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Best/Worst Battle Song Choices???


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Amanda VS Trevin - Vision Of Love


Perfect song choice for both of these talented vocalists. Amanda's BA song didn't do her any favors. Then this battle came and she all of a sudden became a front-runner on Team Adam.(Amanda was firstly on TC but then Adam stole her in the battles). That song really showed us her STUNNING vocals. 😍

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Caroline vs Anthony (S5) - As Long As You Love Me

Jake vs Natalie (S15) - Closing Time


Both were weird pairings at first glance but their song choices with their respective arrangements made them my favorite battles from their respective seasons.


Menlik vs Troy (S7) - Maneater


Another genius song choice for the two people who sang it. My favorite battle ever (the reggae part at the end is everything)

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On 1/18/2021 at 11:36 PM, Noah57678 said:

As bad as this was, it didn't surprise me in the slightest. Blake sucks at song choice with anything but country (and even then he has his moments). Whenever he has pop artists (or anything even remotely close that isn't country) It's like he picks a random song off a list of popular pop songs and gives it to them without a second thought. 


Like can we all agree that "One Last Time" is not in Kyla or JessLee's lane and "Good as Hell" is LITERALLY the most basic and unoriginal song choice he could have possibly come up with for Toneisha?

I need to know if he chose THIS. That night my face was this 😐


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