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2 hours ago, Doug1935 said:

Ethan I wanna tell you u have a great country music sound and I like the blind audition performance of yours tonight and u did a great job tonight


I agree that Ethan has a great country sound. I watched some of the videos of his covers and he's country through and true.


I hope he sees your kind words. I added your name to the list of his fans on the first post. SAOyO1H.gif

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I think Ethan did good in his KO performance. Unfortunately, his Voice journey ended tonight. EsJaquV.gif


Here's Ethan's final performance this season.





EDIT: Most of the top comments on YT are not happy with Blake's decision.

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I'm sad to see Ethan go, but it seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders and he has an impressive lower register for being as young as he is. If he focuses on that more with his future music (while still developing the higher register so it's a little fuller and better supported), he could be plenty successful in a year or two once he gets more performing experience under his belt.

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